We have watchdogs.

We have watchdogs for the watchdogs.

Yet the retail market place asking with the actual services of the public services is in the biggest mess ever in recorded history.

I noticed a very long time ago that there was no effective policing and yet an inordinate number if period being paid a hell of a lot of money to…well, POLICE

The large retail outlets sell mostly refurbished goods and anyone can read about a new model of something they want and not see one in a store for 6 months to a year.

I have reported many times of absolute crap being sold and a very large majority of it but for for prose purpose and not even with the postage, let alone the price.

I have also explained how you then get harassed by the seller and the owner of the market place, in my cases Amazon, to remove a negative comment. Despite the fact this was made illegal. But sellers of shit priest that they have a right to make a living selling people shit.

It has been spiralling downhill for a fair old while and I wondered when there would be an increase in injuries or even fatalities.

Now a poor mother had to live without her daughter after dying as a result of taking dieting pills purchased online!

However I have heard no mention of who was selling them, or what country they were purchased from along with what website they were bought from?!


The fact that no names were mentioned leads me to believe it’s a big name. Funny how the big names have everyone terrified of mentioning them in case of a lawsuit. Another surefire example of what is rotten about British law and how it’s literally abused by nearly every lawyer it there protecting the one with the money and power who are in effect, the guilty parties.

I immediately thought this could well be eBay or Amazon.

Funny how is always American companies behind the degradation of the retail sector and the British legal system. This is quite literally I assure you and it’s bizarre that things stated started going downhill bit long after they arrived in these shores and the more they get their grubby hands on things, or brands asking with property, the worse it seems to get?

A strange coincidence?

I have heard some pretty lame excuses by these so called watchmen and there was another great lane excuse over the Labour umm what was he now? A Lord? Well he faces the real possibility, or did, of being accused and found guilty of some historic sexual crimes against under age children but cannot face trial because he had dementia?!

The best part was their explanation when this was challenged.

Bullshit, basically.

It won’t go down well with the growing number of victims, bit just in this case, or the conspiracy theorists? Hmm I imagine that with the number of shocking revelations in recent years that conspiracy theorists must be growing in number too?

Hmm I just realised that with the amount of revelations in recent years reported on along with the countless amount on-line, like my three dozen or so,  that the words ‘theorists’ sound be changed to factualists’?! Lol! Yes OK I made that word up.

So a sad, sad story of an unnecessary death it took to make period realise there are things seriously wrong and when left and ignored some terrible things can occur. A sad, sad day.

There are times when I myself have wondered if this is what it would take with my own endeavours? My death? I hope not!

This one was reported on but taking into account how the press seen to ignore what’s been carefully placed right under their noses I cannot help but wonder how many injuries and deaths, among other possibilities, there have been gone unreported by the biased and cold fish that are the News Media?

Mother’s plea after Eloise Parry ‘diet pills’ death – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-32391903


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