Here is a link to what seems like a video where an elected Conservative candidate in Peterborough seem to stick the boot into Labour and their campaign and promised more to come.

Funny as I did not think it was a boxing match between good and evil and if I had to be forced to say which side was evil I know what I would say.

But this is not the only thing I find odd about all this …

You have won your seat and your party had won, so what possibly could you achieve by ranting like that?

Not even the belt winning victors in a boxing match behave like that and quite the opposite in fact.

Then I saw food banks mentioned and suddenly the Conservatives winning looked more bizarre than it first appeared. Just how did they do that?

It gets better …

Nick Robinson of the BBC went as far as stating that no one saw this coming and that for a party in power who have seen the number of food banks rise significantly while in power, a subject Jeremy Paxman put to David Cameron and embarrassed him, should not have gained seats?!

It sounded as if this not only did not happen but had never happened before?!

So with remarks during about like starvation, food banks, candle light (literal) and many others I find myself asking how in the bloody works this happened? Not to mention the austerity measures used and those reported to come.

I really did not give it enough thought and have not paid attention to news reports about politics since it happened. I also forgot about the food bank subject too.

Have the British public become so immoral over the years that all of middle England no longer give a crap about anyone else other than themselves?

I also found out another friend who had always voted Labour actually voted UKIP!

This means that out of around 15 or more people I have spoken to many of which do not know each other and live in different parts of North London around eight voted UKIP, one intended to and voted Tory and around six said Labour.

The results I saw did not reflect this.

I have asked myself two things since the election. First of it cannot be right that the seats to numbers of voters is grossly out of proportion and secondly that the voters for the Tories must be of certain groups I am not in contact with or are located far away from me?

So who are they?

I have never known a general election in the UK to be anywhere near this weird nor be as contradictory to both the word on the street beforehand or the angry response afterwards.

I might mention that the big mouthed Tory in Peterborough was booed as he spoke.

Not even a week has passed by and I am hearing all sorts of angry reactions along with more reasons the result made no sense at all and still waiting for Scotland’s public to go bonkers. Well I say that but maybe they think 56 MPs makes changes they want and they are happy, in which case I might need to buy them an Abacus each?! Lol.

In which case it might take a bit longer for them to wake up?

The result is troubling I must say. That is why I keep telling myself that a media provoked hatred towards the Scottish public is why many voted Tory.

It’s worrying times indeed and I am concerned for the next five years.

Booing greets Tory MP Stewart Jackson’s Peterborough victory speech –


5 thoughts on “THE EVER MORE BIZARRE

  1. I totally agree 100%, I watched the news and opinion polls and all had labour and conservative neck and neck. More so labour is the lead. All the individuals I spoke to were for labour. Even the SNP were screaming coalition with labour. It is weird though how Murdoch flew into the UK a few days before. There are rumours that many hundred of thousands of postal votes have been stolen by G4S. General Election 2015, the worst and unpredictable election outcome ever

  2. There is something coming.

    Keep an eye out. I am going to estimate that it will be next week but if not the week after at the absolute latest. At long last I have a deadline … or more correctly one of two until I have had confirmation later this week.

    ERR should add this is whether or not we are talking literal days or business days.


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