Well I can assure you right here and right now that the end date is must certainly set.

I will break news regarding this in likely about ten days but no longer than 21 days. That’s final as I have had word of this.

Most bizarrely and at the exact save time I get wind of a news story involving one of the group of radicals I was dealing with three to four years back?!


After all this time and all these years finally one of them his the news and its the story with the Breaking Bad in the headline. This is the first one of that group I exposed to hit the news. Well … the first I know of.

It is entirely possible others guy the news and I missed them? It is also possible they were apprehended and jailed and kept away from the media?

As I told my informant I did expect that once the first one was arrested and jailed that some of the others may follow in the following months?

This dude was not considered a major player by me. He was a fringe character who normally accompanied the main one who hacked into people’s accounts on Facebook and Hotmail and likely others? The one that was in possession of a 500 Volt fuse, something that would be illegal, and when I asked what it would be used for several electricians and tech guys did not know with the only possibility given me being “dirty bomb”. From someone who did not know what I was involved in at the time.

In fact when the Muslim man was asked what it was for he answered “dirty bomb” before being told to shut up by another Muslim.

In fact this ricin guy, Mr Ali, had several names more a focus to me than him. The guy with the giant fuse also taking part mobile phones on a regular basis with another guy.

The links to this man and the story below. But don’t expect too much information.

The question I have now is that have they dealt with the others? Are they about to deal with the others? Or, worryingly, have they missed the others or now alerted them and they will disappear into the either?

As I stated this story came to me at the same time I got told about a certain Supreme Court/High Court hearing.

Even my ‘partner in crime’ thought it was highly suspect the two snippets of news came the exact same day.

If the case was delayed due to this story and other investigations all u can say is feck me they took their sweet time! I had planned to arrive in the area four years ago and get everything I needed in a matter of days or weeks. Certainly days if I had access to the right equipment!

Hopefully these answers will reveal itself in time? Or other names will start hitting the news?

Breaking Bad fan jailed over Dark Web ricin plot –


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