Well I will be a monkeys uncle!

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership battle!

I am pleased about this. Not because I am left wing because I’m not and I hate those terms anyway. It’s bullshit.

No I’m happy about it because not only is he straight talking like Nigel Farage but also Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both piped up and sign their noses in to tell everyone but to vote for him!

Now I’ve complained for a very long time that Tony Blair was a pratt. I wanted him to get in originally and thought things would change for the better. They didn’t.

The NHS lying and ignoring I exposed and the local councils corruption and lies, cheating and failures as in … our own Supreme Court case was going on when that dickhead was in power.

Not Gordon Brown, pratt that he is too, nor David Cameron, with him being a bigger pratt! Nope, it was Tony Blair! Pratt!

What annoyed me and continued to annoy me is that I thought to few people realised this and he is still seen as the messiah by the idiots at the BBC. Maybe others too, I don’t know.

I watched as other countries had their populace turn against the site versions of politics and arsehole politicians but had not seen anything like that here. Well but in that scale though UKIP did get millions of votes, not as much as I’d have liked.

But when Jeremy Corbyn came along I liked the straight talking I was hearing and the evading of the usual stupid questions from journalists spouting the same old shit that was as bad as the politics we have had of the last decade or so. Funny how they have loved to state for years that the politicians were out of date but so is their journalism. Trip then up, quote the controversy in their faces going there trip up or get mad. Utter tripe!

Despite the rumours and predictions I thought the Labour party members would go fur the same out of date and lying Blairites like Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper?

A Jeremy Corbyn win weighs have been impressive and raised my eyebrow but … this? This was amazing! A quarter of a million votes I think I heard. Three times what Andy Burnham got!

The main reason I liked that he won? Because maybe … just maybe people are realising that the politicians have been out of touch and without compassion or intelligence … err or truth for that matter and this if the beginning of a sea of change?

So yeah I like this win.

I very much like the idea of two men, representing left and right that are both straight talking. Not like any of the idiots of the last decade or two that I would never vote for in a million years and didn’t.

I’ve only voted in the last two elections. General and European elections and voted UKIP both times.

There now exists the outside possibility that I might … just might be tempted to view for Labour. Though I will have to wait and see if Corbyn died not go for ideas that are obviously wrong or will be obvious failures purely because they are the left thing to do. Or in his eyes ‘the right thing to do’? No. Just no.

Don’t make decisions based on the message it gives out how you think it makes you look. Do what is right, what will work and what is fair across the board!


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