I am stoned!

Stoned like you would not believe.

In fact at one point my legs suddenly felt like they were going to buckle under me and I was going to collapse?!

Fortunately I had been in my house several seconds when that came upon me!

Now here is the funny part…

I have absolutely no idea how this came about.

I had just previously been in Sainsburys and was planning a post about them in my head. No Kingsmill Toastie any more, the Cherry Tomatoes are not Cherry Tomatoes, no White Grapes yet again. Everything seems to taste like crap and I was wondering if it was my taste buds?

Belgian Sugar Waffles. Yeah, Belgian Sugar Waffles taste more than fine.

I had blacked out at the magazine rack like I normally do, well more often than not and quite literally so.

They did not have a single loaf of bread that to me did not taste like crap and feel ultra dry in the mouth, most of them I have tried. Now their bagels and their baguettes are top notch for taste, strangely.

I had been wondering for a while now if there had been a backlash from farmers of that farmers had refused to drop their prices lower and so Sainsburys had turned to sub standard food?

I was walking home across the park with cherry tomatoes on the vine, black grapes, a cheap jalapeno & tomato pasta, which oddly tasted like there was cheese in it and some baps and bagels. Ooh I forgot the strawberry laces I am now eating!

Oh yes and I got my old favourite of Duck with hoisin sauce in a wrap. That tasted like crap too!

I was wondering yet again on the way home what in the world was going on and could Fibromyalgia possibly affect signals going to the brain from your taste buds?

Or as I stated is there some backlash going on or are Sainsbury’s in trouble like Tesco is but have manage to hide it?

As I was walking to my front door I realised the front door was … well, moving!

I thought I was imagining this movement until I got inside and noticed things were … well, swaying just a touch. It was then I noticed my legs felt like they would just go under me, this happened to me a very long time ago and in a stressful situation I found out where the term ‘legs turned to jelly’ came from when they literally buckled under me. My brain was telling them to move forward and the only direction I was actually moving in was downwards!

That feeling is quite … surreal, let me tell you.

I then sat down and realised I was feeling very, very stoned and then I looked at the bags of food and what I had bought.

Well you know that thing they say comes over you once you have been stoned for awhile? That sudden … urge you get to … well, EAT?

Yeah half of this crap I bought home is now … GONE!

My next conversation with my GP is going to be an interesting one!

I am pretty sure it is the Amlodopine. I could be wrong. Well I could always have been wrong all the way through. Done pretty good up until now!


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