Right then …

I managed to get out on my bike today. I was also speaking on the phone with my partner in crime about everything that has happened with us along with all that is about to happen when I myself was confronted with an incident.

A violent incident.

Reaching a level crossing I have crossed many times on my way to try and spot and film wildlife and Orchids I found myself watching as a group of people were kicking and punching the hell out of each other.

I think there was about 6 to 8 with one being a woman.

Now instead of explaining this here I knew that when I had gotten home I had better email the Police and explain what I saw. Now I have done this before and they were extremely late ate getting their and missed the whole thing, catching the perpetrator several hours later after he beat hell out of an old lady.

Now the fact that I have stated this I will now point out that you might as well read the email and bear in mind what i said about getting their late, the facts I provide about the man they needed to arrest and … well what was involved at the time and what I stated to the Police about it …

Or in other words if they arrive fashionably late and the perpetrators had gone … well that they had better hope not as it might be a tincy-wincy bit embarrassing. Especially if the media get a hold of the details?!

Ooh wait?! They were not robbing a train … or a bank for that matter … hmm yes they only want to know when it is a celebrity or large amounts of money are involved?!


Oh and the Met Police website crime reporting form refused to let me email them as they had no option yet for violence?! Yes you read that correctly. The Met Police have no option, or choice, in the different crimes to report for violence. Nothing for violence! Huh! Typical. Insisted on sending me back to another screen. Morons … as usual, lol.


This is NOT an enquiry and I am aghast that trying to contact you to report a crime involving violence has me sent round in circles?!

The Internet has been around a very long time, do you not think that you public services have an easy way to contact you by now?! JESUS!

No option on your crime report page for violent crimes, typical. God forbid you people actually do any work!

You had a crime reported to you today, good God this tiny field in bloody annoying. This crime took place in Ordnance Road in Enfield right at the level crossing. You had two women report to you that one car in the incident was a dark blue Honda Civic.

They did not know what model the car was…I told them as I was passing by on my mountain bike. Yes I saw crimes being committed and I am the best witness you could ever rely on.

Now I will explain what happened, unless this stupid web-form limits the number of characters like most idiots code them to do. Oh I am BSc Applied Computing so I have the right to rant about bad IT management,  implementation and design. As I studied several HCI modules.

I came from the first turning on the south west side of the level crossing.

I noticed that there was a queue of cars and naturally level crossing was down. It wasn’t and this was confusing as I noticed cars on the tracks heading in an easterly direction.

I cycled along the outside of the east bound traffic and could hear voices.

As I rounded one vehicle so that I myself was facing east against the kerb I then saw a number of people and had just started fighting.

The Honda Civic had a blnd woman and a very large male who looked polish or eastern European. He was punching people and he looked like … well someone not very nice. He appeared like some hardened criminal in all honesty, their car could have been a Rover 25 as I was not really concentrating on models of cars instead the fighting before me.

As I got closer I was wondering whether to hand my £1,100 mountain bike over to someone to step in and stop the fight … I am trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu so not a problem, I saw a mixed race guy who looked familiar to me get hit and end up on the ground.

The blond lady with him was attacking people when I saw her get punched that sent her reeling away and stumble to the floor.

There was another gentleman there of skinny stature and wirey hair that looked like someone from Georgia, Russia. So Eastern European again but he did not look like he was with either party.

I spent the rest of the day trying to work out in my head what was going on and I do not know whether or not there was someone who just wanted in on the fight that made things worse?

I moved to the south side of the tracks just to the east of the level crossing and stopped, by this point an English guy got out of his transit like white pick up and had pushed the large European gentleman, with no hair by the way and no shirt, away from the familiar looking mixed race guy who had been knocked to the floor.

I studied, I tend to do this and … in a matter of weeks you will find this out without any input from me, the large gentleman and he had a look on his face that was not … well, good. He looked very angry and was highly alert and I had wondered whether or not he was high on cocaine.

As he leant back against a car his eyes were everywhere. From left to right and back again and there was no concern for the blond woman who was with him.

The mixed race guy had now gotten to his feet and was shaking his head as if he had taken a serious knock.

The European man and the blond lady got in their car, which as I said I think was an oldish Honda Civic of the rounded small hatchback design but could have been a Rover 25. The blond lady was in the drivers seat and attempted to start the car but there was a ratchet like sound that led me to believe the starter motor had failed. It did not go anywhere.

It was then that I first spoke to one of three people when a gentleman said “too much energy” as I started to cycle east to get to the River Lea. Then I heard two women talking and on their mobile phones. I asked if they were on the phone to you and they stated yes.

I then told them to tell you that the couple were in a dark blue Honda Civic and that it was not going to get very far as it would not start. I then noticed the car was missing and they must have put it in a side street, south east side of the Ordnance Road level crossing with a pub on the corner. Or old pub that had closed down I am not sure.

The fact that they were BOTH close to the train tracks I later deduced that the fact the Honda civic type car was failing to start that they had broken down on the tracks. Possibly where the car behind was too close, on or very near the tracks and were getting nervous and had started shouting at the car in front.

However … this is the point that your going to have to work out …

Instead of everyone working together to get the car off the tracks … someone reacted … violently.

Any idiot there would likely have guessed how it started, except for anyone that actually witnessed how it started of course.

When not fighting the only one there that looked like he was in a fight was the very large eastern European gentleman. Eye alert and all over the place as if he was surrounded by Bengal Tigers. No other men there had this look about them.

Even the mixed race guy that had been knocked to the floor.

If you need anything further or me to make and sign a statement, provided you got down there and arrested them before they fixed the car and fled that is, feel free to contact me and request my help.


Martin Haswell BSc


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