I have had a bit more information regarding the court case, well information that I can share presently.

First off it seems that the request to be put to me is finally imminent. Well from the sounds of it at least from what is going on currently.

In fact there is not much I can say over than that there were a couple of unknown people in the court room…oh yes and I do not know if anyone spotted the deliberate mistake but the case has been … cort hopping.

Now at first I thought my bad memory issues, from Fibrofog, had gotten something wrong as I stated a Crown Court at one stage. Yet the … day the masked Anonymous group were outside the court it was a Family and Civil Court, if I remembered the name correctly.

Now after being told that the defendant turned accuser was talking to two social workers who then realised who the person was and stated that they were well aware of the case then saying ‘everyone’ was aware of the case and running away there are two more mystery people.

The person who has more or less won the case asked who they were in turn. I cannot remember the first one they told me about, pretty sure my brain disregards certain information to hold onto others of note. But the second one was a lady  who was sitting taking notes of what was going on in the court room…not sure how long she has been doing this.

On asking who she was she smiled and said “Don’t worry, I know that you did not do this. You will find out who I am pretty soon.”

If there is one thing I love it is someone who is intriguing.

I laughed on the phone when I was told this and dais that it sounded very much to me like she was a journalist from a national tabloid.

Someone working on a local tabloid would simply state who they were.

Of course everything with me is never straightforward, even what I do as well as what I expect to take place.

However these days the readers are a lot closer to finding out these little mysteries than those that started reading in the first year of posting. Lol.

Of course she could be someone else entirely and this is the part that intrigues me as I do not have a great deal to go on. If I was in the court room it would be very different as I could analyse everything about her and reach a conclusion. From little details no one else thinks to look at.

But I am not in the court room and have precious little to analyse but it sounds like it might not be too long before I discover this. because it sounds like it will not be too long before I am up there.

In fact I was told today that they expect them to ask for my number.

I think the request, when it is made, will be a little different from that of just requesting my phone number.

But then I will find out very soon.

Also I was told there was ‘a bar’ which is essentially a gagging order.

I am not sure why this gagging order has been made but I think it was ordered by the two courts from the sounds of things?

I told them that the journalist is making notes and may have done for awhile but is unable to print anything regarding the case until this gagging order is lifted. Well if it s ever lifted of course!

Herein then is the precipice I was expecting. The moment arrives where I find out one way or the other whether or not courts and judges can be trusted.

Fingers crossed that finally someone in the God forsaken country can be trusted?

Also and, to me, of course all this that I have achieved in the last 18 months and that about to be achieved allows me to open up a crate load of cans of worms. The hilarious part about it is that when I do these worms have been staring everyone in the face for the last couple of years. Well two and a half by the time I reveal these worms to everyone.

Staring you in the face and to do with what I achieved.

If you want clues that point you to this obvious fact, and one of the biggest tricks and traps of all … well your going to have to go back to the beginning two and a half years ago and read at what I did prior to starting up this blog.

Two things I tried and failed to do. Well … when I say ‘failed’ I do not mean ‘me’ exactly. Ooh I have said to much…nearly gave to big a clue away, LMAO!

But I warn you now you would have to be most inquisitive. Because there is a great deal…no, a mountain to go through.

Let’s see who the most inquisitive and smartest are …



Oh I just remembered the first person was someone from Cafcass.


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