I had the phone-call I was waiting for today.

I was convinced it would be a ‘punching of the air’ moment while while yelling ‘YES!!’

It was not.

Nor was it negative either.

What it was, was completely confusing, unnecessary and with a confused message that was claimed to attempt to prevent confusion and false impression that added to the confusion immeasurably and gave me the impression that the entire reason for this blog would now become horribly apparent?!

Oh dear?

Imagine what it was like for me and as my partner in crime expressed how annoying it was for them I then had their mobile battery run out at around 2.30pm for the umpteenth time in four years.

I have come to the conclusion there is a massive scam going on in the North of England, somewhere lol, where they sell phones with fecked batteries?!

I have never, and I do mean never, run out of battery while chatting on the phone to someone and yet for over four years now this one person has this happen regardless of the number of phones they have had and as you can see early in thee day!

It is 16.48, or 4.48pm, as I type this and the phone conversation ended two hours ago or more.

I have since rang again and it goes straight to the answer phone. Someone thinks this is deliberate, one of the negatives that has moments of positivity before retreating back to negativity again. But it cannot be deliberate when they have text you and asked you to ring!

As you can now imagine there were some big plans and preparations going on and I had to inform many I know that certain things are about to happen.

As I am surrounded by negative people regarding this area the last thing I wanted was to make a load of statements of what was about to happen and then it does not happen? I will end up with a period of the jealous egotistical people running a rampage over this.

Only that latter part will end up with them looking even more stupid than they do now which will end up being my fault, just you wait and see? LMAO!

I do not want these people to do this, they will do this, I will end up hinting about it several times and then they will get the arse when they are wrong and it will be my fault despite my warnings.

Look at my fecking track record for feck sake!!

Now here is where it will start to make sense, get confusing and then start to make it look like I was correct all along.

Now I stated right here that there will be precedents set, did I not?

I also explained how this worked and involved the Supreme Court and told my partner in crime that they cannot set the laws on this at the Civil Court, Family Court, or High Court either.

Now what I managed to glean before yet another battery death occurred was that the solicitor in all this gave a confusing message first and then sounded like they was confused over something.

Here goes nothing …

The client was asked to attend a meeting to discuss their … future

This would no doubt be because of the clients age and the amount of money to be awarded in damages and the money mad parent, who spent several days spending £1.2 Million when their child, while in my home, posted a false news article stating she had won £1.2 Million on the lottery!

This falsification was an idea by my partner in crime that I was gleeful over because it would show what would really happen in a couple of years time when she did get a similar amount to that.

This is why I remarked that if a figure of that amount was awarded it would seem really bizarre due to the false front page newspaper article created.

The solicitor stated, in the meeting that would need to be paid for, that she now does not want to tell her client how much she gets in case …

  1. She spends it all before they get it
  2. Spends the amount revealed and the figure comes in lower
  3. Does not get any money at all

This last point begs the question, well how will they get paid?

The first two have become a real problem because for about a month several remarks have been made, including the words “well that was pointless ….’ about how much money will be awarded. Telling a woman with three kids you will never have to worry about money again for the rest of your life.

Over then years ago the director Michael Winner claimed you could not live without worrying about money unless you had £30 Million in the bank! I did not agree then and I do not agree with this now!

So now a period of confusion and frustration along with some stress has been caused by the solicitor.

I had imagined being in their building with a very large bunch of flowers but for the first time in three years I want to have a go at them!

This is a classic example of how people in the UK simply do not understand many things that are rife throughout the UK. You cannot say these things to someone living below the breadline as depicted by many national tabloids because it will cause undue stress.

Besides, I have known from day one and they have forgotten who the architect is in all this and the one they stated is a genius.

I even knew we could be screwed over by the system.

I stated from the outset of this blog that everyone I have dealt with thus far and this is everyone and a great many people and organisations that they are all greedy and corrupt. Lying greedy immoral people claiming to be moral and a service to the people. They are not. But one industry, or a part thereof, I do not know … COURTS AND JUDGES.

I stated previously that this is like Rotherham Council only way bigger.

It was only natural, and plainly obvious, that a group within the system, or government, would want to hush this up when they found out about it.

This is precisely why this blog was created!

I would wager a great deal of money that the solicitor has not been told about this blog nor asked if precedents needed to be set on this case. Two things that would both force a revealing of the amount of damages and not being messed about and assurances that it will not go wrong when it looks like a cover up may take place.

Because is the conversation I had that was cut short remember, the solicitor suddenly sounded a little doubtful.

The solicitor finally explained what I knew a few weeks back, that the court and judge cannot rule on this case and it has to be referred elsewhere but seemed confused as to where. Well it is the Supreme Court obviously?

Except it is not!

Manchester High Court is where things are going to be decided. Except it cannot.


A representative, law maker, from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom travel to other courts around the UK and set the laws, punishments and rulings while there?

Only I do not know the answers to this and nor do I have the answers I thought I was going to get from a meeting to talk about the future.

Meaning my own preparations, which are damned difficult with my condition and compounded by negative and egotistical people waiting to pounce,are now on hold. Except I do not know how long for!

However, the solicitor did state that “it is now at the end of the case” meaning, or insinuating once again that much will happen and it is imminent?

Well so you would think!

Now then … back to reality and the present time of the day, which is now 5.20pm, and as I stated the phone went dead and that was all I found out.

The solicitor sounded like she might suddenly be doubtful of the outcome when it comes to money and seems to point to the fact that the case has now to be referred elsewhere?

But a solicitor would surely have known this? Surely they know that in the event that there is no option of stare decisis for the sitting judge that the fact that there is no precedent that one would have to be made and likely a binding precedent?

That last term merely means that in cases such as this in future that any sitting judge in any court must refer back to this case for determination of punishments, fines and damages to be handed out.

Of course there is the case of Rotherham Council only this one differs as it resulted in a couple of children arriving and involves the Council along with the Police, the Criminal Prosecutions Service and Cafcass. It also involves a cover up, false arrest, refused phone call to solicitors and falsified health reports for children along with a false passport being issued.

YES, exactly the day the passport office ground to a halt except you the public were not given the true reason for this. The child was on a plane to Iraq for God’s sake!!

So yes, way, way bigger than the individual cases ongoing now for Rotherham Council.

Now it could be that the solicitor is not confused at all and maybe it is my partner in crime? Except that before I could determine this their battery died at 2.30pm ish and I could not ascertain where the confusion was. With the solicitor or their client?

If it is their client then I have already told them that their judge cannot rule on this case just like I told them to inform them of the blog’s existence and to mention the word precedent.

My measure of control is still a little off at times and the things I want to take place, so there is no confusion, do not and I end up being told about all the wrong and irrelevant things they deem important.

There is one individual in the case that my partner in crime focuses on entirely. Their focus is all on this person, who does not work for any of the four main bodies, and is only interested and has been all along in them being ruled against. They remember every detail of what was said about this person and that gets conveyed on every occasion. Except that in this case it is not only a full gone conclusion and was on the very first court date, which is hidden away in my archive somewhere.

Not important, forget them you see as the villain and concentrate on the services being accused!

The latter are the bits I am not being fed, the important bits, the relevant bits and the main body of the court case that the amount of damages will be decided upon. Not what your enemy is and what lies he told!

This reminds me of my own court case about this very subject that I now think is in the same building I appeared in? Except I remember it being called the Liverpool High Court? Except now there is no mention of this court and the only pictures I can find on the Internet lists this as the Liverpool Crown Court?!

Might explain why the focus now shifts to Manchester High Court? Maybe the High Court in Liverpool was closed down years ago?

So this … so-called meeting to discuss the future has left us completely confused! Something neither of us really needed, has screwed up my plans which would never have happened had the three things I asked to be mentioned in the meeting all got mentioned.

  1. Ask if PRECEDENTS need to be set
  2. Explain about BLOG
  3. WHEN it will be JUDGED, or date for Manchester High Court session

So of course the stress comes in because confusion has been presented which leads me to think that this case is about to be bulldozed by the corrupt government?

Enter stage left, THIS BLOG!

  • If the solicitor suddenly expected corruption at the highest level over this case this would not be considered had they been aware or read this BLOG!

I, of course, now have to put my plans on hold and I keep thinking indefinitely which was unnecessary and avoidable had they stated when the Manchester High Court date was for. Also would have helped had it not been implied several times for the last month that the case was over!

If the word ‘PRECEDENT’ has been mentioned it would have provoked the solicitor into explain that which has thus far not been explained and adding to the confusion. How long does it take to set a precedent?

I heard my phone make a noise and I must check it, but I bet it is EFFING Facebook that keeps sending my useless, pointless and quite unimportant notifications I am going to rip the backsides out of when I have finished with these bloody legal people that do not stop and think for a moment!


I laugh but it is bloody frustrating at times, it really is.

As of right now it has been up in the air for the first time ever and I have no idea when it will come back down to Earth!!

Even though that could all be put to rest with a phone call to someone that never has any power in their phone battery!


This blog has many dozens of posts that will immediately expose any cover up by the courts or the government in this case to save paying damages or the embarrassment to have to go through when the British public find out.

Very easy to publish all the paperwork for this case on here!! Which I will!!

Oh dear!

Imagine the embarrassment alone of a solicitor’s firm being paid a large amount of money in costs and the client getting nothing more than an apology?

Would be far more embarrassing than the Thomas Cook case whereby they were awarded six times more than those poor parents even though they were ruled to be negligent, I think it was, in another court.

Also remember when it comes to the fees to be paid …

Crown Court

Civil and Family Court

Three Years

Three Separate Solicitors

These are only the things I know about!

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