Ooh for the love of GOD!!

PC World are only at it once again!!

I have not had the gift vouchers and now, after spending fucking ages proving that I bought three tablets and them finally finding the other receipt despite the fact there was one receipt and two tablets, they have not only lost this receipt once again but also the reference number they gave me to prove that I had a third tablet they have managed to lose also!!

Here is the email from them followed by one I have sent in reply …

Dear Mr Haswell,


Thank you for your email dated the 6th May 2015, regarding the vouchers which you have been offered.

Having checked the details that we hold for you regarding your tablets, it shows that you have received a depreciated credit for the two tablets that were purchased.  These have been processed as BACS payments for you on the 12th March 2015.  The amounts that have been offered would be a full and final settlement for the two items that we have received details for.

I have taken on board your request for vouchers which you have been offered, but am unable to locate the details of the vouchers which you have been offered on our systems.  If you have any case reference numbers or the name of the colleague who has offered this, we will be able to look in to this further for you.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Helen Wright


Dear Helen Wright

No, for the love of God. What are you people doing there?!
There were THREE tablets!
Please let us not start this up again, this all gets posted on my blog and there are over 210,000 readers I have and I can assure you that they can count to three even if YOU cannot!
You paid me for 2, ten out of ten for that and as I am a software engineer and have letters after my name I am quite offended that you first of all did not read my email properly and second of all think me a complete idiot for not being able to count to three when it is you that are unable to do that.
Your email now gets posted here …
Not only do you look like cheats to more and more people you also look quite incompetent too.
Incidentally my blog is on corruption and not only have I beaten far larger organisations than yours I have a court case against four of the biggest organisations in the land which has been one and I have to attend at the request of a three strong legal team and I assure you that when this gets published you can add a zero to the end of my reader count by the end of 2015.
Right now I have managed to dig out the reference number…something you have managed to lose YET AGAIN along with half of one receipt where I buy two of these tablets at the same time for a friend’s two daughter’s because they saw the one I BOUGHT on Visa. Instead of a year of using our first tablets, I was apprehensive as they are a rip off in terms of what you get for the money compared to a laptop anyway, and enjoying them I lost count of the number of times these were bought back to be exchanged for another one due to a fault. This exchanged one, in other words four out of four, was also bought back several times for repair. As was the one I bought the same day as that one and even mine came back twice.
Reference: CC 2579450
Oh now I see I already provided this which now renders this bizarre! A couple of weeks back I took the tablet into the store as requested by yourselves. The store guy phoned you up and I was offered gift vouchers. I took two into the store because whenever I bought the tablets back they played fast and loose with the serial numbers, because you could not turn them on to get them, by using whatever receipt they could find under my name.
I have been through this dozens of times now and it has already gone far beyond a joke when you manage to lose one receipt and then alter the prices I paid for the other two…on my blog I claim that your organisation is cheating VAT.
Now do I have your attention?!
So please explain now and without lying like the pathetic excuse that you mistakingly used a repair slip to show I only bought two and not three tablets previously, used by four or more different people in your office, and why …
You only had details about two on different dates, despite two being on the exact same receipt?
Why four people insisted I only bought TWO tablets and not three?
Why the figures on the receipts I hold here are not even close to what I paid for the tablets?!
How you have now lost these details once again when the reference number provided is purely and solely created to prove that I bought three tablets as I sent you via attachment the receipt you CLAIMED did not exist?!
Martin Haswell BSc

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