I wrote to Google with a few complaints and accusations … awhile back now.

One of those things I do and then forget that I did it, yet another reason for this blogs existence and intentions.

They did not respond.

So they are aloof and showing their God-Complex attitude. Oh how you have no idea how much I really hate that!

Google, you have a blog you bought, and ruined like everything else you touch and but like Android and QuickOffice and not familiar with the words ‘refund’, ‘recompense’ or ‘loss of earnings’ unless it’s you of course! The app to your blog, just like your operating system, gets updated and yet the most obvious, embarrassing and fundamental flaws don’t get fixed. Update after update, month after month and yet (err YEAR and an example of your crap OS) after year.

So what the fuck are you up to?!

Nothing good … so something evil, no doubt.

Your blogger app had to do one single solitary effing thing … HANDLE TEXT Amstrad was doing better than you by a country mile back in the eighties!!

I’m going to reach (teach … as above!) Google the drawbacks of being aloof, being evil and also the words ‘loss of earnings’ throughout 2016!

I just lost two hours work! It lost thousand of words!!

You effing bloody morons!!

I’ll do this on behalf of every single author, every single advertiser and anyone else you have ripped off to the fine (tune … as above) of billions of pounds/dollars from what I’m being (batting, err betting and as above and this doesn’t include the mistakes you shit OS makes I did spot and correct and the mistakes I immediately spotted in your utterly rubbish keyboard prediction software) runs into hundreds of millions of people?!


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