I stated, I think on here, that I was not going to stay up until the early hours watching the election results before falling asleep.

That plan went south and I have not slept at all!

But not because of the election!

I was, since around 10.30pm last night, and still am at 11.46am, in some terrible pain once again as a previous health issue returns complete with blood.

As I stayed up and between the many bouts of pain I managed to stab out a blow by blow of my reactions to the general election which were something of a surprise believe me.

I did not think the Conservatives would get a majority win and thought UKIP would get far more seats than they did, Liberals did far worse than I could ever have imagined and I was at least right about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP though they did better than I thought they would. Well I will rephrase that I thought they would do brilliantly and they did fantastic.

In the recent hours while working through two cups of tea I have come to realise the factors that led to the result that occurred.

They are not good.

However after I list them I will then point on something that no one on TV has, along with their inability to explain to a confused ‘me’ why the Conservatives were going to win when I watched them stay 35 seats in front for three hours or more!

Ed Milliband being ripped apart over bacon sandwiches, i.e the media reason number 1

The incessant preaching of News Media that it was going to be a Labour/SNP coalition and scared everyone English. So media reason number 2 and Scottish backfiring number 1.

So many seats going to the SNP which led to the party they detest the most gaining a lot of ground over Labour. Scottish reason number 2.

The public still believing in split voting and telling each other not to waste their votes and vote Labour, weird as it sounds because those who would otherwise had voted Liberal and even UKIP went to Labour and Conservatives, giving the Conservatives more gains here. English public being naive and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy … hmm that does not sound right, lol.

Despite all the and even with UKIP doing far worse than I thought this is only when it comes to seats in the House of Commons. What they did immediately was come in second in two of the first three results a feat of which they have never managed before in a general election. So not only did they achieve second place for the first time it went onto two then three and a host more.

I certainly hope Nigel Farage breaks his word and does not step down or the rest of UKIP are not idiots and beg him to stay. Because I have had a few theories even before the general election about the next one! But only if he remains.

Now as I stated in a text to a left wing relative the public has to change these naive and very old ways of thinking to get the Tories out.

I also thought it was highly amusing they way they made it sound like 80% of the British public agree with them being in?! First off they have already forgotten about Scotland!! Nice going piss-ants!

Secondly they did not get the majority of the people behind them even with the figures, the majority of the seats does not mean the majority of the people. Not even close.

Thirdly there scared the hell out of English people by making the Scots look like bad people and claiming that a SNP/Labour coalition would make life a misery for anyone English. So they stole votes from others and likely this is where UKIP suffered along with those naive to just keep believing what the media say about people. I do not.

Now what I also stated to my family member is that there is something else that the media fails to notice and that is that the SNP hate the austerity measures and have 56 seats the last I counted. Labour had 228 and the Liberals poor really makes what I predict a little tricky..

If you think of the Conservatives as right wing the only other party was UKIP…except they only got one seat. With 18 results to go, according to The Telegraph’s website, Labour have 229, SNP 56, Liberals 8 and 23 others. that is 316.

Now as stated there are still a few votes to go but that closeness just might cause David Cameron a headache. For in the process of putting any bills through he had better pray that he has every single member of his party on side.

The only other vote they can count on is UKIP’s one and likely everyone else will vote against any changes sounding like more austerity measures. I do not know if there are any bi-elections coming up either.

If the numbers remained as they are Cameron would only need 9 of his legion of 325 to disagree with him.

Also added to this and though the election did not go how I hoped it … kind of went how I expected, I just did not imagine the Tories getting a majority, I think the smiles will be short lived. I imagine there are a lot of voters today waking up stunned that the Conservatives now have a majority?! Hmm I just thought … I wonder how many seats they could count on before this election? By which I mean to say Tories and Liberals?

That was the real surprise was not just how badly the Liberals did but how well the Tories did and quite how a Liberal held seat goes to a Tory I simply do not know. Obviously Liberal voters hated them for siding with the Tories and allowing them into Downing Street so based on this the Tories doing that well is just … remarkable.

But the fact is I think there will be a hell of a lot of voters extremely unhappy with who won? Just hazarding a guess here but many of those that hated them were convinced David Cameron would not be Prime Minister. I had hoped but told them I was not so sure before then having getting lectured about how everyone is ‘pissed off’ with the Tories. I agreed but … well they stated the two party system is dead. It is not and still has a pulse, yes its dying but still alive.

Because people are naive and vote with their heads instead of their hearts.

But these people that voted with their heads are now realising that their ‘heads’ err umm err erred!


Well I did warn about this on here … unfortunately as I stated to my relative it was clear to me for some time I would not reach the numbers needed to affect the outcome, not by a country mile. I could add a zero on the end and it would still have not affected the outcome.


I have crept over 210,000 people and was in the process of calculating my monthly figures before realising that 3 weeks ago I had failed to put in a figure I cannot now access and have to start again. I was getting between 12,000 and 14,000 several months back. I wont be able to now get this figure for another 3 weeks or so.

But this is in less than 3 years, do not forget and is indeed 2 years and 9 months at the time of typing.

Now think that the next election is 5 years away.

What do you think the numbers might be by then and what kinds of horrors would the poor, low paid, jobless and disabled have been put through between now and then?

Hmm I was typing this out to just mention a few things that occurred to me while I was waiting for the document from my tablet to arrive on my PC. Got carried away there, lol.

Damn it! Pain!

Oh! Labour just gained a seat to reach 229.

Ooh yeah I nearly forgot…that’s what I was going to say and I just remembered something else too…

The outcome of the election will not affect me in anyway. I voted not for personal reasons for things happening to me or because I believe I would benefit financially in some way or have stress lifted from my life. Not at all.

I voted because I am sorry to see how this country has turned out and how they have treated their own people in this country. This is why I am shocked the Tories are in and believe it is either a fluke or not enough British people have suffered. I voted in the hope of making life easier for others while others voted for more pain and misery. Odd, just plain odd, lol.

Damn it!

Forgot what the other thing was I was going to say!

Bloody hell, man! The email has not arrived either and now I am going to have to go and check if it was sent and if not I am tossing that tablet over the fence into the river!! I really must do away with the frustration of Android devices, due to my condition, lol.

It will become obvious in the coming months that the outcome of the election was never going to affect me in any way.

Hmm I sent myself an email from my hotmail account to my hotmail account to tell me I bought an App on iTunes, which I do not use, for some frog app err thingey?! My God how do idiots come up with the idea they have intelligence and think up bloody stupid ways to grab your money?! Well I guess, thinking about it they only need people who are less intelligent than they are to make money, lol?

Yes I was going to paste below what I typed out during the night and some of my thoughts … OH I REMEMBER NOW!

The night was not a complete loss as the two people I dislike the most in politics lost their seats! Yes, yes I did kind of punch the air on these counts! This is because one of them I famously dislike on here and make no bones about it and blame him for the Baby Peter fiasco full on and wont listen to anything on this.

That was Ed Balls.

The other one was another politician I lambasted on here as much as I did Ed Balls and this time it is a Tory. Hmm I remember also that Ed Balls might be a problem for Labour and I thought the public will realise what i did about him? Well it seems enough of them did in his own constituency. Quite possibly the rest of the country did not like the idea of him being chancellor and in all honesty he was part of the old Blair years. I think he may have been their Achilles heel?

Yes … I digress. This other politician is a woman and in all honesty whenever she spoke in interviews and on TV my skin crawled. Literally, She was matter of fact and bossy in her attitude despite now having the facts. She sounded cold and cruel in her manner too when she was talking about those she and her compatriot, Iain Duncan-Smith, were picking on.

That was Esther McVey. I also did not realise she was an MP for an area in the Wirral, where my daughter grew up. Oh and now Labour has 330 but the Conservatives have another seat to take theirs to 326.

Oops Farage has resigned, damn it! That is UKIP finished then!

Nick Clegg gone, well full gone conclusion that one as is Ed Milliband. Though I think Ed Milliband did OK considering and I can say with certainty that his brother would have ended up the same. because he was the old school that got us here and I doubt he would have sounded any different either. At least Ed tried to sound different and he was cheated out of a few seats and the Scottish vote was a full gone conclusion too, though a bit better than expected. That did not help him either.

I love the way the media used the SNP vote to decide the outcome of the whole election on the night but had been saying for weeks that the vote for the SNP would be far greater than previous votes. So why did they not tell us then David Cameron had won?

I wish I had been in the studio as their were several political people that are household names that are really arrogant twats and nowhere near as smart as they like to think they are. I would have had a field day ripping them up and finished by saying … “Well why don’t we save the country a humongous pile of money the next time around and we will not bother with ballot boxes, we will just come to you and ask you how everyone feels?!” dumb-arses!

No, it is no good I am going to have to trapse up the damn stairs and throw my Advent Tegra Note Tablet against a wall as I hate the thing so much! never again with Android. I will leave that OS to idiots, naive people and those that only type out the odd text message and not any documents of any length.

What a pile of money I wasted throwing it at Google and Android!

And that is on Jellybean which is far better than KitKat which has rendered basic functions as confusing and I do not get confused. Texting or simply adding contacts along with accessing your contacts list is now unnecessarily complicated.

Now if anyone had plans or has been working on a Linux OS to used on phones now is the time to strike! You would make a very quick rise to popularity as long as your quick and the system is not typical Linux.

No, Linux fanboys, making it so you have to tinker instead of it being an option will never make it popular. But thats what the distributors want, the fanboys do not because they like that cult like status. Odd that its the opposite to what the creators want, lol.

It will take Google an age to correct the mess that is now Android and several updates have not corrected the things wrong with the original version of Jellybean, of which there have now been four or more I think?

With Kitkat they left them there and added more! Also not only is the swipe keyboard utterly abysmal but I am sure it was coded my Mormons because it refuses to type, or maybe its just my phone was previously owned by a Morman, stupid words. ‘People’ has become a big problem for it and refuses to type ‘Virgin’, Richard Branson phone your lawyer, and other things too. Anyone who is a fast typist on a standard keyboard or digital keyboard with stop and realise there text is a bloody mess and that because it puts in alternate words a spell check wont spot it. In fact I have just realised I do not think their is a spell check on the blog apps of either Blogger or WordPress?!

A service and app that only has to do with typed words and no spell check and a keyboard and operating system that refuses to type words it does not like!

Documents scaling to the screen suddenly became a big problem too and must be Android as it affects more than one app and never used to affect any app.

One last thought about the election…the Scots succeeded but cwhich backfired on them because they had the intelligence to see that the two party system is over and backfired because they failed to realise that the English still ive in the past and self-fulfil the notion of two party politics. Hmm possibly the Welsh too?

Ahh finally!

My random election notes are finally here and I caqn stop rambling on, copy and paste them, post this and then decide if I am now safe to venture out the house because the periods between painful cramps has increased somewhat.

Election Notes …

General Election


Conservatives: 319

Labour: 236

Liberals: 10


SNP: 58

ACTUAL NUMBERS… 0.20am 2.48am 3.37am 4.44am

Conservatives: 0 11 34 91

Labour: 3 22 57 117

Liberals: 0 1 2 2

UKIP: 0 0 0 2

SNP: 0 14 31 49

BBC using exit polls to embarrass politicians, namely Labour, Liberal and UKIP?!

Twenty past midnight and all three seats gone to Labour and UKIP who have never finished second in a General Election have done it twice out of just three results!!

All politicians, including Conservatives and SNP, very cautious of exit poll but news anchor people still laughably trying to use it to embarrass people. Stating this like the exit poll is the overall final result! Idiots and pathetic, both BBC and Sky News people.

The people have voted, what possibly could they achieve from this approach? It’s embarrassing to watch.

I’m watching hoping that the news teams were very wrong about UKIP and very wrong about exit polls so they look as stupid and as guilty as most politicians!

It’s only 12.30am and I’ve heard the same stupid and pointless questions over and over again and the same responses from everyone over and over again. I think I might fall asleep c and Yvette Cooper has even stated to Adam Boulton that he is going to ask the same question over and over again and get the same response from everyone over and over again! First person to speak with any intelligence other than Nigel Farage! Lol!

Even Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP, had stated that her predicted 58 seats by the exit poll is unlikely and should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

Two thirty a.m. and the BBC is still showing their figures more often than the actual results! Lol!

Also UKIP is not being presented on screen with Labour, Conservatives, Liberals and the SNP.

Still the top political idiots are blaming the voting in Scotland on Ed Milliband and using this, the second reason I’ve heard, to ask if Ed Milliband is going to resign. That with between three and ten fifty results in and Labour so far having ten more wins than the Conservatives? I really hope the results carry on this way and someone holds these know it all but actually know nothing idiots to account for their attitudes and behaviour and how wrong they are.

It’s 3.39am and Labour are now twenty one seats above the Conservatives and the discussion is about Ed Milliband resigning and three names are mentioned as standing due the leadership?! Considering that the Scottish vote was a full gone conclusion and Labour are still ahead by over twenty seats at this point I did this quite bizarre!

Did they rib it of things to speak about or have the results been so alien to them that what they was going to talk about has all give awry.

Nicola Sturgeon has blamed Labour losing on getting it wrong in England … but they took all Labour’s seats which suggests they actually put David Cameron back as Prime Minister… if of course they are right which the figures do not suggest. You don’t just need to go against the current figures but you have to be damn sure of how the remaining boroughs are going to vote. Which is bloody arrogant if you ask me! Why bother having a general election? Just ask the BBC and Sky News his everyone is going to vote! Many people won’t have to stay up all night and will save a fair few fingernails too! Lol!

Labour now twenty seven seats ahead and they are showing The Sun’s front page of David Cameron and headlining that he is back in Number 10.

Figures by BBC showing Labour down 25 Conservative up by 3 and me thinks they need to throw out all their mathematical crap because I imagine many watching and reading these figures are scratching their heads at some of them while listening to everyone deciding who has won and thinking … “What the bloody fuck?! Am I pissed?!” Lol!

Oh now Labour 31 seats ahead of the Conservatives?

I’m thinking that for some bizarre reason Labour strongholds get counted first and the Conservative strongholds get counted last? Must be because of all those erasers they get through and the time it takes to remove those ‘X’ marks and wiring new ones while making them look as if they have not been tampered with? Lol.

Oddly I was thinking while doubled up in pain, yes watching another boring election all night was not my plan and not why I’m awake at … err … 3.56am and have stomach pain while my ears and eyes bleed in pain from listening to idiots on TV! Lol!

Interesting how Carswell was just explaining that 5 million had voted for UKIP thus far and that only translated into two MPs and that it shows how crap and outdated or system is when they cut to another vote immediately. Despite the fact that many just pop up on the screen without going over ‘live’ to the vote announcements.

I thought Carswell might actually explain to me how my own interpretation of the numbers is so wrong, according to the TV political experts that is. But not the results as they are standing with Labour getting further ahead from the Conservatives total albeit slowly.

As far as I an tell the language used is purely based on the results on Scotland but I’m sorry but this was known long before the election. I knew the outcome long before the election. I said long, king ago that with Nicola Surgeon the SNP would do way better than they did previously. I stated this both before as all as after she became SNP leader.

What amazes me is that the politicians themselves seen to be slowly saying the same as the TV pundits but I still don’t get it. Now they are showing percentage of Labour on 35% and the Conservatives on 28% of the UK. Whether figure that makes no sense to view they are talking. A little under a third of the results in too.

No, Boris that is not what the country has decided you plonker.

Your friends in the Liberal party are losing to Labour and punished because they got your party in power. Vince Cable has lost his seat too!

Blimey! Results coming in fast now and Labour lead dropped to 30 and now 26, lol! Quite clearly it’s a waste of time watching the results unless you watching from between 4am and 10am?!

Oh my good God, there is a God! Esther McVey had lost her seat! Woohoo! It was worth being up all night in pain after all! Lol!

The gap had closed once more between the Conservatives and Labour. Now it is 18 but with still many to come in.

I cannot help but think of the fact that despite things not going how I would have like but expected anyway but that David Cameron was, at the end if the day, put back into Number 10 by the voters in Scotland who hate the Tories the most! Lol!

Even though I wanted things to be very different I doubt they would have changed things much and if and when the Tories get voted back in it will only lead to the trouble I predicted for the last few years. Because people will either realise they will suffer due the next five years and explode or suffer for another year or two and explode.

I was hoping that things would turn out so that they did not suffer. Unfortunately voters made some serious mistakes and let the Tories back in. Meaning that we have five historical years of the UK’s history, and not for good reasons, to look forward to.

Neither news channel explained why things would end the way they did, if they end up correct that is, and why they could not say that Labour would lead for awhile and then the Tories would overtake them at the end along with why, I don’t know. None of the stats showed by them have any idea to vote things would turn out. Only stating the obvious. If voters from the camp last time ask do to another call then there is a swing?! Of course there is a fucking swing you idiots! I think they do this stuff because they don’t know but it makes them look like they do? Lol!

It now appears that the highly suspect exit poll is at least correct in some things like the Liberals doing so badly. Odd that the Liberals would do so badly but that the Tories do a little … hmm I was going to say better but I don’t think it is. In sure it was supposed to be down on the last election but lost track of that between the bouts of pain.

Hmm come to think of it I just noticed UKIP finishing second in Ed Milliband’s constituency and I have to admit to losing track of that for the last three hours and wonder how many other times they came in second. Four hours ago it was two I think?

Well it’s 6.08am and it turns out the Conservative seats do come out later as they are now in front of Labour.

It’s amazing that a victor can be declared so early, that the news teams were unable to explain this in eight hours and that the Liberals a badly but the Conservatives still got in power?!

Utter madness.

Something else I wanted to see in the last election and do not recall seeing and would like to see in this one, the TV news networks failing yet again while giving you gobbledygook, are totals in votes across the nation for each party. I heard one person say earlier that UKIP had 5 million votes but one seat then later they got 3.5 million votes and 1 seat so why don’t they do this?

This is because the Tories are talking like most period want them in power and agree with what they have five and are going to do and … well, sorry but I seriously doubt that just of the nation want the Tories. A huge majority of Scotland don’t and hate them yet Alex Salmond is beaming about the results but I think the voters in Scotland may be waking up to thinking “What the fuck have we done?!” Lol.

Do you seriously think the Scots won’t care that the Tories are back in as long as the SNP do well? I would like to bet real money this will not be the case and not even close.

It’s quite clear to me and was within two days before the election that the average public have not learned anything based upon two things started to me by different people. All those in the debate that said two party politics are dead are wrong and so was I. Well it is dead… no that is wrong, it’s dying. It will likely be dead by the next election of this I have no doubt. But I have to believe that people are willing to learn and are intelligent to do that.

Because the things I hear that people believe are self-fulfilling prophecies that keep things the way they are. Which I find astounding when they constantly complain about the way things are. Ask those that voted Labour and SNP have proved this beyond doubt. Labour voters stayed in their rut telling each other voting anyone else is a wasted vote and lets the Tories in. Well guess what? Lmao! SNP voters were convinced that a coalition would happen between Labour and the SNP because those pundits and experts kept telling you that. Oddly the TV news political experts have failed to state they got that prediction wrong, you voted and guess who is in power?

I am trying to figure out how the Tories gained seats from the Liberals?! This is just dumb and does not compute! Only an imbecile would vote Liberal and then vote Tory. Err well unless you win the lottery and suddenly turn into a Tory idiot because their policies favour you now your rich? Lol!

Whatever the outcome of the election turned out to be it would not affect me and over the next 6 months or so and likely sooner this will become painfully obvious. I won’t suffer from any result that could occur but I was painfully aware that others would. Even one or two that voted for the Conservatives I know! Lol!

That’s the bit I just don’t get. Why do people do that? It’s like rewarding a mugger with an extra fifty quid he didn’t find after bearing the crap out of you quite literally. Maybe not enough of the public has had the crap beaten out of them? Or not beaten the crap out of enough?

There is another slant to the votes I would like to see but which no one had access to and that is the different types (groups) of people who voted for each party. Though with the result the way it is one question I would like to see the answer to is not relevant. Would have been had Labour won, but they didn’t.

Despite my … meanderings on here I did not vote Labour. In fact I was not convinced at all that things would be that different if they got in power. Would if been nice if they did and thugs did get better but I seriously doubted that.

Still I myself will move onto the next impending thing in my journey and still get through to ever more people on this blog.

In fact over the coming months there will be possibly several leaps in the frequency of the monthly visitors with some being quite noticeable and one possibly going into orbit.

Considering I have had a total of over 210,000 readers in 2 years and 9 months, have five years until the next election and just in the next 6 months or so going to achieve several of these significant leaps in monthly visitors then you can imagine how big the totals and monthly figures would be in 5 years time?! Lol!

Actually I’ve just looked at a few figures in the election and realised that there are 131 results left and that the Tories need 97 of them to get a majority. I find this hard to believe that the Tories can get 97 from the last 131 and don’t forget there are other parties as well as Labour and either UKIP or the Liberals are capable of winning a few of those seats. I also heard some Conservatives seats in London were rumoured to go to Labour?

Please, please, please let things end up so the TV news idiots look like fools! Lol!

Actually it could turn out to be a good night for me if another person I do not like loses his seat, Ed Balls?! Lol!

Blimey, David Cameron had time to Tweet?! “Here is to a brighter future for everyone” out words to that effect. Huh, that’s odd Mr Cameron because the actions and words suggest that nothing could be further from the truth! Only just voted … err back in, I think, and lying already. Things not only don’t change they get worse.

He looks happy in the shot with his wife, well ask the items they will get and flights around the world I’m sure I would be smiling too?!

Well… I will be smiling like that I just would not have a screwed a load of innocent people for several years and led through my teeth to them to do it. Lol!

Ed Balls gone to! There is a God.


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