The NHS wants to … err CAP … legal costs and I assumed damages too?

Well even with just the one with legal costs it will prevent many from getting justice against them.

Or as I like to see it and read it thus immediately… we want to continue lying to patients and leaving them in living nightmares and actually be and to save money. Something we are not doing while people are suing us! Especially as our number one enemy had been teaching tends of thousands if not hundreds of thousands to catch them out time after time!! Lol!

Of course there is one other reason. They are currently awaiting a reply from your truly.

They fish on here but catch naught, like so many others, and are worried about what I am going to do. I had been obvious for some time that something big is on the verge of taking place. Something very big that will change the views, attitudes and lives of hundreds of thousands of people and before long … Millions.

It is certainly going to change mine somewhat!

It must be scary for them not knowing?

They had been a pause before I contact then again, which I will do very shortly.

But believe me when I state that whatever stress I have caused anyone to until this point and the extreme and never before witnessed pressure I will exert on them before very long pales into insignificance compared to the horror they have forced upon myself and others.

The idiot jobsworths simply have to know the effects of their actions and those at the top have to be got at by tie truly and exposed. Named and shamed, if you prefer.

Nothing else will suffice. Nothing.

But what I will provide very soon is an example of my abilities and my reach. They know something is coming, well other than four of them who are the first of the victims of the big event. They know but they do not know what.

Deep down inside a voice growing every more quiet is still telling themselves that it’s not possible. I am all aware of this … many things are just so plainly obvious to me. But it won’t alter destiny.

Very soon they will get the message and I think that his that are actually realising something is coming and that after nearly the years it’s very close. Very close indeed.

Oddly this event is likely to coincide with an … umm anniversary of sorts, based upon the date I was given a couple of weeks back?! Ooh did I forget to mention?

My bad! Lol!

Yes a strange coincidence of a date that is the anniversary of something … very closely related, lol.

My … receiving of detailed information is both … distant asking with being … disjointed. Cannot be helped currently but really does not matter. As long as I hear what I need to to tell me is teaching it’s end. Also the discovery that someone is … wriggling … a lot, also tells me a great deal too.

I also recently posted about a disabled guy who was threatened by a Doctor and the Police who were called in? Well turns out there was something I missed about him. He was a priest!!

Oddly enough some months ago I was thanked by someone whose nickname was Pastor something or other. The fact the guy in the BBC report was supposed to be a priest and he recorded these morons, who should be fired and never allowed in public service again, made me wonder… was this the same guy? Lol!

Even if it wasn’t it’s the second time I have read of anyone recording these inhuman morons supposed to be Doctors and Police, BAH … don’t make me … LAUGH!! LMAO!

I wonder if they actually all realise the train track they are speeding along runs out and the very point when the gorge begins?

I see another BBC report that said the Police was resistant to change?

Err … for now maybe.

Not for much bloody longer I can tell you that for nothing.


Medical legal costs ‘excessive and should be capped’ –


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