Been awhile now since I saw a ridiculous story I wanted to post about but I have one.

Admittedly I have not been looking all that hard.

I have been … preoccupied and distracted by other things. But I read this story involving an absolutely stupid, childish and a series of harassments and fines to a member of the public for a refuse system that was ill conceived.

Ill conceived just about everywhere.

I am speaking about a local council and once again yet another one I have never covered that shows that it does not matter where in England you are they are stupid, unfair and prance about like they are above the law and preying upon the public they were tasked to serve!

This time around it is Stoke-on-Trent.

It also reminds me of something that I not only need to keep in mind but may also be the very same reason that my situation appears to have people … meddling.

Because they constantly act in the most ridiculous manner when it comes to money, think they are above the law and that the laws do not apply to them.

Except I have proved that they do.

It also reminds me that where a serious and horrific situation is exposed and failures beyond your wildest imagination occurs that this must, and does occur everywhere. Right across the board.

Now with this on mind … in the wake of not only exposing something extremely serious that there should follow the necessary checks and changes across the board?

I am going to go with the fact that this is naturally assumed by many visitors.

So if a serious horrific find is not followed by an England wide check and investigation?!

In this instance the story in Stoke is one regarding a man who was taken to court and fined over where he left his bin. Yes, I did type ‘BIN’!

What I liked most of all is the victim’s one line comment to reporters which was “what is this world coming to?”

It is comments like this I have been both expecting and waiting for, for a very long time. I’m expecting a proverbial tsunami of these in the coming months and throughout the whole of 2016.

Compared to a while series of laws they have been proved of breaking recently and the serious and horrific acts they have taken out really will put their actions in pathetic court cases like these into a very clear perspective that they will never EVER live down even if you gave them fifty years.

I never considered before but in the north of England and elsewhere you can get these residencies with narrow footpaths and disjointed houses along with little in the way of a front yard or garden. Because these wheelie bins van be quite large you see.

This man had trouble moving the thing about and they expected you to keep the wheelie bin inside your home?!

Are they fecking serious?

I think they are forgetting quite completely his refuse collection was started and why it is there?

I am also wondering how long it will be before everyone is expected to turn yo at the council tip themselves with their refuse and already separated so the council can ship it out quickly to get the cash in? By then the annual council tax fee would have gone up another thousand per annum!

Not long after that you will be ordered to drive it fifty miles to a coastal port and place it in the containers on the ship for them?!

Then they will introduce whip punishments for those that don’t do it, don’t load it correctly or bring enough refuse for them?! Lol!

Yeah. Hmm.

I wonder if these fines are received by other groups within England? I bet not if it was ever looked into.

In fact right there is a hint at something a budding journalist should investigate. Altering approaches regarding laws and fines to different segments of British society. I say this because I know it takes place and is widespread.

Those that can be harassed and gotten away with will increase to tempest like proportions because, put it simply, they can.

What you have then is something that is grossly unfair.

I would wager very big that there is a humongous long list of these imbalances in the actions of the public services and right across England too?!

I would wager also that by the end of the year a while series, or very long list, of these things will be at the starters gate chomping at the bit to get going out of the stalls?


Man fined for leaving bin outside Stoke-on-Trent home – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-34548109


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