I heard some idiot talk tonight regarding the issues over legal aid.

Quite simply I just could not believe what this compete moron had stated.

The most vulnerable in society becoming more vulnerable and legal rights completely taken away is OK because we have no money?!

George Pascoe Watson, or whatever your name was, are you completely deluded? Or are you simply a sadist who loves receiving hate mail?

Umm … of you get it, don’t complain. Self inflicted I’m afraid.

I think the woman sitting next to him could not believe her ears?

The other problem with his terribly lane excuses is based on that beliefs they such to that has brought this country to it’s knees in the first place.

Oh well they are bringing in a be system, you can’t complain now, you can only complain in five years time when it had not worked and everyone has retired or fucked off to pastures new or dead.

Like Middle East Envoy Tony Blair the news media so love asking political advice from, well he was the best liar. Or locking up dead Jimmy Savile!

As journalist Elizabeth Day correctly pointed out that five years of the wrong decisions is hardly the time to ask. As I would like to point out … do you mean like the Personal Independent Payments they announced didn’t after coming to power that were supposed to have been in place three years into power that are not installed over five years of being in power?!

You bloody idiot, PR?! Are you bloody joking? Get your facts correct first you blithering idiot and don’t complain when angry parents are beating down your for for defending halfwits and the ‘accepted’ attitude of taking forever to do the wrong thing which is absolutely clearly the reason that the shite continues nearly six years on as I correctly PREDICTED from day one and correctly predicted for years prior to the recession even arriving?!

Did you predict that?

No, but your good at saying ‘I’m smart, listen to this … oh and you have to wait five years before you pull me in it!’

Don’t stick your neck out for anyone, will you?!

Why do they even entertain idiots and backward thinking people like this? Hmm PR to what, I wonder? I hope to God for his sake its not politics! Lol!

Hmm what is the definition of political PR?

Telling more convincing lies than the idiots you work for! Lol!

I just get sad that either the majority of people don’t see it or they don’t care?

Either that or the system they use for ejecting a government had some very, very serious flaws?

I mean I could not be seen dead voting for the Conservatives. Not with their current attitude. Not could I Labour with their past track record.

But the Conservatives are where they are.

I personally shudder at the thought!

Yet they do not affect me in anyway.

They do, however, effect the country I live in and it’s distant, yes distant, future and still refuses to change from its draconian, unfair and out of date system and ways despite what they do today affecting is for beyond a decade into the future.

Like those that I battle they suffer from the same flaws but contribute to spout verbal diarrhoea, an accurate term for its proved itself to be, to give excuses not even classed as being human, quite the opposite in fact, or fair to excuse the inhumane decisions cast upon the people who voted them in they lied to for years and even decades while they lead is blindfolded towards oblivion.

Best excuse used to the point of being ridiculous?

Well it’s all OK because we were not the ones that caused it.

However you fail to miss that you were the shadow cabinet and were equally incompetent at falling to see it too!!

One borrows far too much the other then sells everything it can to pay for it and they all expect and worse still actually get from the idiots in media and political advisors, pats on the fucking back all the way to their graves.

Until someone afterwards when someone somewhere realised they are all idiotic, amoral, lying twats! Yeah let’s get ’em?! Oh wait? They have been dead for ten years!

How bloody convenient?!

Hmm that’s what I am going to nickname it.

The system of convenience?

Or perhaps the system of convenience based on the expected longevity of the life span of a typical politician/celebrity/rich person/monarch?

As ever, delete where necessary. Lol!

They get so hard to sound like they possess intellect but if you listen … if you listen very careful they do not.


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