Here is something I think might just come as a wake up call to those looking on here for information? Sometimes, some things just do not compute!

The one thing I think many do not stop and think about is numbers and specifically numbers of people. Now no doubt with more countries and their people affording smartphones and the world population always growing it’s safe to say the number on Internet users guess yo every year.

Umm, only I’ve just realised that their is something wrong with the headline in the BBC report I have linked below.


It states in the report that the number of Internet users in 2015, but we are still in 2015, is over 3.2 BILLION!

That surprises even me and would have put it closer to 2 billion myself but just a wild guess.

So the potential audience for anyone on the Internet is that 3.2 billion figure.

The more subjects I cover the more unique tag words I add to the ever growing list.

Hmm, I’ve just had a brilliant idea to attract double the amount of people I already am?! Oh how cool is this?! I should have thought of this way before now!! So bloody obvious!

Well I’ll start doing this, if I remember to do it… ooh need to make a list, but not mention it immediately and see if anyone spots it, lol.

So I can now add another dimension to reaching more people along with another coming over the next few weeks to a couple of months?!

Oh very cool. Umm…well if it works that is?

This way many more people can read about the corruption I uncovered in the UK, the amount of evidence I got for the biggest public services, government and big retail companies!

So let’s see over the coming weeks and months if it makes a difference?

Will be very interesting and… extremely bad news for Google!! Lol!

Internet used by 3.2 billion people in 2015 –


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