The ‘Eyes’ have made a well overdue return!

HOWEVER … I have to break a couple of rules because I need them to be back.

My own golden rule was that they were to be used while being philosophical and not on rants or just average bleating about some news report or other.

But I need them to be back for a couple of reasons.

Plus I will try to be philosophical.

Plus … well there is that title. A little more long winded than I normally like or allow but … necessary.

First up it brings something back to the fore with the greater monthly visitors I now have compared to that I had when I was using the ‘Eyes’ previously. They are also to convey a message to several sources. The second part is my estimation to that of public services and all that work within them. Oh and lastly because many will have noticed those last three words. I borrowed them. From something. Something simply called ‘The Trial’. Rather apt for the subject at hand. Along with …


The goals can be achieved many ways. There are, as ever, traps. I am afraid I will now have to divulge that in the event that you miss a trap … well there is another waiting and it is exponentially deeper than the last.

In the event that you are able to avoid traps then there is and always has been ‘the last resort’. Well … LOL, you must know me by now … I have several ‘last resorts’.

Now you must be very clear and with no possible misunderstandings here … you have no control over these last resorts. There is no … err wriggling out of them nor corruption of the legal system that will save you from them. They are unknown, of my design and no way of avoiding them. Do you remember that word I like to use so much on my posts? ‘INEVITABLE’? Did you look it up? Do you know what it means? It means that any given thing is completely unavoidable. Not difficult, not hard … UNAVOIDABLE!

Yesterday there were some … hmm let us say … musings from a legal team that included a few questions that made no sense and raised one of my eyebrows. One that does tend to have a mind of its own I might add.

Now I will not go into the details to these questions except to say I was already told that this particular period of time and the events were known about by the courts. It was solely why I thought I could completely stay out of it for the remainder of the legal case. Except they do not. So now I act … a little earlier and somewhat hasher than I expected.

My prey are worms and those worms are a wriggling.

Now before I expand on that …

I find humans … err or people … strange. I have stated this before on many occasions. However I am going to expand my light spectrum on this one a little bit …. wider. And then some.

I do not care who you are and I really have no care about your profession nor your level of intelligence. There are many that think themselves a cut above the rest because of this. As a result it is highly common for these same deluded individuals to think themselves infallible and impervious to anything or any one.

You are most definitely wrong on so many levels.

When I started this course of action I knew I could not trust anyone. When I started this blog almost three years ago I did state and repeatedly stated this as the case.

I do not give a flying … care in the world that the Supreme Court is involved in the case I am close to, no one before them has proved trustworthy, a force of good, honest or even respectable. They think that they are because of career or money. Feck off! Take your misguided self delusions and go fly a bloody great big kite!

Or in other words my plans exist to deal with all eventualities and it might now be clear that one of these may be arising?

You, the Supreme Court, are not exempt from the punishments should you prove yourselves to be as corrupt as the last lot of people, or person. I would have to be a complete IDIOT not to plan for such an event.

I will state right here and right now that should you so much as even try to protect or help those accused in any way I can tell you now that the repercussions will be far, far greater than any excuses you may give to the media.

I can state this because you suffer from the same weaknesses that all those that preceded you did and you neither possess the knowledge, the power and funniest of all the time to alter my course and that stands even if you knew what my plans of ‘Last Resorts’ were. Which you do not.

They have not proved to be corrupt yet.

But you can guess that I have had my alarm bells going off? Well then you would be right and the interesting details lie in those odd questions that were asked only today.

These questions were redundant and yet two things can be extrapolated from them to be facts and each of them will tell a very big story of what transpires behind the scenes. One is that a local council has been informed of the totality of the punishments and damages to be awarded. This is extrapolated from the fact that they are trying to shift the time-line a little to place themselves outside of a period of responsibility.

Remember I was expected to be asked for some paperwork but never was? Voila!

Ohh…this is were it is going to hurt.

This shift in the time-line, if successful, can halve the amount of damages which are relatively large. So large that for several years I kept the true figure hidden and that includes friends and family as they would just state I was mad. They did with the figure I gave them which was only one sixth of the figure I expected. The solicitor expects the same figure as me and yet we have never spoken.

Oooh and then there is that paperwork. Sorry Mr Corrupt Council but it was NEVER going to fly! Ever! The paperwork exists to prove that your current bleatings are bull!

Now a number of other public services have been dragged into this mess and as the result of the lying and corruption of said local council they too have looked very bad. Trying feverishly, I have little doubt, of digging themselves out of a hole before the bar on the case is lifted. Oh dear. One Police Force, the Criminal Prosecution Service and Cafcass.

Your problems, you dont effing listen while suffering with delusions of grandeur!

Dodge the ball and I will drop an orbiting satellite upon your heads!

Imagine that? How damaging would said falling satellite be? More importantly ask yourselves this … ‘Who to?’!

If the solicitors miss this, the Supreme Court ignore this it will be obvious they deliberately flouted the laws they themselves set to help out a big/powerful/wealthy organisation, delete where necessary.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

Then there are those last resorts.

Make no mistake there are people walking free that should not be doing so. In fact it is so bad and they have gotten so used to it that I have known several different cases where civil servants have either refused to make an appearance under court order and even stood up, ignored the order of the judge and walked out of the courtroom stating that they had ‘a job’, they proved to be corrupt in, to go back to?!

These cases span no less than 300 miles across England. Aww, did I forget to point this out previously?! Diddums!

That is not all I forgot to point out and nor did I state what all of my plans involved. What do you think I am? STUPID?! No! Those titles refer to you and your underlings but I have been posting for three years that this is the case! Aww…did you miss that to?!?

Not looking very good for you right now is it?

There is an email in cyberspace. I love cyberspace, don’t you? There are just so many things you can do with it, both obvious and not. Some things you can be obvious about and they cannot do JACK without you finding out. Meaning that the plans can then be altered, put into place or the speed shifted.

Oh I have no doubt that these evil beings watch this site with eagle eyes. In which case I just burst there bubble. But if they are far more incompetent than even I take them for then they should ask themselves this if the ones stand accused read this…

Thought of the severity of the repercussions if you dragged the name of the Supreme Court into disrepute? No … I bet you haven’t?!

However, what you should be asking yourself is what is it that I can possibly do to make the eyes of not only the entire country but most of the world avert their gaze to what you have done?

Now that is the question you should be asking yourself!

The answer is … TWO THINGS. There could possibly be more but you would never … hmm I will repeat, NEVER guess anyway.

Because you suffer with serious delusions of grandeur and have done for the longest time along with ignorance of certain…things. The one other weakness is leaving these people to have comitted such heinous crimes to be walking around free.

Hmm…twenty years. I have told you all this going back twenty years as regards these people and there crimes. Look through this blog. Take as long as you like. I have documented over and over that I have not only told these people but have I not told many others too?!

We are speaking about the laws of the land here based on the strictest morals!

Ask yourself something …

What happens … no, no that is the wrong way to phrase this question …

What would the possible consequences be when it appears to an entire country, nation or world that the entire legal system and law making system crumbles right before everyone’s eyes and made once and for all and with little doubt to be the most corrupt, or one of the most corrupt on this little planet we like to call Earth?

Imagine this for a few moments.

Forget the little details for a moment.

An entire nation seeing it all for what it really is? How bad would that be?

How about the whole of Europe?

How about the whole world?

Are we fucking there yet?!

What do you think I have been doing all this time? Sitting here with my thumb up my arse?!

A few simple and seemingly innocent questions and immediately I see what is going on and why it is going on. Because it is out of place. Because it is out of context. Most importantly because the questions put are far, far too late in the day.

Missed a spot? Don’t! Because I absolutely guarantee you that I WILL NOT!

I also will not take prisoners.

Nor will I stop and think about the consequences of my actions in pursuit of the truth, justice and exposure of it to the entire world, make absolutely no mistake here!

Because I could hardly be made to look like some kind of criminal by each of those I have exposed on here to be corrupt and evil.

Not when everyone knows the truth you wont. Even if you were stupid enough to take action long after it is too late. You will only make it worse unless the majority of the people are as selfish and evil as you are. But … could you take that chance? Because if wrong you will not survive the repercussions.

Not quite dead but half way to their grave and they have still yet to figure out that they are playing games with the wrong individual and trust me on the no prisoners quote. Are you even aware what the term ‘Grandmaster’ even means?!

Judging form the questions put to my partner in crime…clearly not!

As for the Supreme Court, you have a job to do and I suggest you do it as you are responsible to do and not to miss anything. Because I can assure you of one single and solitary thing …



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