I have been witnessing and hearing side very off things going on in the Mediterranean.

I heard of 700 immigrants in a boat that sank. Seven hundred? Well if it anything short of a small often liner then no wonder it sank!

They interviewed one survivor who incredibly came from a country due to no money yet had a mobile phone?! A mobile phone that survived a sinking ship? There was only one thing I could have thought over this … ‘What the feck?!’

I also heard someone state that they were ordered into the boats or they would be killed?! Wait, what?! No this is not right…

…no one taking money every space on a ship … sorry, boat is going to give a crap if someone did not board the boat, he can take a second lot of money for the same space.

So it’s not money then. If not money then what are the possibilities?

A distraction for something else knowing the boat will sink?

Or what seems more obvious to me is the possibility that with so many on the boats that they hide singer very unsavoury radical Muslims with a long term plan?

The only other thing would be done form of cleansing going on, ethnic or religious? But then those travelling over would be quick to divulge this information as it would go in their favour no doubt looking for asylum.

No I am sure that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye or had been reported thus far by the news media.

I just wonder and hope that someone spots this before it is too late.

The number of people coming over is absolutely ridiculous and they are not starving to death obviously and own smartphones so cannot be that destitute.

I was speaking to a friend today and he finds it odd too and he turned to me and said “I can’t imagine things in this country getting so bad that we would all spend months trying to get to China or somewhere else?”

I then stated that “even if it became some kind of evil Police state, think the film ‘V For Vendetta’, we would still remain but we would create a network of underground movements that I for one would certainly be active in” to which he agreed.

Italy arrests two over migrant boat sinking –


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