When is it or more accurately what is it that a group or populace does that assures their demise and makes absolutely certain that they would never gain any support for their hair minded and twisted cause?

When they act like demented gibbons and smash, destroy or obliterate rocks because of some ancient writings or beliefs!

Fucking morons!

Sorry, I do get angry over some actions by people deluded with the twisted belief that they are far superior and not advanced than any other species, err dream on, people or culture (your surely having a laugh?!) but then beat up rocks to show it.

Rocks?! Really?!

You self deluded twats without an ounce of intelligence nor technology who destroy anything made by anyone else unless it serves a purpose of course. Out their clothing or trainers, maybe? Their guns? Elements of their bomb construction? Bullets, missiles of even cars and trucks?!

You are hippocrits.

Why on effing Earth would you destroy rocks?

What possible benefits can you gain from destroying them?!

I would love just one to answer me. I would do like to try them into pieces as their answer would certainly be brain dead and have me the chance to rip shit out of them for hours over it. Then making them look and been that which they are… inferior forms of life while dogs possess more intelligence, hell I’ve known birds with more intelligence.

What both puzzles me and pisses me off also is the fact that they would do this against ancient customs, beliefs and traditions that have long since been dead!

Oh unless of course they were small items containing our made from valuable items whereby they they become walking contradictions of their own insisted upon beliefs and sell them for money manufactured by this’d they hate, so should burn it immediately, to buy things that kill maim or large scale destruction created by, once again, those which they hate.

In all my life I have never seen such a show off the lack of intelligence as I have of radical Muslims and members of the Islamic State. They themselves rendering their claims of superiority towards other life forms a complete, cackling inducing joke.

I am a scientist in many areas and what I do, I do to educate others to help protect life, whether human or animal. But some life forms I see as lower than either if these two and won’t shed a tear over loss of it.

Being a scientist I therefore am not in anyway religious and in fact it’s safe to say that I absolutely hate religion of any kind but unfortunately cannot do anything about it. No matter how much power and money I could end up with I could never do anything about it. I am not explaining why … consider this a puzzle and the answer lies within many of my thousands of posts.

But I accept that in history and the ancient artifacts as well as paintings and drawings depict life as it was within a given period of time. I want and reserve the right to know what went on in mankind’s history no matter how good or how bad.

The funny thing is I find this particularly offensive religion to be hypocritical because they want the fucking world to know and want it’s sympathy when something is happening to them they don’t like. Anyone else though and including their own actions at times and they want to smash and destroy it. It’s command through living fear and their is only one entity depicted by a few religions who does that.


So I find it rather bizarre that a religious fruitcake faction that wants to point the finger at everything else, not going round murdering, maiming and destroying others, and accusing it or then to be in league with the devil are actually behaving just like the devils disciples themselves!!

Remember, we are supposed to also see cheeky that they are the master race in every way so it’s OK to lie, I mean act like the devil’s disciples against this that don’t because they claim they are the devil’s disciples …

Oh crumbs! Well I did state they were twisted!

Once again this faction claiming to be God’s disciples once again think this means that they kill, main or destroy because their God is so fucking powerful that he obviously cannot use any of his power to perform and if these acts they themselves perform because the power would be so over the top that it could destroy the entire planet?!

In fact I wonder if he has lost his powers because it’s been an inordinate amount of time since anyone witnessed him using it?!

So there though go again… the brave warriors of an all too powerful God that has not managed to get himself in film or camera flexing his muscles and using his power in the hundred or so years since the camera … hmm … I think it’s over a hundred years since the camera was invented?

We still await this photographs or film?! He had better hurry up as before long I really will be dead from old age!

Simply twisted, delusional morons who want to rule others by force, pain, that of death, torture and every other possible evil way of the devil himself.

Got nothing? Yes we’ll you either destroy it or are so busy obsessing over the death of others … sorry I meant everyone else that you have built but amassed nothing. While the rest of the world proceeds onwards with advances in many areas you will remain stationary. You will be left behind.

The gap between developed worlds and yours while crest a chasm so bloody vast that you may as well exist in different galaxies.

That’s until you blow up someone who is cared about by someone with more money and let than God himself and he invents fine kind of genetically engineered pathogen that my attacks certain … gene pools … or species. Released in water it will be ineffective and completely unnoticed until it’s drank by its intended victims.


Islamic State video ‘shows destruction of Nimrud’ –


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