Well, well, well … what do we have here?

This is the very, very first news report I have seen that alludes to that of our case currently ending.

The very, very first time.

I have wondered for a long time when this would occur. I have asked myself for a fair old while whether or not something would be reported on within my limbo period of waiting or possibly when our case kicked off with myself in … the thickets of it all and present in the area it was kicking off? Likely through some discussion with lawyers and something being signed?

I have to admit that the limbo feeling had really been felt for the last couple of months and the finish line fast approaching, with the odd delay, that I thought it would be the latter.

In terms of quite literally time this report appears at the eleventh hour or so. In terms of the legal cases existence it’s more like a quarter to midnight! In terms of when I first voiced the concerns it’s less than a minute to midnight.

So they are now stating in the BBC report below that the investigations and legal cases like that of our own will run until 2020?

There will be a first and it has not only already ended but that the final decisions of punishments and damages too be handed out is nigh on here.

The current length of the remaining string is five weeks long.

There always was going to be a Tsunami from my endeavours spanning twenty years. Always.

This has since been stated by at least one court judge regarding one department but what had been decided has to be nationwide. There simply would be no option and anyone involved in this with any intelligence knew this could not be avoided. Not once the details of our case became commonly known.

Due to the details, the revelations and the sheer importance of our case on many different levels I simply cannot imagine this not going viral in more ways than one.

Yes I would often ask myself if this could be avoided but despite the hundreds of possible scenarios the answer was always ‘no’.

It was quite surreal to see this report. It even appeared to look odd without the details of our case. In fact much of these reports appear in the new because they simply have no choice.

No choice? Yes siree! Odd though if you familiar with everything I’ve said and you need not to be familiar with all the evidence I have on each one, which I do provide within these posts. No you only need to be familiar with the list of enemies and the list of those I put in the suspicion list I have no doubts to there being some terrible things going on.

One is the BBC.

In fact what will come out within the next couple of months along with the court case details is that someone tried to threaten us, scare us and the famous BBC was at the heart of this scare tactic.

You could have someone in my garden pointing a gun at me and you would get no further in scaring me even with this extreme. In fact you had better have a gun if you wanted to threaten me face to face.

It involved a report by the BBC involving my father. It was ill conceived in the worst possible way by someone who not doubt was a complete moron who had not an effing clue what research is.

One of my traps in afraid, one of the more hidden traps because I was always prepared for anyone that had more than an ounce of intelligence.

The details to this report, falsified by the big firm I might add, were POSTED on here a very, very long time ago!


When my partner in crime sent the link that was anonymously sent to them I literally burst out laughing! Then they started laughing about it and I explained what a stupid, pathetic and incompetent thing it was to do.

Whoever sent it thought that we would naturally point the finger toward a very, very obvious candidate.

I am afraid I’m far too smart to fall for this kind of bullshit cloak and dagger trickery. No … no … NO!

Ruling out the plainly obvious only leaves two possibilities. Both very large organisations, one very large and already mentioned here.

The other possibility is the one that has now been found guilty and will be the one that a long queue of journalists will be climbing over each other to question.

Now I might be bothered in time to put my focus into which of the two sent the anonymous link, but then I might not. I have not since it was sent.

Oddly enough it was my plan to put this little incident with the BBC back into the public gaze for a very long time. That is, after all, why I included it here.

What the morons, that are the powers that be, failed to realise is that first and foremost I speak on here as if I have laid all my cards on the table. I always knew that there was the possibility they could check this and put up a better fight. But I knew that they wouldn’t. Strike one!

In fact this kind of cat and mouse scenario was used in each and every case, though often in different ways.

Not a single on on my very long list failed to do exactly what I both expected and wanted them to do. Not one.

Strikes 2 through 24 and beyond!

Oh dear.

So now you know that a whole wave of child sex abuse cases regarding a long list of councils is going to be heard about and reported on for the next five years. Until 2020. Think about that for a moment or two. Five whole years. Child sex abuse and local councils inability, or on occasion knowing but burying evidence of it happening, to do anything about it. Of course this report could be inaccurate. It may go beyond 2020?

They very simply have no idea how many local councils will be affected. MP’s of government commissioners stated to reporters it would be a lot. I know and have always known it would be a lot. I think the number, or percentage, I have in my head is somewhat bigger than theirs?

I have stated this before. I have proved this even within my education and did so repeatedly.

I see patterns. Someone I see numbers and patterns that can give me answers I am sometimes told, by lecturers, I cannot possibly discover. But I have and have demonstrated this on many occasions to the such of many people on many occasions.

These little insights best occur in two situations with one being totally relaxed about it, I did so in college, and when I’m desperate and backed into a corner. In fact some of my other skills and … talents seen to come out when I’m backed into a corner and desperate!

The patterns in this case was that occurrences and reports sounded so scarily similar and yet when geography was bought into play they were each fat flung cases. Not that much of a stretch then to imagine all those in between likely had the same cases and corruption for the majority?

Of course what made it even better for me is that each trick I devised worked like a charm. I don’t think I had a single one fail? But then I do have a failing memory! Once each one worked that could then be out into practice again for different victims. When I say ‘victims’ or ‘my victims’ I am, of course, talking about very, very big organisations both public and private and government both local and central.

Well I did state there was a long list.

I found that when people, groups or organisations go after corruption within society they seem to concentrate on one area. Or even a particular type of corruption. Or one public service or private company.

I always thought this very bizarre.

They were destined to fail in all but the smartest cases.

Because they walked onto a battlefield whereby their enemies were well versed in the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.

I was well versed in this too and for the longest time.

I also knew that corruption was everywhere so would pursue it everywhere.

I wanted to do and achieve a very long list of goals. A very long list. I have mentioned some of these while others I have not. All will be revealed before 2015 is out.

But I wanted to aim for and achieve something … extraordinary. I was hoping to achieve something never done before. That when at completion, or even nearing completion, that suddenly the light bulbs within the heads of the readers and odd visitors would start to come on.

I wanted people to eventually reel in shock of what I set out to do and baulk at what I had managed to achieve in the end asking with how I did it.

I wanted to show, above all else, what can be achieved if you set your mind to it and planned accordingly.

While I was doing this I also knew that along this very long journey I would help others. I also knew that the number of people I held works increase dramatically towards the end. I also know that the number of people I would help would increase exponentially after the end!

Best of all is that I was, have and always will help children. Children who themselves have been victims, children who feel or have been abandoned.

As well as exposing the horrific truths out there I have also taught thousands of others how to use very cheap items, some they may already own, to fight back against these organisations.

It’s a fucking crying shame that this also involves the Police!

A stage there are one or two others involved too, nowhere near as bright and smart as they first off line to think and secondly like to portray themselves as and many see them as.

The confidence of the UK moving forward, growing and evolving is dead in the water with what I know to be going on. When you have returned here enough, read enough and witnessed enough evidence you will fell exactly the same in this regard.

Of course you can bury your heads in the sand but if you do that one of two things will occur. Either it will be the same or worse when you raise your heads back up or someone would have done the work for you.

Now that latter remark … that’s not something I ever wanted to tell my daughter I did. Nor act other family members or friends I cared highly for either.

Though I often ask myself that so obvious a question…

How many of the population could?

Ten percent? Twenty five? Ninety five percent? Could you do that? Could you not yourself act if you knew the detrimental affect it could leave your immediate descendants?

If the answer is not immediately obvious you have not researched anywhere near enough of this blog.

I … could not.

Child sexual abuse inquiry ‘could last until 2020’ –


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