I have made no secret of the fact that I am suspicious of charities.

I cannot state hire many of them are bad, or any at all for that matter, but there are some. Even the mathematics alone of sine compared to things that have been introduced in recent years, like drugs for one, do not add up.

Lately there had been murmurings and complaints after reveals of the fat cat like salaries that are earned in the top positions. I for one have pictures done sort of scenario like that at the end of The Omen trilogy where satanic people get into places of both money and power! Really, that is how it seems.

Here is another one. With a disturbing fact that casts a dark shadow on those that are currently ask over this story, the news media themselves.

I have to be honest in stating that throughout the life of this blog it should be obvious I was birth expecting and waiting for stories like these … quite unfortunately. The reason this one is so important?

Because The Kids Company involves children and there is rumour and accusation of embezzling. Of sorts.

Now the key here is in this report by the BBC linked below. Accusations of sexists abuse towards a number of children!

Why? Or more precisely, why are we only hearing of this now?

From this report alone it is obvious that this has been going on for some time, galvanising my theory that recruitment methods have been wrong for decades. But I an only hearing about these accusations a week after the money troubles!

And there it is!

The news media are only interested in any story if it involves a known name of power or celebrity status. Let’s leave alone the utterly pointless stories about what percentage, or ratio, of us use the phone to browse the Internet. The child abuse only gets mentioned if it can be used as an add on to an already bad story, as said involving money. If the charity had not run into trouble would we have even heard about the abuse?!

What dues that day about us as individuals? Those involved I mean. In fact if they state they only provide stories for ratings or what they state we are interested in what does that say about their views on us too? Or even ‘what does that say about us?’ If this was true.

The funny thing is I think the news media only employ people with memory issues. I was only speaking yesterday about that documentary about councils having those crazy bank loans out they should never have taken out. The person I was speaking to performed a preemptive strike on me without even realising it when they said : “But when this all started they found out that all the councils had money in a bank in Iceland and each one had tens of millions to hundreds of millions of pounds?!”. I laughed and said “I was just about to put that to you! Why have the media give from starting they have tens to hundreds of millions stashed away to having loans of these amounts?!”

I wonder if the news media have even realised they have shot themselves in the foot so many times in the last few years? I wonder if they realise they are making themselves look as guilty as those they like to expose?

Hmm … maybe like all the other overlords they merely see us as blind and stupid? Maybe even as amoral as them, a realisation I made twenty years ago, or just plain fickle?

Or perhaps that the way the system is setup up these days we are bit supposed to have anytime to think … and when we do we are so knackered we are off enjoying ourselves and forgetting about it all? By the time we return we are back to the grindstone and busy to take it all in or work it all out?

Here is where we have come to rely … no, depend on the news media at least for those that bother to watch it. Except those that do have been looking more and more over the years like they have been manipulated too!

I can tell you one simple fact from all this and about all this. It is a fact that throughout the rest of 2015 is going to become ever more apparent to every more people. In fact this makes sure that the fact is both inevitable and self fulfilling.

Only there will be a kind of mirroring going on here because those that think we are stupid/fickle/too busy/amoral will only end up looking like this themselves as they try to cling on. What is this fact?

It quite simply CANNOT go on like this.

Oh and I found it disturbing and hilarious that Alan Yentob of the BBC is involved in all this. No Mr Yentob, it’s bit disgusting when the accusations involve the sexual abuse of children!

You blithering idiot.

Kids Company accused of mishandling sexual assault allegations – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33813048


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