Well after what seems like the longest time of suspicious silence on this subject a shocker of an accusation leaks out.

A former Prime Minister no less! Ted Heath!

This was a big reveal and something of a shock an this name was not on my radar and not quite the regal name I had alluded to that is all over the Internet. Well it is all over the Internet enough that a particular techno-phobe friend of mine has known about it for a bloody long time, 3 or 4 years, and was the one that told me about it.

I then went and looked and sure enough it is on the Internet and is even mention by a YouTube channel called The Coleman Experience, or something like that. Only name that sticks in my mind. Well I do have Fibrofog which is a symptom of Fibromyalgia which causes short term memory loss.

As I have really not much to say about this as I know next to nothing about it I will add here that I apologise for those that may have been disappointed by the lack of posts. Lol. I got a little wrapped up doing some things for an old friend. Then wrapped up in playing catch up with the things I need to do.

I am still in that ‘limbo’ I spoke of but at least now I can count down the days before the lid blows off the pressure cooker. The days are still many but the weeks are few. Of course that could happen ahead of the date and quite unexpectedly?

I am already thinking that once into next week anything could happen at any time. There has not been correspondence between two particular people for awhile too so it is overdue even just a ‘touch base’ correspondence.

The weather has been up and down temperature wise which is the worst kind of weather for anyone with my particular symptoms of Fibromyalgia. You know the Fibromyalgia that I proved on here that I have had 20 years, diagnosed myself through Guy’s Hospital and then realised that the NHS had known about it for at least several months before I had diagnosed it. Proved by means of no end of documents and secretly recorded audio that is all posted on here.

So I am hoping that the weather stabilises and cools a little over the next two weeks as after that I might start to feel a little … anxious?! Lol.

Ohh that reminds me … I must email the Fibromyalgia support group! I missed the last meeting due to … well laugh if you must, but Fibrofog, lol.

Hmm now there was something else I wanted to post about …


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