First off I must apologise …

..well to any who may patiently wait for my next post and awaiting the impending doom for many organisations.

I’ve lost my Internet connection over a row with Virgin Media and told them to cancel my account … six weeks back. They still seem to think I’m a customer and requesting money and threatening debt collectors because I’ve not contacted them despite repeated complaints and requests to cancel my account.

Funny as I cancelled my account, as I showed on here, and my service was cut off many weeks ago!

That indeed was part of my problem with them but there were over a dissent other things.

I earlier stated that our Supreme Court case was coming to an end? Apparently not.

“Two weeks from today and its finally over” is what the solicitor stated three or maybe for Wednesdays ago this Wednesday, 16th September 2015.

Then I got sought out in a friend’s store and recognised by a Policeman I never met before?!

That same day I get told the law firm had gone bust!

On checking the law firm was closed down by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority for reasons unknown and the owner turned out to be the same man who represented me in the same case twenty years ago nearly!
I explained that this occurrence, although highly suspect to me and friends, won’t affect the case much. Maybe a few days or a few weeks delay?

The normal procedure of the SRA taking legal cases and handing them out did not occur, as I expected, and the solicitor handling it took it with her to her new law firm.

Now it gets stranger still when a car was hired to get to a meeting that they were late for but turned did not matter because the client was the only one booked in all day! I thought they were told the cheque was waiting? After all this was four or five days after the final date and two weeks after the legal firm was forced to close.

Another meeting which was third to fifth one since we were told we won and surely this time we were given the figures, punishment details of the guilty and a date for the cheque?

I then list contact for four days when the four preceding days had three requests made to me for money.

I thought the money had been paid and my ‘partner in crime’ either did not want me around for awhile as they spent it, like buying a house in a location I told them no to, or had been turned against me? It has happened before and I don’t know who did it. But just the seed of doubt being placed was running through my mind.

But then my phone did something it had done only five days beforehand. On the Friday night, after the Tuesday meeting, suddenly my phone sprang into life and dozens of messages and notifications came flooding in! Including several from my partner in crime with one requesting money. Well that was unexpected and did not sound good!

Then via text messaging I was told that they were getting £750,000 and the case has been adjourned until the end of October 2015?!

I simply could not believe it!

A flustered phonecall while hiring a car sounded like this was it.

There had been many calls for a meeting only to not get what was promised and another date being given! I never dreamed it could happen for like the fourth or fifth time! It did and another six weeks!!
Remember that this has now spent three years being heard across the Family, Civil, Magistrates, Crown and High Court which will be a ridiculous bio to the taxpayer on its own merits?!

Now it has spent six months at the Supreme Court which if you do not know is so extremely expensive that even multi millionaires in the single figures would struggle to afford the fees! Because the fees cab run into many millions.

I … I was simply stunned and then furious about this.

I have had to prepare things, plan things, buy things and have also put off many things because every now and then we are told it’s over. Only for it to turn out it is not over and having anywhere between a week and a couple of months added!

After being told be a compensations clerk they needed to speak to the defendant before very long several weeks went by and nothing. Then told it’s Supreme Court jurisdiction, I knew fur years anyway, then told a week. Then told another week. Then told two weeks. Then told two months. Then told another two weeks and that this was final. Only when we got there we were told another six weeks.

That is 20 weeks! On top of the 3 years.

Will they hand over compensation at the end of October or will it be delayed further? Will it be another six weeks without explanation or another two months or perhaps more?!

I am starting to wonder whether this will tip over into 2016?! If someone had said this to me three months ago I would have called them bonkers!

Everything was proved and we were told we won. All the Supreme Court had to do was decide who gets what. So what the fuck is going on?!

My ‘partner in crime’ is always slow to tell me things and difficult to get on the phone when you need answers.

I friend called me on the phone and when he heard he went mad. He simply could not believe what was happening in this case and asked if there had been any compensation demanded for the inconvenience!

Added to my own preparations for a fucking long list of dates that never occurred I also have a serious problem with my blood pressure. As I suspected the 24 hour monitoring was only now and then. The GP agreed when I pointed out that not only was it an uneventful day for nausea and blackouts but that the machine had to trigger a test at the exact moment I had the blackout! So a pointless goose chase!

Still, despite nothing really happening other than a slight nausea feeling at a time the machine was not testing me, I registered 179 Systolic Blood Pressure! The machine was on to test my drop in blood pressure!


As a result of the latter he did not want to prescribe blood pressure pills and did not know what to do.

He requested that I purchase a blood pressure monitor. I have not done this because my bank account has dropped lower than ever before due to funding someone for God knows how many months because of the dickhead Supreme Court and clueless solicitors! Oh and the Department of Work and Pensions.

My friend went a bit ballistic over that bit of information and pleaded with me that I need to stop paying out money and get the things he knows I need.

Forgetting the 3 or 4 things I need for my bike and the cameras needed I’ve put off for the last five months I also need shoes with Ortholite insoles, the blood pressure monitor annnd … hmm I’m always doing this! Something … else? Now .. what .. was it?

There are a couple of little items I need to be able to go away.

But I’ve been wondering if I ever will go away?!

I am suspecting foul play, of course.

From day one I stated to all involved and all those not, that I do not trust anyone and that is literal, including the courts all the way up to and including the Supreme Court.

I’m wondering whether I’m going to be proved correct on this last point?
They certainly have not got a clue or sorry for the inconvenience, something I have even known at least one judge involved to apologise for! Even when it’s caused by the opposing side of four people with the blame being the head of the council failing to appear in court. Yup! The head of the council failing to appear in court and the judge apologising for putting the victim through all this.

I’ve had a humongous Vada, I think it is, hiking rucksack sitting downstairs for weeks which then fit relegated to my bedroom Ottoman for many weeks. It’s been thrown back into the wardrobe where it usually resides with my other ones.

When your disabled and get no help with cars or bus passes you tend to collect different backpacks fur different things. None of this waste of time cheap rubbish either. Well OK a couple of cheap ones I bought before I learned. Then I bought Kata, Berghaus, Vada and Victorinox packs!

“What’s the fucking point of leaving you there?!” I exclaimed as I threw the Vada across and into the wardrobe!

I’ve made some requests. Due to my suspicious mind I’ve decided that I will not sit by any longer while they scheme to bury this case. ‘Bury’ because it’s bigger than the Rotherham Council case!

So I have some things … incoming I will place on here. Just to shed some … light on the issue.

Also I’m still in London. Just about. The Supreme Court is in London. Not good. But for the Supreme Court, it isn’t!

I’m going to make more requests over the coming six weeks, as I have another fucking six weeks to twiddle my thumbs, and on the date given they had better be final and decisive.

Because in November I will be attending the Supreme Court in person and demanding a whole long list of answers!

They really won’t want that because I care not of who they are and their titles. It means nothing to me and you have to prove yourself to me, not expect respect or for me to revere you. Or fear you in fact.

Your titles, power and money mean nothing to me if I suspect you of being corrupt and you had better have some answers.

Like why have you decided to make six courts look both incompetent and wrong in their three year handling of the case?!

Why does everyone have no respect of the public purse and just think it’s their to spend on their every whim?!

If it comes to this I will very much be looking forward to the face to face meeting!

It will even be cool enough for me to dress very smart and look intimidating! Won’t even get closer tiu reality on that point but it will give a cheese message!

Always look at waistcoats and an excuse to buy one and now this may well be coming my way?

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