OK this is going to be am unexpected announcement regarding that quadruple of revelations I keep being told is a week or two weeks away.

Now this has come from the solicitor you understand and not the barrister or the High Court Judge and it is an unknown quantity in several areas because of there being no precedent.

First off I was told I was right in a phone-call. I was correct in everything and finally we have been told that the Supreme Court is indeed involved.

Now remember the High Court barrister stated a week ago that it is at an end and that it will be decided upon by the end of this week. Or by tomorrow.

Also remember that we have gotten a little confused recently with the solicitor but like I said, this has never been done before which means there is no precedent. Also there are four organisations we are talking about here and I know they have all been accused.

However one or two of these might likely not have enough against them for anything substantial. I will state that two, however, do and that this is posted and dated on here.

The solicitor seems to have been under the impression we already knew the figures involved and was surprised when she was told that she had never mentioned anything. Or likely did and someone had tunnel vision or focused too much on the wrong area and did not hear. I think she would have remembered this though, lol. The only one that has mentioned damages throughout, and even before this case started three years ago, yes long before the blog started, … umm … is me!

Now I knew it was going to be very big but the people I know are … well … from a bit negative, doubting Thomas’ to egotistical and jealous people. As I said to the trainee solicitor who said this case was worth millions … “Err there are one or two people I know I wish was standing here right now! Good to talk to someone that immediately understands and all I get is patronizing tones, rolled eyes or looking around the room like I am mental and that was with a deliberate underestimation of the figure of £250,000 to £500,000.

My ‘friend’ remembered me telling her that I believed it would fall somewhere between £750,000 and £2 Million. She was told something within that figure today was put forward to one of the defendants, who actually started this off as accusers, who offered a little under 6 figures. The solicitor said no and we will let the Supreme Court decide.

The solicitor stated previously that she did not want to state what she actually thought would be awarded in case it came in lower and she was wrong. I mentioned this in a previous post. She was open about being worried about stating what she thinks it will be.

Today she gave a figure she felt safe revealing because this was the minimum based on things that may have gone previously that shared some similarity. That figure as also one of those two figures and I was told I was correct about that too. It was the minimum I thought it would be and I thought we would get.

Simply knowing a case is worth millions is not it all, far from it. At the end of the day at least one thing and possibly more have no precedent.

There is of course one other thing that people should consider but do not. As stated this is a big case with a long list of very serious crimes being committed by at least two of the four.

Very serious crimes indeed.

The Supreme Court of England and Wales, I think is its full title, know this only too well and what they will also know is that there is a very big chance that the News Media will be all over this once it is done.

The figure as to match the crimes of which there are many serious ones been proved in court going back 9 years or so. The documentation goes back over twenty years and I am named throughout.

Even if the News Media have no idea currently about this case and maybe the mystery woman hiding in the corner taking notes who would not reveal who she is might have already been someone from the Supreme Court, it will not matter.

The very first solicitor stated they wanted to go to the media from day one. Around day one they knew it was a bloody big case and one worthy of front page national tabloid status. They all now state that the case has become far, far bigger then they ever imagined.

I imagine the thought of selling the story to a national tabloid has crossed the legal firms minds? If only to get another percentage out of another sizeable figure?

Even if they decided not to, my partner in crime might approach them on their own?

Then there are all the other possibilities too? It is entirely possible that relevant individuals know about this blog? They might be thinking about a book deal? They may have even come on here enough to know that I had already written two books on all this?

They may have just found out for the first time?!


There was one other thing too…and remember this is up in the air and no one seems to really know how long it is no more than a piece of string.

Arrival of damages been stated as August.

I do not know why…maybe it is because they will need to take money from their hidden bank accounts in Icel…no wait that went south for the winter…, or Switzerland or Lichtenstein or some Islands somewhere around the world?

So it has left my immediate plans up in the air, if this month of August is right, for whatever the reason which does not really matter.

Still there is the thing about it officially ending and the documentation to publish, after some heavy and very careful editing.

This could happen in the next few days still, even though the monies have been stated to be August, and I can publish them.

I want everyone to know what they have done and what punishments they will receive because the public have a right to know. But as stated I was always worried about them burying it as it is that damaging and I will not state as much as Rotherham Council but a lot more than that. If every council got found out to be doing similar stuff I very much doubt you will get a story like ours…no, no. I would be truly staggered if there was and would not only feel extreme amounts if sympathy for anyone suffering this much but would also offer my help no end.

So remember…it is not over just yet and all I had was the end of this week and now an August date to be added.

Anything could change…in theory. Though not according to the High Court barrister who I was just assuming was a High Court barrister but could well have been a Supreme Court barrister who explained that. The Supreme Court was not mentioned and despite asking my ‘friend’ to ask them this was not asked. Nor was their a question about precedents either.

But is has been explained for the first time today that the Supreme Court is involved and like I said that mystery lady could have been something to do with them? Mystery lady liked to play games about who she is and why she is there. Stating “Oh don’t worry I know you did not do it” along with a smile before stating “Oh you will find out who I am soon enough” could have been a Supreme Court representative. Only other possibility outside of national tabloid or TV News journalist with a confident statement like that one.

There is no big city anywhere near not like London where maybe someone from the Metro free paper, Evening Standard or some other big London rag there may well be out there. A local journalist I do not think would have made comments like that.

The message was to give an insinuation that the revealing of who they are would shock the person asking who she was. There is no other message other than that one. So national tabloid, TV News or Supreme Court are the only candidates on my list.

And now I am smiling!

Remember and as I said to someone today if I am confident enough in my predictions I will state it on here. Very little have I stated on my blogs have I got wrong. So it should be taken that everything I have stated and then fought to the end I have got right. So if I have published it then I am pretty confident I have it right.

There will always be little things I do not know and will get wrong.

I do not know the time-scales involved in setting precedents or even if there is one?!

I can tell you what is going to happen but I cannot tell you when it is going to happen. Sometimes it can come up out of nowhere, can be earlier than expected and can be far later than expected too!

I first thought I would be typing and posting this last year. Then I thought from what I heard it would be another year which would be this Autumn. Huh, I just thought…if it is August and gets pushed back a month then it would be Autumn!


Also remember…now a little reveal about the bigger picture … I, we approached the Local Government Ombudsman about this and they did nothing, indeed they lied to me.

Remember I explained the relevance of calling these things dominoes and that this was a big one and that there would be some very severe fallout?


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