I have managed to find myself something to fritter away the days.

Well, that is until the big event but I am not impressed at all with the current weather which, as feared, has gone from being total crap to too effing bloody hot! Ahem! Yes while waiting for the Supreme Court ruling, likely to be at least two more weeks due to files I had to send off to solicitor.

This instils mew with mortal dread!

Travelling anywhere in these temperatures is absolutely dreadful for me, even locally and they are stating it will get hotter, then cooler, then … ooh they always get it wrong!

Seeing 35 Celsius for the south east UK was bad enough for me but then seeing the map state 40 degrees Celsius just over the English Channel and I was like “Whaaaaaaaaat?!”

No mention of us reaching these temperatures but … well, like I said … they have gotten it so wrong so many times these last few years regardless of the time of year!

Please God, please God, please God!

Oh yeah…I forgot…my distractions to fritter away the next couple of weeks…good call as cycling might be a little hard to do, lol …

I have a dozen blogs and a dozen subjects. There are a few other subjects close to my heart that … well, currently do not have blogs! Here is one … err well TWO actually, lol …

Project Cars …



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