Before anyone reading this wonders what happened to the big reveal .. nothing yet!

I got the dates wrong, I think lol, but not the days.

The first day in the five day countdown to ‘Day Zero’ has passed by and there was a couple of things of note but all in good time. Well, four days time to be exact.

Although you may have to allow for a few things? I simply do not know what will happen, his things will happen and I also do not know what ‘days’ well be set for anything else.

Now I am expecting things to he exactly how I thought which in the beginning I thought there would be two correspondences from the two or three separate parties in the court case? Though it’s now been stated that they want to meet me it’s still the same these parties. Though now with each of the court days disappearing one of them is becoming far more unlikely.

However, even after the last day there is still a possibility that the Crown Court Judge will request to see me some weeks after the last day of court.

I am named a large amount of time, I assure you of this, in a 1,500 page file that spans twenty years. There were a hell of a lot of letters and emails over a two year or more period that ended about three years or so back.

Unlike some daft people I know crimes involving others in a car being heard by a criminal court cannot be ignored.

Or in other words they seem to think that if serious crimes are revealed in a criminal court hearing these crimes are ignored completely because the victims are not standing in the court room?! Lol!

Now, quite how these crimes are handled by everyone I am not entirely sure. If the evidence is conclusive then the punishments for those crimes can be dealt with at the time because at the end of the day the files are there in the courts hands and so are the guilty parties.

To me, despite the confused looks I had from a couple of egotistical people, it would seem to be a vast waste of the taxpayers money to get everyone back in court yet again for what is essentially part of the same case that’s already taken up getting on for the years. Why go through the expense of the courts time, judges, barristers, legal teams and anything else that had to be paid for when the files have shady been heard? Just plain stupid.

Also with the fact that the evidence is incontrovertible and that the defendants have lied, cheated and conspired and have not once been honest … well it would be foolish of everyone involved to do it all over again.

Added to this is the fact that the accusers who have now been turned into the accused would be really stupid to even think about disagreeing with these crimes to other parties, in other words ME, considering what had just happened?

So the only thing I can think of, if not covered during the case in these last few days, is that a signature is given, a letter is sent out with a proposal offer, answered and then it’s done.

Hmm I have typed out more than I thought I would on that.

But did to elements of what went on between myself, this case and a couple of other organising I thought it funny when I saw the story in the link provided below …

A Europol Chief has warned about how difficult it is investigating and apprehending terrorists because if the encryption used? Don’t know if Europol is new name for Interpol or a separate organisation?

Typical isn’t it. They themselves want unbreakable encryption then complain about others being able to use the same thing? Err, yeah fur security reasons, mate! Especially after what MI5, GCHQ and the NSA have been caught doing!

Now that we are in this subject … of encryption and terrorists … and it being so difficult …

Then exactly why then were they listening on the general public and businesses … well everything basically.

Well except trying to figure out a way to get around the now stated encryption problem?

So vast amounts of time and money were wasted listening in on everyone and then handing it all to a foreign nation? Marvellous!

Not forgetting the fact that in recent years two of these cells were provided to them, rough locations and people to follow to the exact locations who lived thirty minutes to an hour away, by your truly. In other words not from listening in on everyone.

You would think someone would sit down and before providing the News Media with some bull to run that they would think of all the possible things other organisations could state to different media that renders their own statements…well bull?! Lol!

This is the same way I approached the legal case now ending and how I instructed the defendant on how to behave and what to say. I had to be sure that they were under no illusions on how to conduct themselves and be totally open with the legal team. Understandably it was for to me several times that they thought they would get ‘into trouble’ because of lies repeated over a number of years and a great deal of facts being twisted so that they city’s be taken completely out of context.

I, however, was not worried about this because my attitudes and that of those who are corrupt are completely different. Poles apart, you could say? My approach is extremely simple and straightforward while this that are corrupt are extremely convoluted and this makes things both difficult and stressful. An ever changing story made a great deal worse when you have the person or persons responsible sitting in an office higher up sending pawns, or sacrificial lambs try the slaughter, to the court in their place.

That is the very thing I knew would happen and banked on it because I want the court room judges would become insulted that their court room could be ignored so blatantly like it was worthless. Because they see themselves of being above certain laws. These are judges who were biased in favour of these people in many cases I read about.

I wanted to see if I could put this loose loyalty to the test on this case and it would have to be one hell of a preparation that was needed. A few years of correspondences between each of those involved, well except one of the four which I had no involvement in. I did not have any involvement with another but they are directly involved with one of the two I did and in a big way too.

Now I wonder if I might start reading of organisations being changed completely, dissolved, decommissioned even or just starting to do things properly and do what they are tasked to do?

Several years ago this seemed like a very distant memory that I could not even imagine a timespan when it could be foreseen.

That, at least, is starting to change.

Europol chief warns on computer encryption – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32087919


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