Not wanting to look or sound like a Cyberman I have often thought about how wasted my life has been.

What I mean is that this entire blog is a detailed explanation of everything that has gone so wrong in my life and the lack of events in it that have actually been good.

This is one very big reason I am looking forward to as well as getting frustrated by the Supreme Court case that keeps getting postponed.

The fact remains that I have a long list of health problems. These have been around a long time that have been completely ignored or completely missed by people that should not be Doctors. This has caused a complete failure of the system and lack of proper support to aid me in creating a life and career.

The ailments are my Fibromyalgia Syndrome (dozen pains, memory issues and embarrassing ones numbering 120 odd), Hiatus Hernia, Oesophagitis, Damaged right knee, chronic facet arthropy along with some kind of neck problem … well it’s been a pain … or three. But added to this is the fact that both my father and uncle died in their mid fifties. I know my father and grandmother suffered from Fibromyalgia so don’t know if it played a part in their early and untimely deaths? None of them were keen on Doctors or Hospitals. Petrified of them in fact. So there is absolutely nothing to go on at all.

In other words I might only have ten years or so left? Oddly I was put under a lot of pressure to be tested by everyone in my family. Because I was the next oldest one in that lineage left alive.

The funny thing about it all is that unlike those three family members that have all passed away I did go to Doctors and hospitals. Something they were surprised about due to their own fear of them.

But take a look at the archive to this blog. Look what good it did me. I gave then every chance over and over again and they failed at 90% of the time. Of course as well as self diagnosing, correctly, several things I then discovered dye to pills prescribed that they were already aware of at least one issue. I have evidence of the cover you of a second ailment. These were my Fibromyalgia and the physical problem with my knee, how bizarre then that these are the ailments that class me as disabled.

I was aware that I was disabled over ten years previous to being diagnosed and yes I did type over 10 years! Thirteen to be precise.

Due to all this and the fact I’m faced with about how much longer I might have I have often wondered about having my mind transferred into an artificial man … or android.

In fact before I started thinking about this and whether it would be possible in my lifetime I also wanted to replace my feet with robotic ones. My spine replaced with an artificial one too. My arms are about the only thing that’s never been a problem, though there is a slight issue with my right hand, lol.

Below is a link to a BBC article about this becoming possible and apparently there are others like me and they are called ‘Transhumanists’. Might be a better option than ending up with a ‘T-1000’ ripping through a town … or time, lol?

I wonder if they would run a survey on people to see who deserves a shot at this based and the crappy lives they have had along with the pain they endure?

Blimey! I might just stand half a chance of winning that one?!


The people hoping to continue to exist through technology –

3 thoughts on “THE BIONIC MAN

  1. Welcome to the transhumanist community 🙂

    We are (mostly) a pretty awesome bunch!!!

    I totally feel for you and many other people with chronic conditions, and I feel like that should be one of the first goals of transhumanism. I literally would love to live in a world where we can go pick artificial parts just like we buy groceries or cell phones. Imagine how freeing it would be for your body to just be a collection of enhancements you chose, instead of a cage to keep you from enjoying life as your mind and heart desire so strongly.

    You might be interested in my blog post on the subject…

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