Well here we go again.

I caught this report that the European Union have accused Google of being biased in it’s search engine results.

Added to this I also noted that there was some question regarding Android?! About bloody time it’s been starring me in the face for an absolute epoch and I have posted about some very of figures for what seems like an eternity.

The impossible figures continue unabated.

To be perfectly honest I have been somewhat dumbfounded by their actions, purchased and handling of their acquired properties. I could not emphasise this enough without sounding like a demented Gibbon. I am amazed and if I was involved with property such as theirs I would not handle things the way they did.

This is the trouble in the digital age and tech journalist after tech journalist whether on TV or in magazines they mid the point entirely time after time after time.

When someone creates something it’s too make money, yes, but often above and beyond this they are normally craftsman possessing ingenuity and more importantly passion. Most of the time these rules apply and what you get off something noticeable. Then some tech giant that thinks it can so everything, but everything and then own everything completely destroy what was created. Best if all they don’t seem to care. If ten things are making cash and five are not they are lackadaisical about doing anything about it, so feck the customers/users.

Look around the Internet and you won’t go far before funding a collection of people complaining about something they use a lot, or have no choice but to use, making their lives a must for one reason or another.

When changes are made they are thinking about money and power and there is no passion or thought to the users.

For someone that came out of nowhere with the foundation being what is a childish name from a nursery school playground have now become the greatest of abusers of this and no one comes close! Not even the dreaded Microsoft! Even they realised their mistakes and made some major changes, though with some of these changes it remains to be seen if they learned anything. Purely offering something for free dues not cut it alone. Though I have to admit that I dismissed early rumours that stated Windows 10 might it would go offered free and was dumb struck when it was!

Google might do well to notice one thing from this … this is the drastic measures you end up taking if you remain too damn aloof and cloth eared for too long. The more money you have and the longer the list of companies and properties you own the quicker you can haemhorrage money. This can happen so quickly because it can be so many places at once that by the time you realise it’s already too late. With companies, individuals or groups all around the world sitting there winding what to do that before you know it and on your way down you can see someone bit closer to home, like Microsoft or Apple, that you focus on but someone from Europe or Asia whizz past you on their way up.

I see this as gross incompetence.

They took a foundation widely lived by many, Linux, and turned it into the very thing the Linux users hate. ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that, we are going to block this and block that and we want loads of money for something that is FREE!’


They simply never learn, nor do tech journalists so it seems.

I for one will be very interested to see what comes out of this investigation. I will be interested to see if they discover anything else from these investigations.

Oh yes and I started with ‘Here we go again’ and by that I mean, of course, that yet another of my subjects extremely long in the tooth as regards posting about it online, in this case Google & Android, is now in the focus of investigators, lawyers and the news media.

Yawn! This is going to get very boring in the coming months as I have a sneaky suspicion that this habit of my … old subjects appearing in the media is going to speed up … AGAIN?!

That will be interesting to see and make notes on.

EU accuses Google Shopping of search ‘abuse’ –

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