Well this is … confusing!

First I thought I read that in the Untied Kingdom The Investigatory Powers Tribunal investigate the surveillance of the British public by MI5 and GCHQ and giving it ask to the Americans was illegal on both counts?

Then I read somewhere later that they, the IPT, had found their actions to have been legal? Whether the fact they lied about how they caught two terror cells also gets found to be not illegal remains to be seen.

Now here is a case in America where they have found that carrying out surveillance on their own people … errr … ummm … is illegal?!

I’m confused.

Did they rule this regarding just their own public or the British public too?

If they have found that collecting data on the American public is illegal and our own secret services have been found to bit be acting illegally then what does this day about our secret services?

Nothing good that is for sure!

The secret services are there to spy and investigate threats to national security … umm this would be the public then. Though generally it’s something that would result in an attack on a public place with the internet of causing as much death and damage as possible. In other words the greatest amount of casualties.

This is why I have found their actions to be bizarre. I have found our own secret services to have acted more bizarre than the American’s because we passed on or own surveillance to a foreign land.

As far as I know, outside of joking, we are not another state of the USA and I certainly cannot fly out there without a passport.

But they will eagerly take all they can get on the British public? Right!

The funniest part of it all was my own realisation that they could not come close to having 10% of the man power to go through everything they stored. In just one country and birth countries working on it, it dining cannot be done.

You could have a set of computer coded algorithms to do it but this would take an incredible amount of computing power and still would be outpaced by new data. So like running down a tunnel and watching the light at the end get smaller as you run and not bigger.

Imagine the number of conversations happening at the same time across the whole of the UK. Every phone everywhere.

Yea, try and Shazam it all at the same time! Lol!

Now imagine doing that with all the American public which must have chose to three times the population of the UK?

Now throw Europe into the mix.

You would think that they would catch terrorists a lot mite often than they do? You would be quite correct.

The only possible reason they could use it is when Central Processing Units leap ahead a bit and build a super computer that could scan it fast enough? Maybe then they can run through all the data saved a lot quicker then they could previously.

Maybe one day we will get the truth or someone, somewhere will state something that makes so much sense you know they have … got it?

NSA phone data collection ‘illegal’, US court rules – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-32620742


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