I have some issues right at this very moment.

Except I have no idea what they are!

What I can tell you if what happened with one and that there are … recordings!

Yes after a long pause the old faithful of my bag of tricks makes a return.

I woke up to discover my Internet was down. I thought ‘here we go again’ because only a month ago I was overdue on a payment I had no idea about and no bill.

This will be a short version before I publish the full written version along with the recordings. But …

I went to their store in Enfield Town and was told I owed no money, the next payment if due the 3rd August and the Internet was locked due to a security issue.

Back at home I call them and someone tells me out is due to an outstanding bill but there is also a security issue. If I pay the bill I get the Internet back in twenty four hours. I pay the bill.

I then get told that someone had tried to hack my account! I’m told they have to put me through their Fraud Department.

After 15 minutes or so of trying to sort this out and some long, long pauses I get cut off. Other person cleared, bullshit.

I then try again and get through to technical…asked security questions twice … again! Moaned at being aged this as I need to be out through to Fraud, who will no doubt ask me a third time, and this was talking forever. Put me through … got cut off … again.

Phoned technical again … different person, also not good with English, go through the while routine yet again. Hey cut off.

Phone someone else, very cut off. Phone billing instead to get someone who speaks English. Go through it all once again now mir than thirty minutes trying to sort this out … she makes sure she gets then on phone first before putting me through. First few minutes she had trouble then said it’s working now. Then tells me she is getting a message saying they closed 8 minutes earlier!

One thirty minute walk to the store, back home five phone calls over NIR than thirty minutes, cut off several times, answer the same security questions 8 or 10 times and then told that!

I also find out that I was lied to. It now turned out that the payment I made would not have my Internet switched back on?! So I’ve paid them for a service I’m no longer getting and have to call them tomorrow?!

I think not!

I then get stern, explain this problem is not my problem out fault. That they need to ring me and that they note have twenty four hours or they can stick their shit service where the sun don’t shine!

I have, after all, only had this a few months.

Three or four and with both their landline, broadband and the fucking mobile phone I’ve paid out over £200 and yet spent most of the time without credit on mobile.

I’ve had the Internet deliberately locked twice. Not been sent most of the bills.

Was not told the first installation fee was only half of it.

Not told that the monthly fee didn’t include tax.

Told I would get Internet back paying bill then told I would not. I didn’t get this service for the phone. Was only interested in broadband landline! But punished and had broadband cut because of late payments.

I’ve had companies phone me when I’m ex directory and only my daughter had the phone number. Had twenty times as many cold call phone calls as I’ve had calls from my daughter. That means Virgin Media is handing out my ex-directory phone number!

Brilliant service!

Quite obviously the to brass on large companies as it as a privilege for us mere mortals to be signed up with their companies?

Late payment fees of £10 a time when they don’t send you bills out?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I wonder if Which? Magazine knows about this? Ooh I’ll send them an email! Lol!

Now they want me sitting around my house with my thumb up my arse while trying to get through their shite systems that lie before talking to idiots, asked same questions as there robots to get the service back I’m fucking paying them for they promised faithfully only a month ago they would not cut off?!

Yes of course I’m going to do that!

I also turned down an offer to go to the cinema in the morning so I could waste my time getting to their useless store!

I also have several videos and a dozen or so photos to upload to YouTube and blogs! So costing me money, well technically, too!

Obvious them making … ooh, no bills/£10 late fee, conning money out of customers is the only priority in their eyes?!

Customers are way, way away from even being on the bottom rung of the ladder for importance.

Also and once again for the umpteenth time it’s OK behaving like this, treating people like shit and conning people because they only have to say sorry?!

‘Sorry’ and ‘We can learn from out mistakes’ should have a law brought in where whoever states this in the media goes to prison. For a year!

Why? Because they do bad and even irreparable damage because they can always state one of those two lines to the media when caught out and the fucking media ‘buys it’ or completely misses the most important factors in all this.

No question about that.

Yet time after time they are allowed to get away with it with no penalties that could come close to being a threat and therefore punishment. Nice.

Now I think it’s time to contact the NHS and the PHSO again ranting like a demented thing and pointing out their deliberate mistake in stating they needed to me.

Something wrong with their phones? They were given my contact details including my mobile number! Ooh…maybe…they are with… Virgin Media?! Lmao!

We are now in the latter half of July. It really is not a good time to be on my bad side and in my focus!

But, hey? They are big and powerful companies. What could I possibly do to them?!

At least… that is the mistake they are making! A mistake made by no less than 8 other organisations have made that have, and about to, backfire on them in the most catastrophic way.

Did I say ‘8’? Sorry…thinking of the four that did this previously and the four sinking with their ships right now.

The aftermath will have a fallout that will encompass a great many others over a 6 month period or more.

Or…in other words…a period of six to twelve months that will affect more organisations than the last three years combined!

The last three years means 8 organisations. So more than 8, probably a lot more, will feel the heat in the first six months after the end of August.

I’m guessing it’s ‘August’ based on what a legal team stated. Could be a little later. Could be a little earlier.

That reminds me! A long since previous naysayer listened as I explained the immediate after effects of the imminent storm. As I explained that ‘if’ things happen as both I and the solicitors predicted then these things will happen.

The response? “Oh, of course!”

Like always with me it’s never about just the one thing, just the one set of facts or just the one battle.

Multi-faceted. Remember? Lol?

Or as I like to and sometimes refer to them as …



If you want to defeat one attacker you run him to ground. Wang to take on the lot and you have a difficult war on your hands.

It has, or should I say ‘must’, appear like this at times on here?

Well out kind of ‘was’. I did indeed do that. But I was actually hacking away at the foundations of a huge tower block that housed them all. Those way above ground were fending off my periodic salvo onslaughts.

All of them oblivious to the fact I was chipping away at the very legs that the building was supported by.

Those … ‘legs’ have been buckling under for weeks now and are closer to giving way than they are to beginning to buckle.

When this … err metaphorically speaking, building goes it’s going to slowly bring down all those above it after the base had been destroyed.

In a kind of slow motion effect.

That’s been the plan anyway. The first ones above the foundations would be those that have had the most recent focus on here. Like one I’m posting about when the building crumbles and then working it’s easy back to posts or more accurately subjects further back in time.


Well that’s been the plan all along, just like this legal case and the damages figure have been knocking around in the noggin for 6 years with one aspect of out and 20 years for the other.

Twenty years … and according to what had been estimated by those in the know, no longer than five weeks remain.

Clocks ticking.


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