Well the Russkies are back.

Once again skirting British Airspace this time while a NATO umm … thing was going on … darn it, what do they call those things? Lol!

Of course the Russians day they have done nothing wrong!

Yes you morons, you pissed of the British armed forces to the point of being intercepted by RAF fighters and this was immediately after doing the same thing too Norway who reacted the exact same way as we did?!

So what NATO should do now is get a couple squadrons of bombers with fighter escort and perform a CAP along the edge of Russian waters along Siberia inside the Arctic circle.

When they complain like stuck pigs, as the Russian government so when they feel threatened, then we say well “so you don’t like it up ya bit don’t mind putting it up others, eh? Tossers, now fuck of and stop acting like bullies or get your arses kicked by a dozen different countries combined?!

Sorry but you have to act tough with morons like President Putin as bullies like bullying but completely detest being bullied.

But likely the west won’t. You would probably see President Putin have this stupid, amoral and self centred behaviour back fire on himself as I think the Russian public will lose it over this irresponsible child like behaviour?

I mean, if my government acted like twats towers others and make us as a country look really bad and complete corrupt liars then I would give them HELL?! No … wait a minute?


Only it’s their own subjects they have treat like shit in recent years … in many recent years. The consecutive British governments of the last dozen years out so and still do.

Oh and apparently the Russians have used ships too with some traveling up the English Channel.

The only reason that I can think of for President Putin to act like this is to act like some tough guy to impress his people which will only work on very small minded ones. Now I’m going to guess, and hope, that this is a small percentage of the Russian populace. But then I still have not worked out if enough of the British public have wised up to both the present and previous governments yet.

If the Conservatives get more votes in the upcoming general election with Labour being a close second and with a larger amount abstaining than at the previous election then, no! They have learnt nothing.

By the election after that almost all the British population, or more than enough of them in other words, would have witnessed my evidence on here and then really need to show if they have learned anything at all.

You would not vote the horrible overly large kid bullying you at school as class president or pupil of the year, now would you? Vote Conservative and that’s exactly what your doing and I’m willing to bet that it’s for selfish reasons our tour extremely native. Erm putting that last part at politely as I possibly can.

The trouble is that the jury is out about voting for Labour. It is clear to me that Tony Blair did a great many underhanded things while Prime Minister and single handedly responsible for his much we owe and for the state the councils and their respective social workers departments among many other things, are in.

That is why my stomach churns when the media and idiot people claiming to be exists on politics, or advisors, turn into giggling giddy schoolgirls whenever he is around.

What makes this worse is that despite not ever voting in the general election I actually rooted for him when he first got in power and feel like an idiot even today for doing that!

That is why I am extremely hesitant over Labour because I’m not convinced we will just get shafted yet again only this time we get rid we are shafted while we get stabbed in the back in other ways. Purely because the rich and powerful insist this is the way it should be done no matter what twisted, Draconian, Machiavellian reasons they have for insisting on this. Even just extremely narrow minded, tunnel visioned ones?!

This is one reason why I personally would vote UKIP despite the fact I am not sure what they would do about certain things. The fact that they have not mentioned these ‘things’ is actually cause for greater concern than it normally would be.

I also don’t believe the crap that they keep uttering about him and to be frank it’s obvious that the TV News Media, I can’t speak due the tabloids as I don’t know what they say, have a hidden political agenda themselves for constantly ignoring them while running these false accusations and given them way too much air time when it should get no air time at all.

Leaving a list of reasons aside the problem is people believe things they see on TV and put far, far too much trust in the TV celebrities and the News Media especially. I’ve had this myself with some very basics friends in that well if it’s true and that bad why is it not on TV or in the tabloids?! I had this out to me by some very naive people before I started this blog. My answer?

“Well you need to go and ask them but you know I always stated they were corrupt? Well I sent each and every one of them a set of fur DVDs via recorded delivery in each but never even received an acknowledgement?!”

Behaving exactly the same way they live to point the finger at other people for behaving towards the public!


Plus ignore me was what I expected, surprising many people three years back before I started this. But then I knew something that naive and stupid people did not who like to industry they ate highly intelligent but failed to spot what I was up to…

I started this blog unknown to any of the news media and tabloids I sent the four DVDs too and continued on adding several times more data as I went so that as each and every visitor came here they would eventually work out that this while effing blog is itself a trap and that they have not only ignored my stories previously, and stolen them and claimed them at their own as did the secret services, but continued to do so over another the years?!


I keep on doing this until even the most blind and native eventually … ‘get it’!

Get it?!


But that’s not all. Up until now I have been knocking over small fry, or I like to think of as miniature dominoes. However amidst the sea of these miniature dominoes stands these leviathan dominoes. Each one headed with its own completely fantastical sounding claims and details. Now I have a leviathan not just on the horizon but stepping into my doorstep. It’s been given several good kicks from me and is leaning over backwards teetering on the very edge of toppling over. I have already sheen a pretty good success rate of 100% of proving my points to be true in turn by winning. Four out of four of five out of five, I forget. Only several more dominoes ate about to go over but this leviathan pops up our of the blue teetering on the edge.

When it goes over it will take several dominoes with it and so big well have a knock on effect and the blast, I likened to Krakatoa today, week take many other dominoes with it!

Quadrupling my success rate and victories in a matter of weeks of it happening!

Today I had coffee with a friend I stopped speaking to several years ago and himself an ex social worker and defender of public services. He sat for several hours in a cafe with his mouth agape as I explained to him what I had done, what was about to happen along with the fallout these collapsing giants will cause along with who they were.

He was quite simply speechless. Afterwards he then told me that he wanted UKIP to win but his girlfriend didn’t and I laughed and said I knew another couple exactly the same. He will vote UKIP but she will vote Labour. Two couples out of two, stick that up your pipe and smoke it, the poll of poll of poll of polls!

Hmm I am now interested in asking mute couples I know to see if this becomes common place? Be interesting if it did?!

Would make the media look stupid with their ‘it will be one of the tip two voted in’ bollocks! Yes only because your leading the viewers and this had been obvious to me for some time I’m afraid.

Everyone thinks they are the Pied Piper and the British public no mute than rats in a cage?! Lol!

But what they have failed to realise is that there is a new piper and he is extremely good at blowing the tunes!!

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!


RAF jets intercept Russian planes near UK airspace –


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