Well I have taken my sweet time but I am finally getting around to posting about a couple of things that took place a few days back!

This time it is a quite laughable second reply from Virgin Media where they, first, once again do not deal with any of my complaint points at all, despite being over half a dozen of them. Secondly and even more laughable is that they state that if I do not respond by a certain date they are going to assume they … umm dealt with my complaint to my satisfaction.

They are either really, really, really stupid or that they think that I am and the rest of their customers are?!

So what I am going to do here is include the response to the latest complaint letter along with the response to the first …

… then I am going to copy and paste the letter which is going in the post today!

Now as I state in the letter I am giving them one more chance but in all honesty they have run out of time … in fact they all should have run out of time a couple of months back but never mind.

I send this response to them and even warn them about time running out for them to allow them to make the same mistakes, some stupid errors or same assumptions about how low an intelligence each of their customers possess.

Or to put it another way … as they piss me off I am just feeding them ever more rope and the more rope the farther the fall.

I am going to be sending off a letter to them after this one and it is one that they all get that I have dealt with lately. I may even go back through my lists of enemies and battles and decide there are more that need to receive the final letter?

If nothing more than to just highlight each of their names on this blog at the best possible time for the moment of maximum effect. Lol.

Ooh yeah and my reply to FOS is going to be extremely stern and extremely sarcastic, due to them stating that financial arrangement complaints involving direct debits and who is allowed to do what with them is a matter to bring up with Virgin Media and not them?! Lol.

These people are paid out of our taxes and they fail to comprehend a simple couple of questions?! STAGGERING!!

Umm … but I wanted to know the details as to why a direct debit gives morons, evil corporations and others carte-blanche to take whatever the hell they want, when they want and this is to do with Virgin Media?! Of course it bloody is you spineless piss-ants?!!

Complaint Replies …

Virgin COMP 2 Virgin COMP 1


29th September 2015

Dear Virgin Media

Acc: ********

I am sorry?

Was that reply your idea of a joke?

Best of all is the part of the end that states that if I do not reply by a certain date then you are to assume that I am happy with your findings?!


I pointed out several problems, not just the two very fucking major ones and you did not address a single solitary one!

Let us forget about the service you supply shall we, which is by far the worst I have used in an extremely bad bunch were not even a single one gets close to poor!

Also amusing is the claim recently in the media about the plan to have everyone in the world having access to the Internet by 2020?! Are you kidding me?! We cannot even get that in bloody London, let alone the rest of England and you cannot manage everyone in the UK having it by 2020!

Yeah … let us forget all of that for a moment and address the main two … I can only think that you just went into automated mode, no humans left at your company?

  • Five different amounts for the same bill ranging from £40 to £140

  • Three different due dates for the same bill as above

There are the two main complaints and you did not even attempt to explain either of these gross discrepancies.

How about some others …

  • Customer services assume your lying so not only rude your computers unable to keep records or communicate with other computers on your network

  • People phoning demanding money cannot access anything on any of your network, but can fucking phone me though demanding money

  • You … no, I repeat YOU stated that you were going to ring me and yet all I had was two women many weeks later demanding money, the first one extremely apologetic when I explained things to her while the other a total twat that did not see a problem, yeah like I am going to waste my time talking to a cold hearted moron like that

  • Have told you to close my account … absolutely without question and yet two above phone-calls come many weeks later to my surprise in some delay tactic to pile more fees onto the bill

  • The bill of which was far, far higher than the advertised price

So let us just sum up the more embarrassing things for you shall we? Or the parts where you lie to your customers and just assume that we are all incompetent? Or that you just deliberately hire incompetent morons?

Your an IT service provider who cannot get their computers communicating with each other and your people phoning demanding money do not have access to your network … umm or a phone … despite fucking calling me on one!

It is funny as I used to be quite proud of Virgin as a company but not anymore!

Now you get one more chance to address this issue and I promise you this one thing …

You will get one more follow up letter when it will then be too late, explains why and I can assure you that you are NOT going to like it … all the way to the very top.

Now do not say that I did not warn you. You have mere days to act. Mere days.

Two pages. Do you think you can manage that? Not going to claim I explain too much for your tiny brains to manage, like some Police Forces and other public services have done?


Martin Haswell BSc

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