When I was a young boy about 7 or 8 years of age I saw a painting. Now I cannot remember whose house I was in but the painting fascinated me.

A little while ago I told the story of this painting to … umm someone over the phone. Someone heavily involved in much of what I speak of … well, ahem … of late.

Now as a kid f this age I thought I was smart … I learned years later to be a bit more humble, lol, but as a kid I was cocky. Oh … except on here of course … where the cockiness and confidence is expressed … very deliberately and are just two of my many, many tools in my expanding tool set.

Now years later I become involved in the world of horses, or the equine industry if you so prefer? Doing so taught me a great deal more about this painting from years earlier because the paintings focus was horses. I understand a lot about horses, like I now do about reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astronomy, astrophysics, cycling, meteorology, seismology, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Long Staffs, Nunchaku and many other things besides. Well I did say it was ever expanding!

But as a boy I did not know what the painting meant. I told my phone friend that there was this old saying but that I was betting that they had never heard of it. Of course it is that in the title of Delusions Of Grandeur. They had never heard of it and I was not at all surprised. Well they was not given the best of parents to bring them up.

I explained that is they were to approach a hell of a lot of people I would wager more than half would be familiar with the term. I also stated that if they then asked where it came from it was highly likely they would no know.

I am hoping it would not surprise you to know that it comes from a painting? Lol!

Well … I state that but the painting may just have made the expression famous and may well of originated somewhere else. But rest assured the painting is responsible for the wide use of the term.

It might be diffucult for you to find a picture of it as I decided to do just prior to starting this blog and all that I found was one used by a auction house of the real painting but was missing on the actual page, despite the listing being there.

I will include the link and the picture itself below.

Hmm, maybe I am now in the process of making said painting extremely famous once again?

Good, maybe the current owner might cut me a percentage of the increased price? As a fee for my endeavours?! LMAO!

I digress.

The painting … yes, as I stated horses. A Shiar horse looks on at a couple of race horses galloping by him or her with jockeys in their saddles. Slightly different to how I remember … but still, well I do have a bad memory, lol.

Horses have a body language and a way … think Horse Whisperer here and they also have a hierarchy they more than love to work out for themselves. This invariably involves which one is the fastest. It is quite fascinating to watch but they will sprint around full of spirit to ascertain who the head of the herd is. Not quite so entertaining when the current head of the herd is pissed off at being shoved to one side and she wants to take it out on the horses perceived owner by using her couple tonnes to bury him in the mud!

Err me!

In the painting the Shiar Horse see the speeding race horses and imagines him or herself at being involved and winning. But a Shiar Horse is large and heavy and built for pulling weight like carts. A racehorse is lean and lighter with little fat and bulging muscles. Designed for speed.

But the Shiar Horse does not understand this. He knows not that the horses racing along are different to him. He merely sees other horses and imagines him or herself racing with and beating them.

The Shiar knows not his own limitations. He is a horse just like every other horse but he is not like every other horse.

So the painting is called Delusions Of Grandeur which means that you think your greater than you are, in its simplest explanation.

For those that now have a keen interest in the painting or just merely a curiosity to see the painting that the term they were familiar with came from …

Artist: Malcom Coward S.E.A

Oh no? Its a print!! Lol! Spotted a price of £98 and thought … WHAT?! Yup…a print, lol.

I explained that I learnt a long time ago that I knew I would come across many, many people that suffered with these delusions. I also explained that I had no idea of just how often this would be nor did I realise how frustrating it would be.

Only that I knew that I would have to overcome it. Not quite seldomly as I imagined but almost constantly.

I was also hell bent on not coming across as more than I am and I strongly believe I achieved this … err well outside of this blog at any rate. Well … umm …

Let us just say that I pretty much think that despite this being unlcear right at this very moment that it will become clear over the next two or three months?

Let us say before 2015 is out? That is what I have said several times on several things and I am going to stick with that. I am playing it safe … just like a certain solicitor! LMAO!



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