So what seemed a sure thing but not promising due to things I expected to take place not being mentioned then became confusing.

In an annoying way.

This legal case then become confusing for the solicitor and it was stated to be going to a High Court on a different city. Now looking more like what I thought but still not quite right.

I then posted in here airing my frustrations. With a that or two regarding any attempt at the worst kind of corruption.

That was regarding the meeting with a solicitor that made no sense in the early afternoon yesterday. I posted a few hours later.

Then I get another message through and a call was made to

my partner in crime from the solicitor that had only been met with a couple hours earlier.

The mention of the High Court appearance? Next day! Or in other words … today!

I got the call later afternoon.

Still none the wiser where figures are concerned but was told what was said and how it makes sense. Perfect sense and far more than it did a week ago, in other words before I was confused.

So the meeting today was with the barrister to the High Court and an explanation to what had occurred. So remember now, High Court barrister. It’s the highest without going to the Supreme Court.

They are not going to get it wrong.

They will only two toy what they are sure of.

“Don’t worry, you have win this and I’m 1000% certain. Because now we have to get something council here to decide on what to do”

This now made perfect sense. I knew the court previously used could not rule on this…. now here is the important bit… for stupid people that think they know everything…

“We cannot rule on this case… it’s far too big for this court”

That was what the previous judge stated.

Which is exactly what I have told people for three weeks.

Even my partner in crime said it’s turned out how I said and yet none of the legal team not the judge mentioned this. Until now. Why this is I simply do not know.

This is why I was completely confused. Because they did not explain this and of course I’m getting my information third hand.

The barrister to the High Court also stated that this is it. It is over now and they will have the decision by the end of next week.

I could not say ‘yeah I’ve heard that on a weekly basis for the last month, give it take a few days.

Well it’s easy to work out because I told my landlord about us winning and me going off to do some stuff when he collected his rent.

His rent is due in just a few days time. So a fraction under a month.

My partner in crime now realising that I was right about is size from day one said it’s crazy how do many people have said how big this is without giving away any idea of his big it could be.

They are right. If you know it’s big then why not bloody say? Why keep implying week after week after week? Then backtrack and sound confused?

I’ve known from day one hour big this was. I also knew it was big enough that a number of public services would lie, cheat and conspire to hush it up, which they did and failed to do.

Considering the public services involved and what they have already been found guilty of doing it was not a stretch to imagine that someone in government had plenty of reasons, the biggest reasons being selfish and self preservation ones, to want to hush this up to. So a sudden muddled, confused and unprofessional message and my alarm bells started screaming.

Also this was the last refuge. The courts and the law and everything else up until this point is rotten and evil to the core. I wanted at least one thing to not be corrupt. The reality of them turning out corrupt had a lot more riding on it than just screwed over damages amounts.

It would have given me the one message I not only feared and even prayed I would not get but would cause me no end of stress for the next couple of years at least…

You cannot trust absolutely anyone.

However as stated I was prepared for it, if not in acceptance but in the planning instead.

The whole time this case had run I have posted on this blog. Pictures, video, secretly recorded audio, documents, emails and screen-shots along with anything else I can get.

I can tell you here and now there are in the region of 2,000 pages of documents I can post on here but have not in just this one battle. That does not mean there aren’t any! Lol! Ooh noo!

The documents I already have on here all with their times and dates and have been here for three years become even more legal and damaging when they are then accompanied by even just a selected dozen or so from the other 2,000 pages.

I said from the beginning that the whole blog is a plan and multi-faceted. I stated that it was not created to make money and was bit aware that I could anyway.

No … it was primarily for this with a bonus of helping others. It has all been about this. All along.

But I could not explain this to you. Because done of you are my enemies and belong to those involved in the case asking with others from other public services now very keen to see if I can damage them add much as I threatened to do. Well I told you I could didn’t I?

What do you think now?

So you see I could not tell this I wanted to help without informing that that are victims of my endeavours.

It was not a case of bit ending to tell my readers or some kind of such wind up, I was simply playing my game, or more precisely was still executive my master plan.

And when I’m the only one that knew what the outcome would be then this some shows that it was my plan all along.

Even the legal firm along with the judge mostly used have stated that the case was seen to be big but now realise it was far bigger than they first realised.

I didn’t. I knew long before solicitors were even found.

There was a nine played online by my partner in crime. A false front page news report stating that my partner in crime had won the lottery. I laughed and just today reminded them off what I did when they did that. I said if you listen to me and just follow and do the things I ask you to do you will end up with something close to the figure you made up on the p that false tabloid front page.

A year later and a solicitor is found. Another three years into using the solicitor and my partner in crime never, ever believed me the while time.

I can tell you that they bloody well do now!

So … another delay, another extension for the fourth or fifth week or not in a row. A High Court barrister now explains it is at its end and finishes next week.

It would have helped had I been there as I could have worked out the remaining time for myself. I would have asked where this person they are waiting on is coming from and if it was the Supreme Court? I would have enquired as to the length of time these usually take, especially once they have arrived.

I assume it was legal council from the Supreme Court coming up to do this and writing have asked if they were there already out when they would arrive.

However considering both the facts that first off the High Court meeting was suddenly revealed to us merely 12 hours or so before it happened suggests they are already present.

Most bookings for court dates are made way, way ahead of time and that 12 hours is truly staggering.

So the conclusion from that?

Fucking big.

Fucking important.

Also possible that they read my post being pissed off and my threats and suddenly sprung into action?

Who cares? As long as they bloody put a lid on this case and we can both move on! It’s been three years in the running and twenty years in the preparation for me!

During my run down into the fiery and depraved pits of hell I reached out a hand from time to time and when I did I grabbed another big name, whether public service or private company, by the scruff of their corrupt necks and dragged them right down into the more with every nutter clever little tricks.

The best trick of all that I did was his the fact I was quite deliberately dragging them along in my wake until my long running plan the size of a neutron bomb exploded sweeping them all up in the process. Lol!

Well I did state I would change everything did I not? I did say it would take a very long time and would behind clear at the end did I not?

Now are we effing there yet?!

Not quite but it is looming.

Along with all that I was going to do with the dragging, evidence collecting, trickery, recordings and everything else I also wanted everyone to see them dragging their feet and then look effing competent to boot.

Revealing that they are so corrupt so that the aforementioned boot that being too you will have a place, or places that you can put it when you do want to moan about where your taxes are really going and what your not getting back from them.

Welfare system is an easy target given out to dummies who are absolutely shit at maths! Making the fools that point the finger in that direction looking like … well bigger fools than the ones now revealed as incompetent.

Then the public can demand change in the places that do need change, or indeed scrapping entirely, and save the largest amount of money to get us out of the more quicker.

Then there is the business of the fact that almost all electrical goods sold through the biggest retail names are faulty and used. As stated before your not earning £500 if your money is not good enough to buy a brand new £500 TV!

YEESH! I’m not going through that mathematics again, let me tell you! If you missed it you need to do a search. PC World, Argos, Very, Littlewoods, B&Q and umm … can’t think of any others I have done!

Well I did do this with loads of pains from Fibromyalgia and more importantly with the short term memory issues from it known as Fibrofog.

Yes as if doing all that I did alone was not embarrassing enough! Lol! No money a dozen pains, no resources except those I cobbled together, no support, no help at all and with failing short term memory to boot!

Well I did say they will bore all look incompetent and it all be grossly embarrassing?

Please, try to keep up!


So the NHS and their corruption asking with that of not one or two but three other local councils (Epping, Waltham Forest and Enfield) along with the DWP, ICE & Atos among with a long list of others including the Police, have no bloody idea how bad things will get and thought the worst was over! Lol.

No, dumb-arses! It was only over when I said it was over and your still getting letters are you not? Your still lying, cheating and ignoring those letters with lame excuses and lies are you all not?

Good things really do cone to those who wait!

I have also been teaching an army of tens of thousands on how to get justice and bout only to do this in an honest way but that doing it this way posts dividends in the end.

So when you want to stick to something until the end and family and friends are taking you not to bother, well I have ignored these idiots for years and look where I am now?



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