Well now lookee here?

I am typing this out using a mobile phone…a new mobile phone! Ooh I like it already…it does not go too mad when I add three dots to simulate a pause.

It has a swipe keyboard too I did not expect!

That is because its a Windows Phone!

However there is no official Blogger App though and in using one called MyBlogger.

I have also hit a snag as I now have the same problem I had compiling hotmail emails…the screen does not scroll down correctly after awhile. As you can see very early on too?

I now did this bizarre as its only happened with Microsoft software and happened twice!

It could be bad coding by the MyBlogger developers?

Also I did not like the two fields presented to me as they should have read ‘Title’ and ‘Main Body’ and the field to the latter should be been more than just a single line. I was initially confused.

Good God this scrolling problem is extremely annoying and no one with more than sixty characters to say could use this…they must think Blogger is like Twitter?! Err, no.

I saw this phone while I was checking out Windows Phones for a friend as his screen has cracked on his old Lumia 630, I think the model is?

Now this one might sound like a much lower model in specs, being the Lumia 535, yet I could but believe that its quad core and a screen that’s way bigger and brighter than my Moto G first generation and bigger tag the second generation too.

I think they bought this out because of the Moto G and though at 150 odd quid it is still cheap this thing was £60! It’s thin and feels fragile but as I wanted to get away from Android altogether I thought it would be cheap enough to have and see how it goes?

Though if I can’t get decent Apps to write out posts for my various blogs it will be useless anyway.

However I am surprised at how well Cortana works and if I can dictate posts using the phone and then paste then over this in itself will be invaluable!

I will try this out a few times in the coming days, provided that I don’t receive a call to head to the other end of the country by a legal team that is! Lol.

I have asked that they let me know what they want of me and to give me fair warning so I can make arrangements oh now it won’t scroll up at all?!


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