Now what I have here is a simple email.

A simple email response from Eon Energy over a complaint.

Now I should not have to point out that not everyone reads their emails every single day, not even me.

That is one point to keep in mind but the other is the fact that they have stated they have not heard back from me.

I have constantly asked them for an email address and never got one…confused? Go and look at the email address their email came from!

NoReplyClosed 040715


Now I cannot believe that these companies are really that stupid, or as most people I speak to think employ idiots. Well as most first line contacts are idiots that must mean then that the UK is made up mostly of idiots?! Lol!

No I do not believe that, not at all.

I believe this is something far more devious…which if I had the time and patience I would sit down and try to work out …

Kind of like that mysterious threatening letter about non payment of Council Tax send out by Wirral Council recently. In the council’s building 4 or 5 people spoke to each other and all had the same bill for the exact same amount with a court date and time all identical but which did not exist!

The bill was for over £200 and let us say it is £200 exactly and there are 10 million people within that council? If half the people paid the bill then that is 5,000,000 x £200. If there are 5 million people residing within the council’s borough then it is 2,500,000 x £200 and so on and so forth.

It is one reason I absolutely detest Direct Debit and I think its a damned cheek to ask people to do that when they do not have the time to keep on top of everything else.

Too much work.

Too little pay because …

House prices got beyond ridiculous because …

People got greedy …

While others ended up with too many bills …

Too many bills that are too big …

…and so on and so forth.


I wonder if this is why people have ears but do not listen?

Yet will state things like ‘You never told me that?!’ oh but I did or I got cut off and you did not listen.

Write it down though and people will read more than they listen! Lol.

So must be why I call the modern world the 60 characters or less (Short Message Service) and (Twit)ter era?!

Comes across as ignorant or just plain old naive.



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