I had a conversation about this priest with someone a few days back and they stated something to me quite bizarre.

Now I think it has something to do with a barmy end of politics and then always trying to make an excuse for that they think are doing the right thing, or in this case doing the wrong thing.

This was to do with defacing a war memorial with the words ‘Tory Scum’. I have written about this kind of behaviour before.

It is fucking stupid and incompetent.

The idea of a protest is to not only protest against what you do not agree with but to get support behind your cause.

So why on Earth their exists idiots that will waste their time doing something that not only gets them a zero for their efforts but is also guaranteed to have everyone turn against you I do not know.

Stupid and incompetent.

But then a few days later I started to have a view on it from an all new angle!

I have never quite understood idiots like this, truly I have not, never. It involves actions that offends at least three quarters of the nation with the rest made up of amoral people and groups who secretly hate British people anyway. So why would any idiot so it?

Think about it for a moment, these kinds of actions are staggeringly clear what reaction they will get before they do them, so why do they do it?

Perhaps it is to get that reaction?

When I considered this I thought it was completely bonkers that they would intentionally aim for a reaction like this which only achieves the most negative effect and instead of support you only ever acquire opponents.

I mean someone or several people that perform acts like this could only possibly benefit those people or groups they are protesting about, surely?

Ooh wait a moment? What if they are among these protestors as plants that stray into the crowd to do the bidding of others? Perhaps they are even members of these protest groups as spies and paid to act like vandals to turn public support away from the protestors?!

I then remembered that story about an undercover police officer in some group a few years back that caused no ends of trouble. I cannot remember the details but remember being surprised at the story.

So not exactly far fetched and for me it solves a long standing puzzle of how blithering, brain dead idiots could act in such a way as to achieve the most negative of reactions from everyone that sees it.

Now I have realised this I have also wondered how long it will be before I finally see a report like this in the media? But then the likely hirer of morons like this is probably the same man who supports that they protested against, not a favourite of mine it must be said and owns a long list of national tabloids. Lol!

When an excuse was made for these defacing numb-nuts with the reason being that they were using the way memorial to say that those the memorial was for were used in the same way the poor or being used to pay for the mistakes of the wealthy …, well I laughed and said “Oh, no-no-no. I don’t think so! They are just brain dead morons and anyone that bloody stupid belonging to absolutely any group should not be allowed to protest with everyone else!”

After all of your bout going to care how bad, negative and widespread this reaction will be … well why even bother protesting? Stay in bed … or in the bar … pissed! Because you end the day miles further from your goal than you did when you woke that morning.

This new angle though has got me thinking that I’ve got this one all wrong for years. I feel bloody annoyed for not thinking up the possibility beforehand!

But then I won’t feel anywhere near as stupid as the organisers of the protests and leaders of the groups that these idiots or spies are allowed to function in. Imagine how many times this could have happened and the number of orchestrated negative effects against campaigners and campaign groups over the years?

Ooh boy, I would not like to be in their shoes for all the tea in China!


Police release London anti-austerity protester images –


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