Truly bizarre.

The more I witness the strange exodus to Europe the more money it needs and the more these travellers speak and make no sense, contradict there actions with words and once again the media are clueless and fail to pick up on it.

When we people that lean to the left realise that being nice to someone, or a group of people, does bit mean they will be nice in return. Or nice for very long for that matter once they get what they want.

No for the bizarre nature of the large group that believe themselves to be the master race.

How in the world do they think they will cope with the numbers conning over to a country, or perhaps countries, where it is cold to freezing for many months of the year? Where do they think the money will come from to keep so many people, housed, warm and fed?

I would like to know where the money trees are the lefties think exist!

Even nitre bizarre when I heard one man complaining there are no human rights in Italy?! What?!

Is he fucking serious with that statement?!

If so then it could not have been all that bad from the country he and his family fled from?!

So unless your given a house, money, electricity and an abundant supply of food all of which for free there are no human rights?!

He quite obviously had not read my blog!

I also see trouble is brewing and there had been some violence? Well it was a full gone conclusion that one.

Whoever didn’t realise there would be violence, regardless of what side of the Mediterranean they are from, was a complete bloody incompetent idiot. If in any kind of job requiring responsibility they should be fired … forthwith!

Speaking of idiots and incompetence the master race simply cannot do simple math. So they are superior, but not more intelligent then?!

They must realise that there have been tens of thousands of people heading to countries that are all in financial difficulties and pushed for space? But they just keep in trying to get where they want to be and they just keep on coming.

Maybe they have never seen a television set?

What I see is that either they are stupid or they don’t care and if it is the latter then I’m afraid they are not coming here for good reason. Maybe they see the numbers of their own in tubes of trouble and rioting in European countries and think if swathes of them cone over they will to the balance and take over each European country in time?

Then there are the questions no one wants to ask about these countries.

I do so fucking hate it when the idiot lefties in the media call Europe inhuman and lacking human rights when …

1 These people have none
2 Neither do the countries they come from
3 Why are they and the United Nations asking … no, forcing money out of the governments and rich and powerful from each of these countries to pay for the upkeep of these people while they are in Europe?

Do the third one and they will soon stop treating their own people so badly that they flee to Europe in the numbers they are!

Also why so the media keep digging at Europe when done Asian countries are letting people starve to death on boats?! They are even more closely related by blood and religion than Europe is!

I also worry because there is a great amount of hated building up among British white people because they are forced to sit up by loony leftie idiots who are all on the way to proving to the entire world why they have been nicknamed ‘loonies’ for decades!

I have been quite surprised of the statements that have been made to me regarding the people on these boats. Very, very surprised.

You see you can shut people up with your political correctness and you think your doing the right thing but your not. The end! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and write the opposite is happening because a boiling hatred is building up.

I hear it in people’s voices and what they state they want to happen is a surprise. Yes, even for me.

The media ignoring, or like I stated being fucking incompetent, these obvious and deliberate mistakes, like Italy is so bad then why don’t they ask to be returned home, is also making it worse among the British people.

In fact to me things like this stand out so prominently I ask myself if the media know what they are doing and quite deliberately winding the British people up?

Three guys answering the question ‘where are they heading?’ reply with ‘Germany, UK and Spain’ yet no one thinks to ask how these people have come from a country that’s so terrible that they have all learnt a foreign language and all know English?!

Of that the one heading for Germany didn’t answer in German or the one heading for Spain not answering in Spanish?!

Or perhaps these people somehow managed to become multilingual in these terrible written torn countries?

I also envision the European countries getting more and more tightly squeezed while the entire middle east is deserted.

Oh except for the lot that openly admit they think they are the matter race that is!

You know the ones that are so superior to other races yet fail to realise their own contradictions in that …

If God is so fucking powerful and feels so strongly about the evils the master race keep harping on about then why does he not kill these people himself?!

Major, MAJOR flaw in their ridiculously stupid and spoilt child like attitudes and beliefs!

These facts have stared everyone in the face for bloody years and yet desire so their self proclaiming and paying each other on the backs so much their hands are raw and no one mentions these things?!

The fact the entire British Media seen to boy Menton these rungs is extremely worrying.

While the while time the hatred is building and building like a pressure cooker and no amount of building or preaching about political correctness will stop the inevitable outcome. They have only every managed to speed this process up.

I cannot even understand how they fail to see that are doing that?!

Which leaves the only other possibility of them actually knowing this and therefore doing all this deliberately?

Two of these master race families have also acted in complete contradiction to that the Islamic State predicts and claims should be!

Two married Muslim women have completely ignored their husbands, head of the families, and ran off to be in the Islamic State?!

Errrr……… WHAT?!


Either the husbands know more than they are saying and the waterworks are theatrical or the wives are completely incompetent and brain dead, see I said they were not good at working things out, and will get stoned to death upon arrival, for ignoring their husbands, and the children recruited as suicide bombers?

Whichever possibility it turns out to be they will ultimately look completely thick and added to this look like extremely evil parents and should ask be sterilised so they cannot have children.

Sorry lefties, you can’t have it both ways as much as you have got used to…. no, sorry bran under the misconception that you have and can have it all ways! Lol.

I’ve always seen these do-gooders to be acting in fear of the prior they chain to want too help. I thought that maybe they think if they help these people and show a human side then they will bit then their evil actions, ways, beliefs and shirt tempered and angry personalities onto them, their houses or family?

Just the way I’ve always seen this.

I learned a long time a go that people in general are not as honest as they portray themselves or state that they are when cameras and microphones are around. Or just an audience.

This is partly why I decided that no matter what state or mood I was in I would write whatever I was thinking or feeling at the time.

By doing this I thought that in time this would be seen as unique and that others that bottled up emotions could see that they do, sees the damage it has or will do and not be so secretive, subdued or just plain two faced?

The goals and reasons behind this will be seen before very long on here and likely elsewhere in the media in the remainder of 2015.

In fact it’s only several months away before out starts to become plainly obvious, like the proverbial nose, what I was planning and aiming for all along.

It’s all about the planning and the timing.

Despite the signs that an early revealing of this going to happen it does appear now that my original estimate of autumn this year seems to now be holding true?

If I’m still here come mid August then the autumn will be when it all starts to happen. This will be a series or processes that take three or not months too. So to until Christmas 2015.

Bizarre and staggering will be the buzzwords for late 2015 and beyond, maybe a free others too coined by people other than me?


EU solidarity damaged by splits on migrants and Greece –


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