Well that was quite bizarre.

I was not aware there was another TV election debate… I would not have watched it anyway but it was bizarre from what I saw.

Once again the same thing that occurred the last time happened once again in that everyone teamed up against Nigel Farage. Once again the audience were vocal in agreement when this happened.

A little more so than last time in fact.

Now I found this bizarre last time due to the fact that UKIP has an unprecedented amount if support for a new party.

Compare this to the Liberal Democrats who have traveled in the opposite direction and with this in mind if anyone was to get heckled or have boos aimed at their party it would be Nick Clegg.

So bizarre. Inescapably bizarre.

Hearing an interview with Nigel Farage I was amazed to hear a supposedly veteran BBC political reporter ask him about the audiences reaction?! What?! Nigel Farage answered with something I had never thought of but on the face of it made a great deal of sense.

That the audience was deliberately selected.

Bearing in mind I have already stated here that on the BBC that I have not that UKIP has already been stated as not having a chance by the BBC and they have been ignored and not reported on unless it’s done mud slinging.

It gets even better when the BBC themselves show a poll that suggests that the BBC asking with the audience are wrong when Nigel Farage got 27% and third place by some way. These polls are not always accurate either.

People I know always tell me his they will vote, because I don’t and won’t cast judgement really. At least my attitude is well Might think your wrong but your vote is your own.

I don’t know anyone who is voting conservative.

Of the rest of them they are split between two parties … UKIP and Labour. UKIP has slightly more voters than Labour and noticing this I am quite interested to start asking more people I know.

No one else had been mentioned… at all.

This goes against the TV news as well as the polls.

I am also wondering whether or not that if there has been any trickery by the BBC whether both their antics and their intentions might backfire on them?

This is by way of any discovery that anything untoward was going on and whether or not the voters start thinking there were attempts to manipulate them and decide to vote in protest over it?

What then made me laugh is that Nigel Farage’s interviewer stated a few minutes after the poll that Mr Farage had a go at “auntie” and said something derogatory.

No mate, because there is no chance that the BBC could possibly be corrupt and no they never hid celebrity paedophiles for decades and killed my father while setting him up, falsifying the facts in a programme of yours that wound to with my father dying inside of a year?!

For a crime that he not only did not commit but also, had her committed is was fecking nothing, a piss in the ocean compared to what you have been found of doing!

We have seen celebrities taken to court and get away with it while a few get jailed but … what if those that protected them and good the evidence and facts? Those high up in the BBC at the time?

But, oh no you cannot possibly accuse the BBC of anything who have a reporting division who have priced one of two things, either they avoided reporting if the terrible goings on at the BBC for decades or proved to be the most incompetent reporters in the history of new reporting every single year in a row for a couple of decades?

Which one is it?

But, yes we could not possibly think that the BBC world be up to anything or have ulterior motives?!

What a bunch of dumb-arses!

You might fool a lot of naive idiots but you don’t fool me for one second.

My prediction is that your ability to fool many idiots is going to vastly diminish and it likely has for the last couple of years? If so then I think it’s very, very possible that your tactics might just … backfire?!

Nicola Sturgeon was as good as ever and for me a genuine person. Not surprised at all at her landslide victory in Scotland. You had the wrong representative in Alex Salmond and he should have put Nicola forward long before the referendum.

BBC debate: Miliband and Sturgeon clash over post-election deal – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2015-32328664


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