I clicked on a news link today regarding high temperatures. Weather. The news article was about unbelievably high temperatures across the middle east and all in Fahrenheit, for some reason only in Fahrenheit. The article had several pictures attached to it and consisted of different ways people were cooling off. Except using the term ‘people’ was wrong because as the very first commenter pointed out, there were no women nor girls in the photos at all. She merely stated ‘look at all those men and boys cooling off’ which was a very clever reference to the fact no women or girls were in the pictures. The most delicate way you could think of to point that out. Her remark did not even occur to me immediately. But take a guess at what had occurred by the third or fourth post which then went on for what looked like hundreds of posts? A war. There were several people being nasty and insulting and others coming out with completely laughable bullshit. Unfortunately all the nasty and defensive ones were Arabs, once again a number letting down the rest of their people. What was funny was the very first one to be defensive, insulting and name calling was defending the wearing of a hijab while donning a skimpy black dress and sunglasses in her photo. Lol. She attacked everyone who was western and accused them of being uneducated. When someone pointed out that she did not live in one of these countries and should go back and live their before she commented she then complained about how everyone had destroyed her country, completely omitting the number of times different Arab countries had destroyed each other and how often. Like it was impossible for human life to exist there?! Lol. Funny, they did not look like they were miserable and having a hard time in the photos. Not saying it is easy, just that people with angry agendas … do not look and see the obvious before spouting crap off at others. The other funny thing was the defending of the wearing of the hijab and the segregation of women from men. Even funnier was that this was defended but what sounded like western women judging by their names. One claimed that the hijab was absolutely brilliant for dealing with heat while otehr smarter ones were correctly stating that it was the wrong type of clothing and the worst colour you could possibly where in the sun. That would be black. Unfortunately I searched and searched the page and no one managed to point out that if the hijab was soo good at dealing with heat then why are none of the men or boys wearing them. Obviously the women must be super intelligent and let the males wrongly think they are intelligent and superior? Ooh a secret super intelligent society? Lol. It gets better still when suddenly into the commenting comes the statements about how all the Arab v Arab wars were invented by western countries?! My mind was ‘what the f***?!’ before I burst out laughing! I suddenly though ‘oh now that is rich’ and then realised that even if the west did what I keep stating they should do and keep the feck out that this crap would become more commonly used. Nowhere to be seen but the west would have orchestrated any wars between Arab nations. What was also laughable was the fact that the accusations of hate towards ‘their people’ was coming from the ones not only attacking western countries but with insults and obscenities too. Even in response the western people being attacked, well mostly apart from some idiots that think themselves intelligent but do not see things for what they really are, pointed out the insults and that they themselves had not used them nor would they. But this was entirely missed from the educated and superior people who carried on insulting the others. What disturbed me was the fact I was sure that all these people were in the western world and none coming from the middle east at all. So you can work out the irony for yourselves there. However … no one pointed out what was expected of anyone in all this. Funny how this always gets omitted in these types of conversations … err sorry, wars. I liked what one person commented when they said ‘oh yeah that’s right, it is always someone elses fault’. What I see is one lot of people demanding rights because of their religion but then going crazy because no one else should have any rights. I will give you a simple example that should make anyone go away and think on for the longest time. Let us say that one religions … mantra is that all other religions are … the devil, evil and should be shunned, given no respect or rights. Sound familiar? Now I have seen in the news and going on for what seems like an eternity is people in the news getting fired, for wearing a crucifix for instance, for being insulting towards one religion for merely showing what religion the fired person belongs to. Or has their beliefs in. Now is this correct or is this another underhanded way of wiping out all the religions that their religions claim or heresy, evil and that their religion should show no respect to? Or if one religion wants to claim that all others are insults to you outlaw all religions bar one to appease those belonging of this new supremacy? Errr sorry I mean religion? Lol. This is what I hear when I hear them talk and this is what I see when I see them act. Now it might surprise you to know that I have been a damned sight closer to all this than it might appear on this blog? ‘Might’ does not come into it at all, really. In a few months time prepare to be shocked beyond your wildest nightmares. The link to the rows are below and remember … I went to this site merely because of the interest in the extreme temperatures on a news link, lol.


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