Well what do you know?

Yesterday I was told my my mate that the receipt for the two Advent Tegra Note tablets I bought together and paid £99.99 each for in cash had turned up!

Now if you were paying attention, and I do this for all my findings, I recently posted details of this and also the fact that they insisted I paid £179.99 and £129.99 and only bought two tablets? I also revealed that one idiot rang me and basically called me an idiot and a liar?!

Also remember that they claim it was two purchases but it was actually three of the same Advent Tablet but also that we actually had FOUR tablets, as the first one was exchanged for another tablet that developed several faults itself.

Four tablets, none of which worked properly and three of them failing completely within a matter of a few days or a few weeks. One might have lasted a few months?

So I have scanned the receipt and I have posted it at the bottom of this post.

Of course I am also about to email that PC World team and now demand explanations and this should be quite interesting as they were all insistent that there was no third tablet and that I paid what their database stated I paid!

They are getting the scanned document moments after I post this and as a five day set of dates is about to start in just three days time the timing for them being posted on here could not have been worse!

This also applies to several others that have either been real twats, lied and even refused to even acknowledge me or in one case acknowledge a second application for, a Freedom Pass, I posted in to them.

Also added to this is the fact that the PIPs department of the DWP have just refused an appeal and considering I thought the ‘BIG’ battle would not end until the autumn of 2015 and so would the DWP battle and a few others it is extremely strange that they are all coming together while happening 6 months earlier than I had predicted?!

Weird, or what? Lol.


Dear Sirs


Well, well, well what do we have here?

I told you countless times that not only did I buy THREE tablets all of which were faulty, including one that was exchanged so four out of four, and also that the prices you had on the two that you claimed I bought were wrong too!

So here we are then? Attached to this email is a scanned copy of the ONE receipt for TWO tablets paid for with cash.

The other tablet was paid for by Visa Card and easy to get the bank statement to show that one.

It also occurred to me, looking at the receipt, that no mention was made about the cases I bought with any of the several emails I had from you and no one in phone conversations, which was at least three?! So more receipts have gone astray.

Also and before this receipt turned up I also found repair slips for all three tablets, proving that you not only claimed to not be able to find the third tablet on your system but there was no attempt to check the repair details either as they have all the serial numbers.

It is also strangely amusing and perfect timing that this turned up when it did.

  • I have battled a great many organisations within the UK over corruption
  • I expected on later in the year around August but which is ending very, very soon.
  • A couple of other organisations I also expected to reach their skullduggery and refusal about the time that the paperwork for the big battle.
  • The ‘Big’ battle I refer to has five subjects and four defendants with each one in itself being worthy of front page national tabloids
  • As I previously stated I publish everything on my blog, along with my theories and I have not been wrong yet and have had over 200,000 visitors
  • Besides the total number of visitors and the monthly visits being in the tens of thousands any time now the publication of the documents for the ‘Big’ battle will send my totals and monthly visitors through the roof, so to speak.
  • Not good for all the others, like the NHS and IPT and a couple of others, to have me publishing documents and recordings on them around the time that a snowball effect is about5 to take place over the next few months.

So I would like an apology from the idiot that rang me who was rude and insisted I was mad, stupid or just a plain old liar who ignored the fact I have three tablets with your name on.

I would also like an explanation as to why the figures on your system do not match any of the receipts I possess?

As I stated my blog is an ongoing battle which is not only about all the public and private organisations and the corruption, cheating and lying they are up to but also about everything that is wrong with the UK.

I can assure you that I have had no one disagree with any of my 2,500 plus posts except for the fact that at one point one person thought I was a government employee, called something I cannot recall, who deliberately posts false information to muddy the waters for what really goes on?! You would have to be a fan of the X-Files to know what I was on about with that one. In all honesty it was completely wrong to think that about me, though I could understand why, considering the hours I have of public services staff lying on recorded tape. These are dozens of hours in total and that would be a serious underestimate.

As for why I stated it was understandable for someone to think me some government agent carefully crafting some intricate set of tales to muddy the water…well no one has done anything like I have done before.

  • The number of organisations I have battle and acquired documentation on along with emails, screen-shots, recordings and other things are in the dozens. Not two dozen but likely more than three dozen.
  • I did this alone, with little money, a disability which scrambles my central nervous system which amplifies or reduces signals of all kinds and causes a dozen areas of pain and a short term memory issue, which is how I came up with the idea of a blog in the first place.
  • Considering the last point I get asked a great deal how I did it and I know that over the next year the number of times I get asked this question is going to rise in frequency exponentially

So now that this receipt has finally been found, and posted on my blog in yet another post about your retail items and data management along with altered bill receipts, I expect an offer of recompense.

And that apology!


Martin Haswell BSc


Tablet Receipts X2


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