Well, well, well … now what do we have here?

Someone else had come go with the idea of recording Doctors on their phone and got some great, albeit disgraceful, stuff.

Added to this he mentioned more of his mistreatment which eerily included the Police who wanted to dump the strange man in the middle of nowhere?!

Although none of my victims or digits rowed with were stupid enough to call the Police … a shame as I would have them proved to be hired thugs in the literal sense and already have them as incompetent a dozen tonnes over across two police forces, this is just like another story I covered on this blog!

Unfortunately for the idiots that have this attitude I am not only encouraging people to do what I did and have five foot three years but … I’m still coming for them!

These two evil corporations full of nonces that sell their soul and their own people to the devil himself simply have no clue as to what my owns plans involve.

Now will they ever either!

Well … except that is when I reveal it … which I will … before too long too!

There are a number of public services and careers I certainly would not like to be working in from 2016 onwards!

In fact you can take it to the bank that eventually every single individual that has this protectionist attitude between public services are going to not only look like completely incompetent idiots for their foreseeable future but will fell like it too.

Because despite the fact I explain my things and thoughts on these things in very … complicated ways there are some things I have not explained.

I can explain the most complex of processes without difficulty but eventually I think of a way to explain things very simply, very simply indeed! I don’t actually explain these simple examples … I instead prefer to go around the houses … umm dropping hints as I go. Just to … compound things further still.

Because I have an agenda. I have always had an agenda. The agenda to end all agendas. Full stop!

The clues to my hints and many others are intricately laced throughout the thousands of posts I have made.

I also have a little trick. It is one I’ve used on people for years … many of which are not only too aware of this …

I talk, and therefore type a great deal. In so doing I give the impression I’ve told it all. Well apart from the time I state that I haven’t. It therefore appears that I have said all that there is to say on certain … let’s say subjects.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This year this will become painfully obvious to many, though right now four of these organisations are about to find out what the penalties and consequences are if you oppose me.

And remember … I have given repeated warnings to each and every one of them.

I’m not done with them yet and least if all the NHS.

The NHS have to endure two more things from my plan whereas most others only have to endure one … except for four particular ones who have found out it’s folly to battle me but are a little … naive when it comes to the consequences.

Well at least I think they still are but only for another 6 weeks at maximum.

Though … I have a sneaky feeling it won’t be quite that long?


Hospital doctor secretly recorded making patient threat –


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