How would I explain a bad day by being utterly annoying?

Today would be a good day.

It’s not supposed to rain for starters … it currently is, making typing difficult.

I left the house wanting to get some things in the house prepared. Despite the fact that I now won’t be hearing a date tomorrow that allows me to book a ticket out of town.

I left with the intention of checking out one item … mobile broadband, thanks Rio Virgin Media’s incompetence and greed. PC World only had EE ones and despite these being 4G they are boy only limited but 3G in my house is virtually non existent. Despite the fact every single company states it’s strong and fast, not a single one of them has been.

I live in Enfield, not Timbuktu. Technically North London.

I don’t buy one … again!

My next items are easy plastic flower pots, small bag orchid compost and a metre by half a metre humidity tray.

B&Q have not got the pots!

There is another nursery near me so I check Sainsburys for any new blu-rays. Only the Monsters sequel I can’t recall the subtitle of. But it was supposed to be rubbish yet tree cover has four out of five stars all over it. Quick check of Amazon and … no. 1.5 out of 5.

My second blank of the day and its only been an hour!

I decided not to look at new shoes I need and decide as I’m aching to grab some fried chicken and go home.

Except as I’m now close to the store I realise I forgot to get cash from the ATM?!

I decided to continue on to get the pots I need, the orchid compost and the humidity tray.

I get to the nursery and they have the pots, cool! Except no orchid compost they normally always have in stock!

Fuck it!

I pay for the pots and leave. I get 500 yards and realise along with it raining and the weather said no more for two weeks I have forgotten the fucking humidity tray!

Aye Chihuahua!!


Oh yeah. When I got caught in the torrential rain I totally forgot I had normal pair of trainers. So yesterday … err think it was, I put on the Puma trainers. I had not had anything in the way of foot pain for weeks.

One of those rare occasions when I thought I could actually go back to bit being so careful with my shoes? Perhaps the Fibromyalgia cycles things and u might get some rest bite?


Hence I was thinking of shoes today as I wear half sandals.

EDIT: I get indoors after fighting with the blog apps on the phone, one of refusing to upload some simple text, told you it was utter shit here, I knock my bike as my house is far too small, and knock the pots I just bought all over the place!

I then shout out loud “For fuck sake! Is anything else going to go wrong today?!”

Go out for a possibly five items. Come back with one and in pain.

But according to the morons that win this God forsaken country the public transport runs like clockwork and there are no issues with getting across London on it as they are plenty of seats and you can do it all without being forced to stand still!!

Good God, I hate days like these!

All because everything is run like shit and no one had the stock in anymore, provide the service they claim to or even sell goods that are actually new!

This country?

One of these days people in the United Kingdom might actually wake up?

I long for that day.

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