It’s an odd precipice I find myself at.

I suppose I am a in a little daze too, it was weird to finally be told what you expected all along.

Knowing after all this time.

Despite the fact I knew that the real figure I was recently given was in the millions, like that lady trainee lawyer correctly stated, you do have that niggling doubt all the same.

What the ‘Doubting Thomases’ did not know is that I had brought the figure down a long time ago to make it more believable to myself. So an estimation of £4 Million at the top end became about £1.5 Million and I did work for a solicitor practice myself for a bit who were also friends. One of them I was often in discussions over case we got to hear about or was on the news.

My minimum was a figure that had kept nagging away at me for awhile now and that was £750,000. So it was a bit bizarre to hear a solicitor decide on that as a ‘safe’ estimation of the minimal amount without committing themselves. Maybe they did exactly what I did.

Knowing a route and traveling a route are two very different things.

As of right now I was expecting some news tomorrow courtesy of a High Court and one of its barristers in a different city to the one the case had been heard. I had hoped and it has sounded like it would finally be over and things handed out, so to speak?

The fact that a face to face meeting with the barrister a week ago seemed to suggest there would be another meeting at this predicted end? In this other city tomorrow in other words. So to hear today via the usual channel was a bit what I expected and I wondered why then the meeting took place last week?

Not that it matters much.

So the real end of all this we are not told is August, though what I’m saying is this might have been an educated guess by the solicitors? Or maybe not.

My plans for version manoeuvrings has been out on hold once again and I guess I have 8 weeks to kill.

A bit annoying when your eager to get there for various reasons mainly to do with missing everyone and meeting someone… new. Also long overdue but hopefully this will be a thing of the past now?

Something else that was forced upon me by two other public services I still have to deal with. But the end of this legal case and the fact that we have won so emphatically means the others now all get blown down in the aftermath of all this.

Because lying to me, cheating me and defrauding me was just one set of things they did. These themselves, regardless of time and pain, do bit even compare to something I have not been forthcoming about on here, though it’s on record and have witnesses, that they failed to do for me which meant that they contributed to what has been revealed regarding the crimes of this case these public services are guilty of.


So it’s a bit weird. I’m thoroughly bored and the weather really needs to play nice for a couple of months.

If I travelled to where I want to be now I really need to be there up until about 6 weeks after the cheque arrives. To help go through a target big purchase. Be there so that nothing goes awry and to help keep watch of the ravenous wolf. Liable to become rabid if it gets even a whiff of a scent. Especially as I didn’t years in the planning of all this only to see them walk away with something that is not theirs. Making sure a purchase guess through will help put my mind at rest at no one can steal a house!

I do mean steal and it’s been done before!

Keen eyed and smart readers may realise I just set a little trap? Just in case! Lol!

It’s been getting a bit boring here and in desperate for a chance of scenery. Though with better weather I can get out on my new bike and with my camera, which seen to take dreadful photos so wondering if I should get it’s more powerful replacement? Which oddly is £100 or more cheaper then the model I have I bought in PC World!

Therein lies yet another problem. A minimum of 80% of the electronic goods I have bought have been refurbished and faulty, despite them supposed to be new and from Argos and PC World and I do bit want to go through that again!

I already lost months of work previously with this! Right not the camera, or one camera, is a very important to for me. I can’t emphasise this enough. If I get out on a day or two days riding 20 miles each day only to have the camera being faulty this is a huge waste of both fine and energy along with pain I endure and miss out on dozens of photos and videos for each one.

As I went through three Nikons and one Olympus consecutively with Argos and every single one ended up faulty, out the box twice and one a couple of months later, and after a month of this asked for refund, then another weeks work wasted and bought my Sony camera from PC World. This was OK until now, 2 years, but I had four of these Advent Tablet PCs all breakdown a dozen times collectively and a refurbished Corsair Vengeance Keyboard of £120 that has a bend in its aluminium frame…well you get the idea?

The lack of the use of a car and this damn disability is most frustrating in periods similar to this one. Very few more so than this one.

Having someone cry on the phone I moments when these evil bastards are acting as if they are going to win or having someone falsely arrested and falsely charged in an an attempt to cast a shroud of doubt over someone who had turned from being the accused into the accuser was probably the worst I can think of.

Had I been there several Police Officers would be nursing broken noses and being fed through straws when they made their arrest.

This new low asking with refusing a phone call to their solicitor has me in a rage while also realising that we was winning very well and these were acts of desperation.

I knew they were acts in vain but the person being arrested didn’t. After all, who would disbelieve the Police? Or a social workers department? Or the CPS or Cafcass?

Well me for one and a few hours later the entire legal firm too!

But to someone in their early twenties?

Fortunately not they are much wiser and have not only discovered once and for all you cannot trust them, desire my best intentions and lectures, but that the legal team has stated you cannot trust any of these people either.

What I have managed to achieve here is not only scare the hell out of them but in the future when this is over nine of them will come within a bloody mile off the person they did all this to!

At the same time it might be something very scary to get your head around that these organisations that you think do their jobs and everyone trusts cannot actually be trusted.

This is difficult for me to come to terms with at my age and after years of knowing that they are corrupt. So how can anyone expect someone young to take all this onboard?

I have been posting all this sort of stuff on here for almost three years now. I have no doubt that so the victims have not doubted anything I have said but shocked hire suffragist it is before realising that it makes sense because if one is corrupt it’s not much of a stretch that they all are.

Others though would be trekking themselves it cannot be possible and hopefully keep coming back here to check. Only they lose out if they do not. However, the publishing of this case and it’s details, minus a few edits, and suddenly the proverbial did gates will open

All it will do though is rubber stamp everything I have ever said and ever done. It will come as a real shock to the system though and I’ve no doubt any readers who come back to read more but scared or just not sure whether to tell loved ones and friends about this blog will suddenly realise something very real and very bad had been going on for many, many years.

That this has been ongoing in the background the while time I have been working on everything else and that the details to this which is about to be revealed has been right here all along.

Right now I just wish I city’s go into a cryogenic tube to be suspended in stasis fur the next couple of months. Or perhaps go on holiday for a couple of months?!

Fat chance right now.

Being umm…there now would mean too long a stay. I’m difficult to be around for any length of time…lol, well I say that but that’s because everyone thinks I talk utter garbage. Something that is soon to become a thing a thing of the past.

It’s the victory to end all victories, the facts to put paid to all remaining enemies and battles. The war to end all wars not forgetting putting paid to all doubters about absolutely anything.

The thing to come from all this?

Oh just people might actually start to learn to help themselves and others?

Well what did you think the point of all this was?

OK, yes it is multifaceted! Lol! But this was one main goal. Because I had to achieve this goal before my ultimate goal could be achieved.

Yes the protection of the one the legal case is about and letting everyone know that from his on the area is strictly out if bounds with some very severe penalties if ignored. To alleviate the terrible life and childhood that was lived I ultimately feel responsible for and have done for the last two decades.

To shed a curse from my life that has clung to my back like a tonne of bricks and guilt I could never find a way to repay.

I still think that no amount of money can make up for the horrors and therein lies the rub. Therein lies the biggest clue that so many people failed to pick up on, even relatives. One that suggest talked about another ex and how terrible she was?!

I simply said…

‘No, not like this ex. The acts of this one led to this possible million pounds pay out that could be more!’

There simply was no answer to that. What answer could there ever possibly be?

Twenty years ago I both warned and predicted this. In these last two decades I warned and predicted many other things too. It mattered bit what people thought, most of the time.

Because I was simply never going to allow my warnings and predictions to be just talk.

No matter how king it took and what it cost me I add always going to succeed in the end and nothing and no one was ever going to stop me.

I really hate this tablet PC!


I imagine that details for this case will be a matter of public record so likely published when it’s over somewhere? Likely online too as I have read several case files in the last few years. Just don’t ask me which ones or what for!


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