I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone tonight.

I heard there were some explosions that took place in China which you here of now and then. I thought it was a petrol tanker or something similar.

Then they started to state that the explosions were huge and that the videos on YouTube were getting his like there was no tomorrow.

I looked and saw the video linked below and in all honesty … the Chinese witnesses could be forgiven for thinking there was no tomorrow!

This … was … collosul!

In the video it starts off looking like there is a major fire several miles away looking like it’s on the horizon.

Then there is a big explosion that will shock you.

But this is nothing compared to a second explosion that looks like shockwaves are caught on some of the videos and suddenly the building the video takers are in goes white and the while area, despite being several miles away, lights up as bright as day, if not brighter for mere moments. The person holding the camera, in fact most are like this, appears to be knocked from the blast.

It was so big that one video on YouTube, I ascertained sounded like a religious nut, reported that there were reports of something coming from the sky and that it had to be a nuclear bomb or an asteroid strike.

There is indeed a meteor shower about now known as the Perseids, so seemed like very bizarre timing.

He also mentioned there had been an explosion in Moscow and another asked if it was the Elite. I have no idea what or who the Elite are he referred to.

Maybe someone trying to do what I have been doing?

Later reports stated it was a petrochemical plant licenced to handle explosive substances. Not any more!

There were also reports of 14 deaths and 400 injured but once you see the video you will think what I did, it had to be in the hundreds if not thousands?

Reports state that a large number of buildings were utterly destroyed and on viewing the video that incredible blast looks like it encompassed a fair few miles. You will have absolutely no trouble believing that.

Because as I said what starts off looking like a major fire, but small and very distant on the video, suddenly blasts off a couple of explosions that completely film the cameras view.

I saw another video that looked like they were around half the distance of this one and there is a moment when the second explosion looks like it is going to rain fire and debris on the wielder of the camera and they quickly go to ground. Almost looking like the blast physically pushed them to the ground.

God only knows what the centre of this explosion will look like but I would be very surprised if there was not a very, very big crater.

I don’t ever recall an explosion like it in any reports. Even the one here in the UK which shattered windows a few miles away.

God help the people who find themselves wrapped up in this and I hope they cope and get through the devastation somehow.

Hospitals are reported to be inundated and I cannot day I am surprised after that humongous explosion.

It’s also a bit odd that Japan were recently reminiscing over the nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and vowing to work towards a nuclear weapon free world. Then an explosion that was literally mistake for a nuclear one and even the phrase ‘the end of the world’ was used in China.

I hope that not too many more dead are reported on … but … see the explosion and the built up area it is in and you will no doubt think as I do and think you really need a miracle now to not have more.

To make matters worse they reported loss of context with 36 fire workers in the area of Tainjin where the explosions took place. Hopefully it’s just something interfering with the radio equipment?

This is going to be one for the record books people will talk about for many decades. Many, many decades!


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