I have had a fifteen minute conversation about a legal case.

I was told about things that have been happening, and … NOT happening along with who is actually in the firing line and a very, very angry … Judge not having their requests carried out and this has gone on for a few months apparently.

Different representatives keep turning up and this is used as an excuse by the … accused to why the paperwork is not forthcoming. So they got told they had three hours to go and get it as this was the last straw.

I have also been told of the excuse used to why they behaved in a certain manner and it is pathetic. In fact the Judge apologised the the plaintiff for the length of the court case and the behaviour of a certain council and the Police.

Both a local council and the Police have been first requested to provide things to the court and then after this failed several times were shouted at and demanded to provide them.

The Judge has also turned around and said that they had neither seen nor heard nothing like it and have accused the local council and the Police of covering up something very big.

Jesus, about bloody time!!!

I was also told something else that they are going to do and it is very serious for some of the defendants, of which there are a fair few.

As I was speaking on the phone I was told that absolutely everything I ever stated has turned out to be true along with not trusting these two types of public services and I know that in most case and most areas they cannot be trusted. That claim was very bold when I made it and very cynical considderong I have never lived in that area and only spent a few months in total and never had to deal with these two public services.

I just went from experience and a gut instinct.

Also all the proceedings and things happening now have turned out to be true and the realisation and shock in the voice I was speaking to is quite something.

“You were right, I cannot believe the things all these people are doing wrong. I thought about that thing on TV about the Hillsborough disaster and how the Police lied about that!”

I then pointed out that this was common place up and down the country with these public services and that the harp on about the welfare system and benefit claimants but look at the amount of money being spent on these people and they could not care less. Quite literally. In fact their defence has backfired in such a way that it is absolutely shocking and laughable and they will never live it down. I then said that each of these public services alone must be consuming fifty times the amount of money that the welfare system uses, but that this is never mentioned whenever we do get presented with the odd … carefully selected failures.

The current draconian system is dead in the water and fit for nothing and a vast waste of the public’s money and still many are completely in the dark to just how bad it is and just how widespread.

My hope is that when the gory, horrific and laughable details are posted on here that finally then word will spread a but faster than it has previously? Because people need to know and be aware and also must learn that if you ignore it it does not mean that it is not there nor that it will disappear once you have done making like the proverbial Ostrich? Fingers crossed!

In fact I have just been told of yet another public service that have themselves been accused and that one is a bit of a shock. I have no doubts that each of these will stun readers to the core once posted about?!

These were people that I was scorned over and turned away in favour of their help. Something that they are now completely shocked about. I did try to explain that this was all being done deliberately so that they would turn against me. In fact one of them I actually thought would genuinely help but they filed a false report regarding the health of a child.

This report has also failed to turn up several times despite repeated requests for it.

In fact I know of a letter dated 19th March 2015 from the court which stated that they were extremely concerned with the lack of cooperation and the failure to produce documents despite repeated requests and since the date of the letter there has been two more court appearances and still no documentation from the Council, Police or this other body I was not aware also stands accused.

It also appears it might end around the end of the month, that’s 30th April 2015…possibly.

My only worry is that the individual I am linked to might be told it is all over but they will continue prosecuting everyone but then nothing happens.

But that is me…I just don’t trust anyone and I have been correct 100% of the time thus far so stands me in good stead.

I also now know that this case only revolves around recent evidence and not anything I have from around three years ago including a Police report full of lies and obvious bullshit. Like giving over a Police Officers number who had cause physical injury to someone but unable to find an officer with the number provided, or who went out on that date and visited the address provided?!


I thought maybe that is why they want me to turn up at the final proceedings but unless they were told about it they wont know. So why would they ask me?

I, of course, do have a theory and one I mentioned when this court case started three years ago. Yes that is three years ago because it was a little while after the London Olympics it all started. I do not think it was before. Well it has been so long that I completely forgot my own predictions that they might want to see me over this other reason!

I guess we will find out soon and they did not say anything about me attending during the final days but I am wondering if I will get a phone-call in around a weeks time asking that I attend? Unless these five days of court are not quite the end. Or that the reason I am going to be requested is bang on my theory in which case the court will not be involved.

Somehow I have a sneaky suspicion that the Judge and a few others will want to meet me? I would imagine they are very curious about me for a whole long list of things and have a lot of questions about what I did? How I did it? How I was so confident about it despite the whole team and system involved?

Maybe these events have made them realise just how cold and evil all the public services have become and actually fear for themselves? In which case maybe they want to ask my advice?

Stranger things have happened and I have had Doctors and Specialists ask me advice. I almost forgot, solicitors too. Lol!

Even me stating I think this may end in weeks rather than months but giving this particular case 6 months at the outside still turned out how I thought. I do not always guess these things right and after all I thought both of us, kind of a race to the finish line, would both reach our goals a year ago. I was wrong about the length in both cases and yet I was right about them coming to a head within months of each other. Even I get weirded out at times! Lol.

Well not long to wait now I guess?

So be prepared!

This revelation has so many shocks from so many quarters and not least, in fact most of all, this is involving CHILDREN!!

Each crime committed is shockingly appalling standing on its own merit but throw in the fact we are talking about children here it will just make what is already front page news fifty times worse than it is!

Do not say I did not warn you.

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