Well it has been a long time coming but the final day in a very long case I have avoided typing about for over a year is finally here.

Saving any…delays or extensions.

I seriously doubt this though as it had sounded like the minds were made up at least a couple of months back and maybe six months back?

I go through periods of nor being kept informed but this is OK. Not being contacted for my help nor my evidence meant they was acquiring enough on their own.

Had I been contacted I would have taken it that they needed help and setting up the thing the way I did I pretty much figure they should not need it. Not for the initial case at any rate.

In fourteen hours or so I should know a few things. Some figures, charges and dates which I am waiting for. I will then try to get the paperwork sent over so I can edit them. This may take a few days to a week… possibly more as the documents might have to travel in the post twice. Hopefully they will be at hand immediately and can be scanned and emailed over?

Like everything else I should know, finally, in fourteen hours and it feels a little strange if I’m honest.

It’s partly disbelief we are at this stage and partly head spinning over what else will happen through this blog.

My landlord came for his rent. He knew nothing about this and I told him what I have been unable to post on this blog. He went wide eyed at hearing this three year battle was not only still going during but was ending within twenty four hours.

I said I wouldn’t leave things in a muddle for him and he said that he knew I would nit do that.

He was stunned and asked me to text him about the outcome of the case when I hear tomorrow.

I said it looks like I will have to leave town for a few days at least and that they want to meet me but do not know which if the three stated that.

Had it been the judge it might have been for evidence but this was unlikely I my mind and the fact there is one day left had ruled this out completely. Unless, of course, there will be a rapid follow up case? I did think this the most likely outcome when it all started up.

There is the possibility, to my mind, that any follow up case was not needed. The evidence regarding my involvement would have been given plenty of times and I am listed in plenty of documents, including a 1,500 page local council file.

Of course my blog was here. Yes yet another facet his being realised is that I placed as many of the most relevant evidence here! This way it could be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Why world?

Because any if the legal team might think if something while in holiday far overseas and just want to check something?

So more details regarding my involvement, evidence, documents, times and dates were all here.

I did say early on that this blog not only possessed many, many facets but also acted as a series of traps for those in the public service and government who decided to be corrupt yet did not have the intelligence to do so well. Not from my point of view.

The posts themselves are date and time marked which is relevant I’m many things.

So that was two facets, though being used as a trap in itself has the long list of my many adversaries. So many facets there.

Then of course there is the facet that was obvious from the get go and that is as a complete encyclopaedia to help and advice to other victims of either the many public services and several private companies.

When the documents are in and along with a few others incoming these will boost the blog in several ways.

The sheer series of shocks that will come from tomorrow’s court case alone will have my visitors telling others for months which will boost my monthly figures.

As well the couple of others that will get posted over the next few weeks.

So after just a few months my monthly visitors will reach a number that finally helps me! Well unless something quite unexpected happens between me, the court, the legal team or the compensation clerk over the next few days to a couple of weeks?

But I do not know what will happen and though I was told of the request to disk to me it may be for something else I have not considered? Just always trying to think if all the angles and possibilities.

It’s certainly going to change everything for both of us and I am not even sure how the outcome will affect me emotionally? This is the end of a battle that had gone on line then three years and there in lies one important point in all this. In fact it’s not the five years it might first appear to have taken in this blog!

No, no, no and as I keep explaining to everyone when they say ‘well what have they fine to you!’ this battle had actually gone on for twenty years! That is 20 years.

Yes, that means for twenty years my life had headed, dreaded at times, to this pivotal moment in time!

So if it seems like I have done much to help others and post all this over the years then no it’s not. Nor is it the 6 years since I added a microphone to my arsenal and secretly recorded everything, umm even things that were going on 250 miles away without being there.

No, no, no it was the very beginning of this battle when I knew something was not right in this country and first thought about corruption.

I thought the very idea ridiculous and ruled it out.

Unfortunately over several years I had seen and heard enough to know that there was corruption. I saw it everywhere and was even clear to me on TV.

So eight years ago I started to dig and something told me to not lose any of my files and letters twenty years ago regarding public services and this case and so they started mounting up.

Of course I green discovered that not only was I correct about everything and everyone but one by one it was revealed to me that each one was far, far worse than ever my over reactive imagination could muster!

Fortunately the decision to secretly record came about because I thought everyone would think I had lost the plot. Had someone put these facts to me without evidence I would have thought the exact same thing.

The more and more I discovered the more important it became too tell the British public and even the world.

Before I started my blog I had already written two books to get published to show people to be able to help themselves against these corrupt organisations.

Only that did not pan out as I had planned.

The books are still here and detail events leading up to the creation of this blog but I have not even written a letter to a single literary agent regarding them.

I decided that one my numbers were big enough I would then perhaps contact letter agents and even publishers directly and things would go very differently to that which went before.

I am hovering close to the numbers required for me to become animated again as regards literary agents many of which I see as pointless and clueless.

They all wait for someone ends to take a short in the dark with a new ideas and when it’s fine and made money and the novelty worn off they then go looking for the exact same template thinking they will replicate the success if the first.

You could use the Harry Potter books as an example but I was told that they were accepted accidentally by an agent after being rejected eight or nine previous times?!

I thought that if I just worked on this blog for two to four years then I can build up an interest in what I do and even a loose number of followers too?

Therefore reducing the time period I have to death with literary agents.

Maybe even sidestepping them completely?!

Fingers crossed.

So Day Zero is finally here.

Not long now before I can stop being pumped up about this final day and know all that I need to know.


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