Before the general election finally come around I want to put something into the minds of those that read this.

Unfortunately there are not the numbers too affect the overall numbers any given party but at least I would have said it and posted it up.

The other day I was speaking with a friend abut the attitudes of the political parties, what their stance is in each subject and other things when I pointed something out about the welfare state.

When I did I then wondered if I had ever remembered to post about it and I cannot recall.

Now I really get fed to with narrow minded and stupid, at maths, prior that changed everything in the welfare state.

1 The numbers are way, way out compared to the debt the country is in!

2 The problem is how the welfare state is setup and that’s not the fault of claimants

3 Those that are undeserving or abuse the system are a tiny fraction and even so…look around you…they get no help, property is way, way over the top expensive and therefore so are rents and what they do get to spend ant money on is too expensive and over prices, intangible things, or 80% of it was meant to be refurbished but actually handled by issued idiots, still faulty and technically they are used items.

4 Everyone also moans about crime too…well what do you think will happen if you leave 2 million, that’s two million, people with no money and nowhere to live? Do you think the frequency of crimes committed will remain the same or just rise a little?

If you put people into a corner you leave them with just two options …

Fight or Flight

Either they will crawl up in a corner and die which itself will leave a dreadful mark in history for this in power and the history books will be quite unforgiving.

Or they revert back into animals … remember this is not specific to some lower class of people, we are all animals and that means anyone and everyone works the same way when pushed.

So you will create an army of new criminals and rise that were criminals beforehand with increase the frequency of crimes they commit.

There is no sugar coating this. There is no magic wand and remember flicking a switch tomorrow and turning off the welfare state won’t do a damn thing. It would take many years to make any difference at all and long before then all kinds of pandemonium would have occurred.

All this because a large number of people just want to point the finger at something and do bit even bother to do the very simple maths.

I only hope that when this army appears that they target those that first of all caused this messes and secondly can survive it financially without noticing anything different.

Not starring to death or bored senseless for weeks on end with no son in their lives and no firm of entertainment to keep themselves occupied.

If you agree and vote for the party that’s made it clear they will ravish the welfare state then this is what I expect to happen before very long.

Interestingly I heard Nigel Farage’s view on it that the Tories are too hard on those in the welfare state but that Labour was too soft.

They could not have put that better if they tried.

Whether enough people have the intelligence to realise this and why they said it remains to be seen. Not much time before we find out.


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