I have held something back from this blog.

Well mostly I just kept forgetting as I am busy with camera duties while on my bike and I have some blood tests I need to get around to doing…

…ooh yes and I forgot to mention my GP has added yet another pill to my roster! Quinine … errr … sulfate? Quinine! These are for the leg cramps that hurt like nothing you could ever imagine. You quite simply cannot talk and lose the ability to speak. I mean this literally too and even uttering a single word takes ten seconds of focusing and trying to block out the pain.

Not easy.

I am not sure if he realised something with the bad cramps but suddenly I was hit with a barrage of blood tests. Yes a bloody gain! OH CRAP!

Forgot to ask them for copy of the ltter they sent to my GP and what he sent back…lol well I am wagering on the fact that they never contacted my GP and once again another lie, cheat and rip off of the DWP?!

Uno momento …


Now though you would like to see what I put in the emails?

Once again and is always the case with me you have to read between the lines…the evidence is there and always is that I am not doing this for the reasons it first appears that I am.

Despite this not being clear, as it also is with some of the things I rant of about deliberately in the news, this all will become clear now in the next few months.

“Ooooh FINALLY!” I hear people think.

Well this is an ongoing battle against a large number of things, organisations that are destroying Britain, involved in the worst kinds of crimes, corruption, conspiracies even and cover ups you can imagine.

I cannot, I repeat I simply CANNOT make things too obvious to my enemies.

This is because along with certain upcoming finalities not too far away I can then reveal something rather … amazing about my endeavours going back bloody years that will blow holes the size of Elephants into the only accusation that could possibly made against me by my enemies that would … well … sully my name.

Believe me when I state that I was well aware of this possible accusation by both my enemies in one group and doubters, naive people and even amoral people that come on here. Oddly I was expecting this accusation to pop up in comments quite a few times in my blogs but I feel proud of the fact that it never has.

Only I want those enemies mine to make the accusations. Ooh it’s a trap! Lol!

Yes indeed yet another of my invisible traps I never mentioned.

The best part is that the ‘trap’ could be a double bluff?! But those wanting to make a move need to be absolutely certain that it is, and … well they cannot be! Lol.

SO those emails then?




Dear PIPs

Personal Independent Payments
Please forward this email if not the correct department.
I am not going to thank you for the latest letter refusing my appeal over motobility.
Instead I am going to tell you of something that has happened that is quite weird, but bad for the DWP, nearly all councils and the NHS along with others I have battled over corruption and it is not going to be good I assure you of that.
Now first off I have a big case that I expected to break in the Autumn of 2015.
I expected my battle with you to come to a head around the same time along with several others.
The breaking and posting of the details of this big case I have is going to cause something of a Tsunami online.
It is a legal case that I am heavily linked to, in fact I was the architect of the whole thing, but not named in. YET!
A few weeks ago someone drove, excited and pumped up, for a fair few hours just to spend two hours in my living room before jumping back in their car and driving a fair few hours to get home again?! I tried to stop it.
It turns out that our case has come to an end and the deed is done, carved in stone and the outcome is inevitable now.
A Crown Court Judge has accused four organisations of the most serious of a list of crimes and a cover up to hide something big and by this you need to think of what happebed to Rotherham Council recently.
The individual in the case stated that I was correct from day one and that the legal team has stated that … well that I am a genius and that everything I did was the absolute greatest of plans they have ever known and want to meet me. A compensation clerk has also requested a meeting! Oh dear!
I am afraid it gets better as I am now telling you, as your a public service, of those organisations who are about to be found guilty …
One Local Council who will remain nameless

One Police Force and the same applies

The Criminal Prosecutions Service

I also discovered that this was ending not in Autumn as I predicted it would along with you and the NHS but instead in just a few days time!!
The fines to each of the above have been stated by the Crown Court Judge to each of the above are going to be seriously high due to their conspiring to deceive and the constant uncooperative nature along with failure for evidence and documentation to be presented despite each one being ordered by the court more than six times to produce them. An obvious delay tactic of one was to keep sending a new front line staff member who turned up with nothing and not knowing what they had to bring.
This resulted in no less than two court sessions on separate occasions where a representative of the council was shouted at by the Judge and ordered to leave the court and return in three hours with the documentation they have failed repeatedly to provide.
I can also tell you that a second … family, which were behind the Passport Service grinding to a sudden halt and not the official reasons given out, were being defended by the council and against us have now been told that they are going to have their children removed from them!
The final dates of the court hearing whereby judgement and compensation is awarded start from the 21st April, yes that soon, and the 27th April 2015.
Despite the fact that I had stated that compensation would be given and that they would want to speak to me at some point neither of these were mentioned in three years!
They have now!
Along with the compensation clerk speaking to the defendant and completely blowing their mind they have stated that they want to meet me.
Now I know the legal team have always wanted to meet me, kind of goes without saying. But this feels more like the Crown Court Judge, as it would be obvious I am involved because I was the grand architect of the whole event and am named several times in a 1,500 page file at least. Well that is an understatement I know as its likely to be in the hundreds of mentions.
Now the best part is that this is now mere days away from starting and another week from finishing.
I am sure you can believe me when I state that in each case singly of the four named and standing accused that each one is worthy of a front page of the national tabloids and I know the legal team want to go this route.
So I am certain you will realise quite quickly that collectively this is going to go way beyond boiling point and the 210,000 visitors in total and the 15,000 to 20,000 visitors I get each month is going to go … well a bit viral at some point with just this alone?
Only in the coming weeks this case will not be the only one getting published on my blog as I have contacted HMRC about PC World not only selling refurbished goods as new but have now discovered they have been altering their sales receipts to pay less VAT!
I have also contacted and investigatory media group about this and provided them with the evidence! Double oops!
Plus another council needs to respond to my accusations and better than they did and so do the NHS over the same thing who have denied I made any official complaints towards them so I am going to direct them to the posts on my blog where I published proof that I have contacted them more than a half a dozen times.
Trust me on this as I have won four out of four battles and have won one with excuses like the NHS’s previously … IN COURT … EXCEPT I WON THAT WITHOUT EVEN ATTENDING THE COURT!!
I am extremely good at what I do!
I am getting asked more and more and more often just how I managed to battle and win each and every organisation out there, though it appears this way there are many I have not battled. Well I cant do everyone and I think three dozen or so is more than enough to contend with.
That leads me to the other remark I get sometimes. ‘No one has ever done what you have done before!’
I reply “Well that is just one reason why I did it”
So no thanks as regards your letter which rather strangely I have not gotten around to publishing but will do in the next few days?!
Good luck with the stormy seas!
Martin Haswell BSc
Dear PIPs

Personal Independent Payments
Oh and I almost forgot …
I OFFICIALLY REQUEST that you send me copies of the correspondence between you and my GP for you to reach the decision that you did in refusing my motobility, if you please?
Martin Haswell BSc
Crash and burn, baby, crash and burn!


  1. YEESH!! This layout is not only bloody awful but I have only just noticed that inn the ‘Add New Post’ area it is NOT, I repeat NOT anything like this at all!

    Bloody hell WordPress, I thought Blogger was bad?! It is only text for heaven’s sake!

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