Well that is one way to get rid of damming evidence?

Set fire to the town hall!

Joking aside though and with at least two councils heading for falls and with investigators stating to journalists to expect more after Rotherham Council and the possible cover up I did ask myself something.

That other councils who were guilty of terrible crimes that witnessed what happened to Rotherham Council would start buying their fingernails and wondering how they could save themselves?

Now by some very peculiar turn of fate and another council I am linked to some dodgy solar panels and/or their wiring sets due to the town hall in Hove in West Sussex?! Weird!

This is the first time I’ve heard of solar panels causing a fire … anywhere!

If the London Borough of Waltham Forest, London Borough of Enfield, Hackney Council or Epping Forest Council have similar … accidents I will start to raise an eyebrow of suspicion! Lol!

I have omitted one other council from the list above but five so deliberately because their fate will be the same as that of Rotherham Council. Before very long too. Whether that is on here which is the most likely way you will find out or in the media remains to be seen.

Rather strangely I heard of a guy who was falsely accused of some terrible runs p things regarding his own children and that the children were … coerced to say them too. They later admitted they were encouraged to say them.

As I heard this guy speak shivers went running up and down my spine like Olympic relay racers due to similarities of my own. All of which is listed on here asking with documents and details. It had taken me all of twenty years to reach the stage I am at and I’m still unsure of how long there is left to run on it. The main body of proceedings is about to close in the coming days, I am now fairly reliably informed. The fact remains to be seen whether or not another set of legal actions will take place to revisit this very ancient ground once the main body of it is over. That is roughly the 27th April 2015 and I how to get several documents in my hands shortly afterwards?

I will have to edit these documents before I can publish them, of course.

Well I say ‘several’ but it’s likely to be more because there are four bodies being prosecuted and not just the one I thought there would be.

Now it might sound target strange when I thought one would not be involved and get away with their actions, inactions and lies but instead are there asking with two others I didn’t expect.

I wonder if all four of them have dodgy solar panels fitted to their roofs? Lol!

Hove town hall fire ’caused by solar panels’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-32382795


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