You know it is always funny.

People and organisations can be read like proverbial books.

This might be confusing for some that are not aware that I blog about corruption and provide evidence? But things always start off easy and then get more difficult. Well … sort of!

There is a waiting time you see. Gradually it gets longer every now and then. What you in effect are doing is waiting for them to get comfortable.

Sometimes I can do this to several groups at once. I kind of suspect that is what I have been doing here?

I should be watching San Andreas right now on Blu-Ray but it just so happens that for the first time ever and by far the worst manufactured optical disc I have ever come across since I started buying CD’s in the eighties is sitting around waiting me to take it back to Sainsburys.

You get that annoying sequence where they now force you to watch their clips of other films, or just one film, before you hit the menu area and watch the damn film. By then you have devoured a full on 12 inch pizza by then! PAN was he clip and it seemed to freeze every five seconds for ten seconds!! After twenty minutes of this you get a menu screen but no menu! No film!

Awful … bloody and absolutely awful … Sainsburys and I am almost tempted to ask you if your buying batches of ‘seconds’ or faulty ones to increase your profit margin?

Now below is a video of me flicking through the memory on my blood pressure monitor and me doing a little monologue to try and make things a little more interesting.

What I have not noted or added on here is that I have known for some time now that I have been getting both high and low blood pressure readings. Think both Hypertension Stage 2 and above down to Postural Hypotension. Hyper means high and Hypo means low.

From all the things I have read on the Internet this is unusual and uncommon. Going to the extremes in both directions rules out the cheap crap drugs they give you to bring it down, like Ramipril. I have been given Ramipril no less than three times. Despite the fact that my blood pressure was dropping so much that I have been rendered unconscious.

Remember this happens while I am standing!

You can make up your own minds.

The NHS may have been thinking for awhile they are free and clear? Oops … I am afraid not!

I have a friend who has been driving me nuts about this, he has seen the readouts being done and seen the … or rather me becoming almost unconscious.

He has driven me mad about going to the GP but I keep telling him I have done so already and even handed in results printed out from my PC. I am going away in around ten days time, or I think I am, and he keeps telling me I should not be going away until I sort out my blood pressure.

He keeps telling me I should have been referred and that the situation is stupid and ridiculous.

I keep telling him that short of holding a gun to their heads there is nothing I can do, it is far too late in the day for referrals at this point and that this is the best GP I have had out of a couple of dozen. In other words if you think this one is bad then consider that I claim the previous ones were far, far worse than this one then what were they like? How bad were they?!

So then … let us just clear that up …

I have had the high readings and now I finally have the low readings of my blood pressure and these have been handed in to my GP and in all honesty I expected a phone-call but never got one. I expected to be told to pick up a prescription for a better drug that is not scraping the barrel and dangerous to me as the NHS so often love to do to patients of late while awarding themselves salaries of several hundred thousand pounds a year or more.


My friend just tuts and rolls his eyes and I explain that I am used to all this by now, I cannot force people to do things and that the fact that they are does not matter anyway as I always expect this now.

I do blog about it too, it plays right into into my predictions, theories plans anyway so why would I complain? The last complaint is two years ago and the PHSO still have not done anything about it and still not asked for the evidence. Umm or they did and did nothing about it and now ant me to fill in the correct form and I keep forgetting! FIBROFOG, which they are well aware of and playing towards! Lol!

In fact my blood pressure readings it doa lot more than that which it appears on first impressions.

So let us do another check then?

  • The high readings mean I should not get stressed out over things so…

  • DO NOT leave me waiting, dont say your going to do things and then not do them and especially with effing lame excuses when mine has a death possibility attached to it …

  • DO NOT do this especially if I am waiting to eat as this I now realise will cause me to fall unconscious if I am not careful and I remind once again I DO have Fibrofog!

  • DO NOT do this under lame excuses from spouses who are clearly insecure and rude and selfish by proxy

  • DO NOT argue with me about my situations in something you have had no knowledge of, experience in nor worked in when I tell you what is happening in my life

  • DO NOT repeat yourself to me with the same things I have heard half a dozen times previously over and over again

  • DO NOT leave me in the dark over something which is close to my heart … err because it can damage my heart … and other things besides! LOL!

  • DO NOT think you have the upper hand, are a step ahead of me or think you have me on the ropes because I am not in your face over something, this is when I am most dangerous

Do you feel me?

If you do not get it then please refer to the video below for confirmation on what I have now explained and the high and low readings of which I guarantee you have been both higher and lower than those provided.

Anyone getting the impression I am trying to get messages across to people who still feel like they have the upper hand or higher knowledge in a master plan that is as intricate as an Orb Web Spider’s … umm web?

Why would anyone plan or argue in a situation like that?

I do know why but it is something I will get to at a later date … not too far in the future but at a later date of this I assure you.

My GP knows about the legal case and was of the belief that it was this that was raising my blood pressure to high levels and was extremely worried about them and that was prior to discovering it was also dropping far too low.

I laughed and said there was no way it was effecting me and nor did I suffer from what the call the ‘White Coat Effect’. The very idea is laughable. To me anyway.

However it is effecting me now.

Because of people in two far away locations and possibly several others.

The case that is.

But this is only because said case has an unusual effect on others. So any pressure, worry, strain, panic or depressing situations will come from both sides. But the stress and pressure from one side is supposed to be something very different. Very different indeed. More of that later on in another post.

However…I do have suspicions that the pressure may be brought about by … let us say interference from other … factions. Same old, same old.

My grandmother died because of a public service and my father died because of another large corporation. Something I would have loved to have both proved and fought at the time both death took place.

Reminds me of one of the oldest sayings in the book … ‘better late than never’.

There was always and still is that the possibility that the same thing, well … slightly differently, could happen to me and very possibly quite directly too? I mean ‘intentionally’. You can never be too careful especially when you have pissed off 90% of the public services and have evidence on most of that same percentage.

I have instilled living fear into a very large list of vastly over paid people that can very really lose both their large salaries and even their liberty.

What I have is not confined to that large percentage of public services either and several private companies are in my hit list.

With every week that goes by more and more opf these organisations and companies become aware of said danger I pose to them.

There are … places were it would be extremely easy to manipulate the scenario too. Except that I had long figured this may turn out to be the case. There are different ways this could be done too.

My phone has been blocking calls, texts and even notifications on Android for several days at a time and then I get a flood of them all at once. Absolutely no exaggeration there at all. Oddly I have now been informed that this is also happening to my ‘partner in crime’ who is over 200 miles away.

I have never ad this happen before in all the years I have used mobiles and that period runs well over a decade now and I have several people that will testify that eight weeks back it suddenly became impossible to reach me by phone.

I always answer my phone. Well my mobile, not my Virgin land-line which still rings despite the fact no one I know is using it to call me, lol.

This ‘disconnection’ could be someone meddling to try and cause friction between potential callers and me or it may just be that EE have an absolutely shite telecommunication service? Or at least far more shite then I thought! Well I say ‘EE’ but it is actually Virgin Media once again but they use EE’s network for their mobile service.

Well … Virgin Media’s land-line broadband, land-line phone service, computer network and customer services are all really, really shite so maybe it is just them?

The point I am making is that I cannot and do not know for sure.

Until you know anything for certain then all possibilities remain as exactly that … possibilities!

So I held back. I waited to see if there were any signs that someone was … meddling. Waited to see if the irritable things would start mounting up and increasing in frequency?

Well I have had a week of very irritable things and it is staggering how many there have been and then today there were a whole weeks worth, it seemed, in just one day?!

However not all these are connected. Some are just plain freaky bad luck that just so happens to take place when several other possible connected ones are all occurring.

So yes an unusually high amount and a slow but gradual build up.

Fibrofog is a bloody difficult and frustrating thing to live with … oooh did I forget to point that out? Lol. Yeah every day is stressful to me because of the Fibrofog, six pains in my feet, back hurting most days, knee that can go at any moment along with the pain in my ankles caused by Achilles tendinitis.

Plus my life is fucking boring. Oh and the frozen shoulder and that is without listing several other symptoms that are stressful due to being embarrassing.

I wont mention the heartburn via the Hiatus Hernia or the Oesophagitis. Oh … I just did. Well not in detail then!

Remember I live alone. Partly because I have forced myself too and sacrificed a great deal for so very long a time.

So I can do without know it alls that know nothing along with lazy people or people who just like to complain all the time or unreliable people that state they do something not once but several times over and fail to do them.

This annoys me because I have all the excuses and I never need to use them … until someone ignores my long list of symptoms and expects me to do something that to me these days appears super-human. There are only so many super-human things I can do. Never the ones that they want me to do, that is for certain!

So the pressure, the expectations and everything else I have mentioned are supposed to stop. Except that they haven’t. Ignorance over more lame excuses I get fed up with hearing. Funny as I am told people are fed up with hearing things that are always major but I get to hear things several times over that are trivial or could have been very easily avoided.

People end up in bottomless pits of their own creation but it is always someone else’s fault. If said pit is bottomless … then do not fucking jump in!

I know that much of the frustration I am getting is because many are hoping and praying that things turn out the way that they want them to. The way that they expected them too. I will get to that at a much later date too.

Now at the precipice of my own creation I am watching and listening to people doing cartwheels and loudly preaching their expectations on my situations at a time I thought it would now surely end? But no. The protestations just get louder, they get more unreliable, more insistent or anything else that is possible in these situations.

Good grief I finally know how Charlie Brown feels! LMAO!

What are you supposed to do in these situations with people like this?

I do not like using my ailments to put pressure on people in an attempt to wake up but they are so insistent and so sure they are right every single time, even when they have been proved wrong every single time.

My old mate Old Ken would be shaking his head that even after all that I have done in the last 5 years that the people around me behave the way that they do. Especially when now and for very serious health reasons they should not be doing this anyway!

He would say something like “they cannot possibly know and have never done this, why are they arguing and telling you how it is in a situation you have worked towards for 20 years?” then preach and pressure me about attempting to be a Radio DJ and was sure I would get hundreds of thousands of listeners in no time at all. No, Ken! Lol.

Remember this is not their field they are arguing about and have never done anything even remotely close to this before but is something I have worked in and so have some experience and this is something that I had not only devised but spent most of my adult life working towards.

But this accounts for nothing when people with absolutely no experience of this whatsoever want to insist fully upon their opinions of what they think is really going on. *SIGH*

The darkness and Fibrofog I find myself in because of health and because of one particular individual is not helping matters either and has not now for some time.

If I try to amend the situation … try to insist on the situation or point out the flaws in their statements then the vicious circle will be complete once again for the umpteenth time.

I will be a ‘twat’, it will all be my fault and I will be accused of thinking I know everything and history will repeat itself all over again.

Once again up goes the blood pressure.

Well … except it wont. History will no repeat itself again.Because my plans are intricate and always have been …

I have held back on many things …

There are a number of actions I could make tomorrow. I could have taken these avenues weeks ago … no months ago! I have not acted upon these possibilities during the entire duration of these blogs.

If the situation I am in looks like a repeat of history then I will have to take these avenues for I was left with no choice. One of them I would have taken anyway on about a month’s time. But for a very long time I have been working hard to build up a proverbial log pile under it’s arse so that when the time comes to ignite the pile it will rocket skywards in the shortest time possible.

Well that is one of … umm … let me fink?! I think there are three possibilities? Hmm possibly four? Hard to see until I try to put those plans into action.

Oddly these would be easier to do if I remained in London anyway, lol. Well … if they built up any steam that is.

You ever wanted a good definition of a Catch 22 situation? I just gave you half a dozen intertwined ones!



  1. WordPress!!

    For the love of God sort out your editing pages!

    I am getting tired watching what looks perfect in the editing page looking a mess when published and then getting confused while editing it all to get it looking right!

    Often your editing box, for some UNFATHOMABLE REASON only you know, it adds a second line space when there is only one!

    It us truly awful, has been like it since you introduced this new and also truly awful way of editing. I simply cannot believe that within a couple of months this would ne be corrected. Except it has been a year or more by my reckoning.

    It is a right pain the the BLEEEP!!

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